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Created by: David Baszucki and Erik Cassel
Developer Website:
More About Roblox:
To find out more on how to make your own games at home, Roblox developers have made tools for education purposes that are free to download at

Erik Cassel: [1:14] I’m Erik Cassel. I’m a user experience and interaction designer. I’ve worked on projects for Google, Microsoft, and Apple. In this video, I’ll walk through the first steps of creating a game in Roblox Studio and publish it to the Web. I’ll then show you how to create and publish updates to your own games.
[1:27] How to Create a Roblox Game
[3:06] Setting up the Editor
[4:18] Connecting the Editor to a Playable
[4:32] Editing the Game
[5:20] Creating a New Playable
[5:54] Learning more about the Playable
[6:22] Getting Started with Updates
[6:54] Performing a Direct Update
[7:19] Updating all playables
[8:31] Learning about the New Playable Interface
[9:19] What’s new in Roblox Studio v2
[10:03] Roblox Studio v2 Preview
[11:00] New content manager
[12:18] Roblox Studio v2 release date
[13:39] New partnership for upgrade
[15:48] How to Watch Videos
[16:30] How to post to Twitter
[17:10] How to post to Facebook
[18:23] How to post on YouTube
[19:47] Credits
What You’ll Need:
To work through this tutorial, you’ll need:
– an account on
– a broadband internet connection
– an Oculus Rift development kit or equivalent device
What To Watch:
The key steps of this tutorial are:
– Creating a new Playable
– Connecting the Playable to the editor
– Editing the


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Roblox have some amazing features, among those is a zombie editor! You can make tons of zombies and game levels in this editor. In addition to this you can get speed boosts, heal invincibility and much more!
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Now that we know which games in the Roblox games are released as well as their names you can view at their Roblox Games hub. These games are listed by their releases as well as the number of stars awarded by their Roblox game developers.

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I am a mama, and a gamer, first. Play games that have mechanics and characters you identify with. I do like action and sports games, as well as games with puzzle mechanic. If it has characters you identify with, even better.

Roblox uses Robux to purchase things like costumes, and armor and items. A Robux to Bitcoins converter is a handy tool you can use with Roblox.
How do I Robux To Bitcoins Converter?
You could make tons of screenshots of your game or YouTube videos of your game. Make sure to get the most laughs and be the funniest person to cry.

Hello From The Director

Roblox is on the growing list of gaming giants, and will be another competitor to ‘s addictive playing style. The game has certain objectives to complete, although not different from any other adventure game. You will have fun with friends and in the adventure of being a gamer. You can play it online with other players, or play in offline mode only.

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Other in-app purchases available include new characters, new items to purchase with the coins or money you do have.
On one hand, you are rewarded with free Robux, but if you keep spending your robux, then you start to get penalized.

You can choose to spend your gold coins on boosts, as well as stickers and achievements


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LPLRoblox is a perfect place to download and play games without spending your hard-earned cash. You can play Roblox for free!

Roblox is the best game for everyone. All you need is an internet connection. It’s a game that people can play on their smartphones or computers alike. It’s a game where you meet other players, customize your character, fight opponents, build your own games, and interact with many other creative people! It has a remarkable game-play and the most famous internet website. It has an amazing staff team where many creators work every day. The most important thing of the Roblox game is that you can play Roblox for free!

Basically, all internet users play Roblox by your methods. It has a great concept and it has a better than great game-play! It has a wonderful environment and you can play Roblox in the open-world fashion with no boundary. You can meet players from all over the world and create friendships! You can play Roblox where you want. All you have to do is to find out how you can play Roblox for free.

What is a Roblox Account?

Roblox is an online platform for creators and their audience to come together. They have many interactions and many exciting games. Also, they have partnered with other famous game companies.

The robux that you earn from playing the games are saved into a virtual account. This is called a robux account. After a certain amount of time, the robux earned will be taken out of the account and then transferred into your Robux account. On your Robux account, you can then send the robux to your e-mail address. All you have to do is just sign-up on Roblox!

Is It Easy to Buy Robux?

To buy Robux, you have to be a registered member on Roblox. There are two ways to register on Roblox. Either you can go to Roblox through your browser or download a Roblox for PC or Mac. If you go to Roblox through your browser, you have to click on the green tab that says “Roblox” and then click on “Sign Up”. This is the easiest way to sign-up and to buy Robux. If you want to sign-up through your own PC or Mac, you can download the Rob


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