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Super Super Paste is a small utility that can remember all the text you placed on your clipboard.
The recording module is activated once you run the program. On the next run, you will be able to view the copy actions you have made.









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*You can also record actions by selecting text, images, or links.
*You can clear the recorded actions anytime you want.
*It is easy to assign a hotkey to press the key to activate the module.
*It is the fastest paste module of SUPER.
*It is free from ads.
Super Super Paste Activation Code is small in size, so it can be easily carried with your keys.
It is compatible with PortableApps and, including the popular LZApps and BaruSoft PortableApps.
In addition to being a portable application, it is a command line application, so you can also use it with Windows command line or as a Windows script.[A case of polyradiculoneuritis with acute spinal cord swelling after common peroneal nerve injury].
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Prints Clipboard text to file in the form of an XML format. It is saved as a text file. The text file is of a simple XML format that can be read in software like MS Word.

Why would I use Super Paste?

You can print the clipboard contents to a text file. Or you can send the text to a software application that supports data entry through clipboard content.
The text file can be used to share the clipboard content. (This can be used in conjunction with things like OCR/OCR for clipboard contents.)
For example, you can record the clipboard content of a Word document and send it to a person over an email. The person can then edit the contents of the text file and paste the updated content back in the Word document.

What is Super Paste?

This is a very unique utility. Super Paste is essentially a combination of two utilities: Super Paste Plus, and Clipboard Tools Plus.
Super Paste Plus is a clipboard recorder that can remember all the text you place on the clipboard.
Clipboard Tools Plus is a time machine that can go back in time and view the contents of your clipboard exactly as you placed them.
Super Paste uses the features of both the utilities. Super Paste can view the text that you placed on the clipboard and clip it to a text file. It uses the same time machine feature of Clipboard Tools Plus to go back in time and read the text from the clipboard.

How to use Super Paste

Running Super Paste is very simple.

Set the «Past in Clipboard As Text» option to the default setting.

You will see the clip icon in the system tray area. This shows that Super Paste is running.

When you are ready to paste the text, press CTRL-P (CTRL+P) to paste.

Press CTRL-S (CTRL+S) to record the past.

If you press CTRL+F (CTRL+F), the program will switch to the time machine mode.
You will be able to select the text that you placed on the clipboard. Press CTRL-U (CTRL+U) to read the selected text.

How to use Super Paste?

Using the main interface of Super Paste is very simple. In fact, all the parameters and functions that you will use are represented with icons.

The following figure shows a screenshot of the main interface of Super Paste.


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1) Keyboard events are logged to file.
2) GUI events are highlighted.
3) Actions entered into the menu are read from file.
4) Copies the current selection to the Clipboard.
5) Remembers all copied items to memory.
This memory can be edited by double click.
6) Copies to clipboard.
That’s it.
To use, double click on the file name you want to use. It will bring up a window to select from. From there, just enter the action and item you would like to see. After you are done with that you can use the double click on the file to restore it.
You can have up to 20 different save memory files. 20 items to restore and 20 actions to choose from. You can make a new file if you want to.

Let’s get you clipboard history stuff working as well.

* Helpful Features:
1) Automatic recording actions (when recorder is initialized).
2) Remembers all past copied data to file. This file will be reloaded once you restart the program.
3) Ability to specify exact amount of clipboard history to save.
4) Tasks for various clipboard history functions.
5) Uses a VCL Forms-based configuration screen so you don’t have to configure anything on the command line.
6) Friendly interface, with lots of help information.
7) Includes a dialog box for easy access to various options and settings.
8) Runs in the system tray instead of full screen, making it easy to hide if desired.
9) Uses copy and paste events to perform actions (instead of command line).
10) Windows 7 and newer version compatible.
11) Full VCL implementation with forms for easy design.
12) Uses a standard Windows dialog box.
13) Simple event driven design.
14) Uses minimal memory when not recording.

Clipboard History Retrieval

Let’s say you want to copy a string to the clipboard, and you don’t have it recorded yet.

During normal usage, you may want to manipulate the clipboard using the Copy and Paste buttons. A common scenario is to want to go back and copy the string back into the clipboard again.

You can achieve this by simply clicking the “Copy” button in the main menu, and then the “Paste” button. The system will then ask you if you wish to copy the string “n

What’s New In Super Super Paste?

It is a tool to save all text from clipboard to a txt file. It can also remember your clipboard actions for next run as a backup in a new txt file.
You can also watch the action you made in a graph. This graph will show the text you pasted at a given time.
You can edit the record file for any changes. You can change the name of the file, add a prefix for the date or any other text.
It’s important to preserve the text contents as much as possible. For that reason, no text editing is allowed.
The name of the file is saved in the record and will be the same as file with the prefix (or
You can also display a graph of your clipboard actions.
Main features:
– It can keep a record of last 5 clipboard actions.
– It records the last clipboard action and the names of the files or folders it was copied from.
– It can be started automatically at next run, after a backup has been created.
– It can keep a backup of last clipboard action in a new text file.
– It can be protected with a password.
– It also shows the last 10 files or folders that were copied from.
– It can be run in a window or in a panel.
– It shows more than 5 actions at a time.
– It can show the time of each clipboard action.
– It can show a graph of the last 25 clipboard actions.
– The graph will show the time, filename, folder or status of clipboard action.
SUPERPaste is source code. You can view it on the github page:

SUPERpaste requires features of Debian/Ubuntu 18.04.
The program can not start on Debian/Ubuntu 18.04 as it requires features of systemd-networkd-wait-online.d.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2540M 2.5 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD equivalent
Storage: 8 GB available space
Additional: DirectX 12 support
DirectX: Version 11
Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4 GHz or AMD equivalent

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