Star FTP Server Crack PC/Windows

Star FTP Server is a simple FTP server that comes with a user-friendly interface and basic configuration options.
Although FTP servers are often advanced software solutions aimed at experienced users, only minor computer knowledge is needed to figure out the purpose of each tool bundled into Star FTP Server.
The plain and simple GUI is the one that takes care of everything, allowing users to quickly select the files they wish to share, while a simple “password” option enables them to password-protect the files.
You can’t configure user accounts and assign different privileges to each of them, but instead you can enable or disable disk writing and ban clients.
Star FTP Server provides a ban list to add or remove new IPs, as well as basic log files to track server activity.
The server settings screen is minimal and comes with options concerning the port and the maximum number of clients, proxy and passive mode.
Star FTP Server doesn’t hamper system performance at all and it’s quite a surprise that it works so good on Windows 7 too, without even requiring administrator privileges.
As a conclusion, this is the kind of software that can be very well used by all rookies out there who are willing to share files via the FTP protocol with minimum fuss.
You don’t have to spend too much time setting up the program and it offers you only the essential tools in this regard. Experienced users on the other hand have no other option than to look elsewhere.



Star FTP Server Crack + Download

* FTP Server with a simple user-friendly GUI
* Password protection
* User accounts, user and group rights
* Disk writing protection
* Passive mode support
* Ban list with IP addresses
* Logging support
* Option to enable or disable the console
* Option to disable the console output
* Option to enable or disable the internal IP checking

FTP Server Pro – StarFTP Server is a free and powerful FTP server that comes with a user-friendly GUI.
Its simple setup with no wizard and no boring text prompts makes StarFTP Server a perfect solution for quick and easy file access and sharing.
StarFTP Server is the file manager you always wished for and will open your wallet by saving you a ton of money in the long run.
It comes with an extensive collection of features, which makes it ideal for file sharing.
StarFTP Server allows you to use an unlimited number of server connections and can run on virtually any Windows platform.
It can automatically detect Windows updates and lets you conveniently update your server when new versions are released.
You can set file access rights and password protection.
StarFTP Server enables you to keep an eye on your files with logging.
You can also filter out unwanted clients with IP address lists.
You can set up password limits or even exclude certain IP addresses.
StarFTP Server supports dual-mode connections, where you can automatically switch between the two modes.
The Pro version also comes with a web interface that allows you to manage your server from anywhere you go.
With StarFTP Server you can share your files easily and efficiently.
It’s easy to manage and configure and offers many useful features.
StarFTP Server Download is a perfect FTP server software that doesn’t require any form of technical knowledge and comes with a simple and friendly interface.
It lets you to quickly and easily share and access the files on your PC.
StarFTP Server is able to handle an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and will let you open, send and receive files with ease.
It’s a powerful solution that can be used to store and share data.
You can set file access rights and password protection, you can set the maximum number of allowed users and admins.
You can also restrict access to certain folders and files.
StarFTP Server supports dual-mode connections, where you can automatically switch between the two modes.
The Pro version comes with a web interface that lets

Star FTP Server Crack Full Product Key

KeyMACRO is a free, freeware and open source tool that can help you to prevent malicious actions from taking place on the computer.
Furthermore, it can be used to protect your computer against unwanted and unneeded registry changes and data damage.
KeyMACRO works by using the unique and special MAC address located at the back of your keyboard, which is used to generate a unique code that can’t be re-used again.
If you are using a desktop computer, the manufacturer or you’ve reset the MAC address by the time you’ve logged on, you can still use the software to protect your computer and prevent the problem from reoccurring.
The software program is developed by one man, which is named “Tilen”, and he made it all in his spare time.
KeyMACRO is very easy to use. You simply have to install and activate the program, then you can start protecting your PC immediately and all malicious actions will be prevented.
You can easily schedule the time to run the program, and you can set the program’s maximum execution time as well.
You’ll receive email alerts when the program has been active, which will help you to troubleshoot the problem and prevent it from reoccurring.
Because the software protects the computer, it cannot cause any harm to the system or the data, and it only deletes the malicious code when it expires.
The regular updates allow the program to remain fresh, and it can be added to the Startup Programs that can run without delay when your PC is turned on.
KeyMACRO’s interface is quite simple, and it doesn’t interfere with your Windows desktop environment.
You can even schedule the time for which the computer will be protected, as well as the maximum time the program can work on your system.
You’ll get a visual log of each action taken by the program and you’ll be able to view it via email, which helps you to track the actions taken and prevent the program from taking any action that you do not want it to take.
To sum up, you can say that KeyMACRO is a very simple and useful program that can be used to protect your system from unwanted and malicious actions.
If you are looking for a simple, free and easy-to-use application to protect your computer, then KeyMACRO is the right software program to get.
KeyMACRO Description:

Star FTP Server

If you are looking for an FTP server to access your file storage, download and upload files to and from it and even to share it with others, Star FTP Server is the software you have been searching for.
Simple to use, this program only requires you to have basic computer skills to use it successfully, so you won’t need to be an experienced FTP user to enjoy the benefits Star FTP Server provides.
You can use it to upload files to an FTP site without needing to use a browser.
If you want to download them from the site, you can use the unique browse button, or you can even use any third-party FTP client to access it and download the files.
No matter which way you choose, the simplicity and ease-of-use of Star FTP Server will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a FTP server, even if you haven’t worked with such a program before.
Star FTP Server Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (all languages)
Free to try

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Impressum is a free PDF editor that enables you to edit the PDF file, change its text, layout and graphic format.
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Impressum is a cross platform editor, and it’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X.
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Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS X


What’s New In Star FTP Server?

Star FTP Server is a very simple but very efficient FTP server. It lets you share local and remote files via FTP, without any configuration. You can use either an administrator account or a standard user account and you can use it on either Windows or Linux. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6. It also supports UPnP and NAT-PMP.
It uses both TCP and HTTP as its port and has an online help. It’s quite well designed and has a very friendly user interface. It works without having administrator privileges.
The Pros:
* Works without problems with Windows 7 (it supports either x86 or x64 CPUs)
* Allows you to share files via FTP
* Supports remote file upload
* Has an online help
* Very well designed user interface
* Can be used in either passive or active mode
* Can use different user accounts
The Cons:
* It’s only available for Windows (no Linux version available)
* The GUI isn’t the cleanest on the market (it has some glitches)
* Doesn’t have the same level of functionality that one would expect from a commercial FTP server
* The «Password» option doesn’t really work for preventing remote users from accessing files
* It doesn’t support anonymous access
* The logs aren’t as accurate as one would expect from a commercial FTP server
* You have to purchase the full version to get disk space and bandwidth quotas
* It’s only available for FTP, no other protocols are supported
* It doesn’t support users having more than 10 sessions at a time
* Doesn’t support IPv6
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We also recommend you download the best antivirus for your needs from
Disclaimer: Please take your time to read our full disclaimer:

Star FTP Server is a simple FTP server that comes with a user

System Requirements:

Windows 7 32bit or 64bit
Mac OS X
1.30 GB RAM
4.5 GB free disk space
VIDEO SYSTEM: NVIDIA Geforce 6300, 9600, 9800 or
ATI Radeon HD 2600 or HD 4000 series
(Minimum 1024×768 resolution)
Screen size: 1280×1024 or greater
DEVICE HEIGHT: 2048 pixels or greater

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