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• Create your own games for 3 platforms: PC/Mac, Android, and iOS
• Make your own world to play in and invite friends
• Download games by other users and play in your world
• Earn Robux, a virtual currency that can be used to purchase in-game items
• Earn achievements, create items, play games, and manage users

Roblox Vacation Ticket
Roblox Vacation Ticket
– [Instructions] When you go to Roblox, there’s a vacation tab
– You click on vacation tab, you can go straight to vacation
– Click on any destination, and you can go straight to destination
– Click on any city, and you can choose to go straight to city
– You can click on any country, and you can go straight to country
– Can click on any continent, and you can go straight to continent
– You can click on any island, and you can go straight to island
– Click on any spot, and you can go straight to spot
– Click on any spot, and you can also click on next.
– You can go straight to anywhere you want
You can create content to go straight to anywhere you want
Vacation Ticket
– [Instructions] You can click on vacation ticket on the home tab.
– You can click on it any time you want
– So you have any number of times to click on vacation ticket.
– Any number of times you want to use vacation ticket
Vacation Ticket
– [Instructions] So you click on vacation ticket first.
– And then you click on any destination.
– You can choose any destination to go straight to.
– So it’s your choice
– You can choose any destination to go straight to.
– Any destination on the vacation tab you can choose to go straight to.
– So it’s your choice.
You can choose any destination you want to go straight to.
– Choose any destination you want to go straight to
– You can choose any city you want to go straight to.
– Choose any city you want to go straight to.
– Choose any country you want to go straight to.
– Choose any country you want to go straight to.
– Choose any continent you want to go straight to.
– Choose any continent you want to go straight to.
– Choose any island you want to go straight to.
– Choose any island you want to


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