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NameStreet Jam: The Rise
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Hi! I’m the composer of the game «Christmas Horror» and the Player in the following videos! I’m currently studying music at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA and I’m currently a full time student.
Christmas Horror is my first game and my first experience in any kind of game development. I learned a lot during the development of this game! I hope you guys enjoyed it!
Thank you for watching, please come join our Discord server here:

Welcome to the realm of asylums, where patients have a lesser chance at surviving their stay. The facility is owned and operated by the private party 2Cents Games, where the mere username of the patient is a pretty big clue as to what’s to come. The staff are trying to treat and cure as many patients as possible, to their success so far. You might just be next in line.

published:25 Dec 2017


Hi, Charles here! Also, I’m not dead, so please don’t hate, I got a lot done while I was hospitalized, but I still have a lot to do in my life! I added a YouTube sub-channel, Twitter, and Facebook! I would love it if you joined me on my journey to healthiness! 😀

The Internet. A journey we all wish to take. But is it more than just that? Let’s take a look through time on the history of the internet.
From early phones and phones lines, to now we have quite pricey smartphones and data packages.
In this film we look at the early history of the internet, from the beginning through to the future, and show you how it is so complicated, and why it is as amazing as it is.
The film ѕhows how, though these early computers were too large to be portable, they were still a phone to their users and actually ran the communication of the day.
We then move through to the day of Internet on mobile phones. A context where many people struggle to understand the Internet because it just simply, they feel, the business of companies. That has not to be the case.


Street Jam: The Rise Features Key:

  • Explore a huge game world. As a merchant, you have to roam a huge world to find enough buyers for selling your wares.
  • You could be beat by AI. The AI in this game is really good. It understands its weakness and could avoid crashes most of the time.
  • There are 3 levels of the game. Each level begins with an invitation between 3 two-dimensional carts. The level involves some sold goods to be transported.
  • There are many upgrades and skills. There are 50 successful and 20 failed scenario encounters in the game. You will gain 3 skill points to upgrade your characters in every level of the game. In addition, you could also learn the skills in the game you like.
  • Players could choose their own path in the game. It is a little bit risky or wandering around.
  • Deep and realistic characters. Dozens of cars and trucks are ready for you to construct in the game. And your choice is limited by your ability.


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Keyboard controls:
ESC – Exit to Main Menu
ESC – Exit to Main Menu
MOUSE – Mouse
S – Jump
C – Drop Spikes
A – Take Coin
ENTER – Start the Game/Exit the Game/Load Settings
Game Tutorial:
Up Arrow – Move Up
Down Arrow – Move Down
Left Arrow – Jump
Right Arrow – Jump
ESC – Exit to Menu
X – Load Settings
# – Save Settings
Checklist of Controls:
Right Arrow – Jump
DOUBLE UP ARROW – Jump & Double Jump
DOUBLE DOWN ARROW – Jump & Double Jump
ENTER – Start the Game/Exit the Game/Load Settings
ESC – Exit to Main Menu
X – Load Settings
# – Save Settings
Movement Types:
STRAIGHT – Straight
SQUIRREL – Straight, Left, Right
WALL – Down/Up
SPLASH – Straight, Left, Right, Up, Down, etc…
LIFT – Jump & Double Jump
ROLL – Jump & Double Jump
SPIKES – Left, Right, Up, Down
ACCIDENT – Touched a Spike
Arrow Keys – Jump (WASD – Move/Turn)
ESC – Exit to Menu
X – Load Settings
# – Save Settings
Game Settings (Load/Save)
Load Settings:
1 – Place
2 – Items
3 – Items (More)
4 – Items (Less)
5 – Level
6 – Music
7 – Enemies
8 – Gameover
9 – Instructions
10 – Multitouch
11 – Doppler
12 – Flip (swipe left/right to set flipping direction)
13 – Show Coins
14 – Show Score
15 – Show Level
16 – Show UI
Save Settings:
1 – Setting
2 – Setting
3 – Setting


What’s new in Street Jam: The Rise:

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