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Speech to Text Converter provides two applications in one: an audio recognition tool and a text translator. What it actually does is take an audio file as input, convert the audio to text and then translate the output to the target language.
Unlike other applications of its kind, Speech to Text Converter does not rely on one of the well-known translation engines to carry out its tasks. Instead, it supports the IBM Cloud Speech to Text API. In other words, it provides a desktop application for IBM Cloud users that extracts audio from a file and turns it into text, also performing a language translation in the process.
Record or import an audio file to convert to text 
The simplest interface layout greets you as Speech to Text Converter is launched. The main window only comprises a field where you can browse for the input audio file and another to select the target language. A few large buttons in the toolbar are available to offer basic functionality: opening a file, saving the output to a text file or accessing the settings.
Speech to Text Converter can load an audio file located on your computer, supporting common formats, such as MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, WEBM. Alternatively, it comes with a built-in recorder, which enables you to create a new audio file on the spot. Evidently, the computer needs to be equipped with a microphone to be able to use the recording function.
As soon as you hit the “Convert” button, Speech to Text Converter navigates to the Settings area, prompting you to enter the IBM Cloud Speech to Text API key. With a single click, you can go to your IBM Cloud account to get the key you need.
A speech recognition and translation tool for IBM Cloud users 
The Speech to Text Converter application is only useful if you are already an IBM Cloud user. The Speech to Text API key is mandatory for the converter to work. To put it another way, it cannot be used freely by anyone, as it is designed specifically for those who own an  IBM Cloud account.

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Speech to Text Converter is an audio recognition and translation software. It can recognize and transcribe what is said, identify language and convert from one language to another. This app is the best voice recognition software. It recognizes and transcribe what is said, identify language and convert from one language to another.

Download the app or visit website (as of 3/6/2019)


Amazon Alexa (supported for English and German) can recognize and translate audio to text.

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This is a subjective question and is off topic on StackOverflow but nevertheless you could use Google Voice with either of the Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices. It supports all the «speech» languages you mentioned and has a full API available.

To get started with the Google Home you can do it by:

Download the app

Tell your Google Home to «OK Google, open the Voice App on my phone»

If you have the Google Home app already installed on your phone, you can tell your Google Home to open it for you by saying «OK Google, open Google Voice on my phone»

Choose a language to speak to your Google Home

When the Google Home app is launched on your phone you can choose a language that you would like to speak to your Google Home.

Here are some examples of the supported languages:

Castilian Spanish

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Key for IBM Cloud Speech to Text API

The KeyMacro must be in the format shown below. Replace the part of the key that is highlighted with your own key.

Developer key: AWS Access Key ID AWS Secret Access Key AWS region

The application extracts and translates an audio file into text and provides a built-in listener that plays the audio file and allows you to translate its output.
If you want to know what a given file contains, you can use the text-to-speech feature. It reads out the text, and the audio file is provided as feedback. Thus, the user can hear how the converted text is pronounced. Furthermore, the text is displayed as it’s translated.
Voice recognition is not the only benefit of using Speech to Text Converter. You can translate the output text to a number of languages. The text you hear while playing a file through Speech to Text Converter is directly converted into the target language.
When using a transcription mode, the audio file is converted into text by Speech to Text Converter, but the results are compared with the original audio file to make sure the result corresponds to the original text. The process may take up to several minutes.

In short, Speech to Text Converter is a handy utility that converts an audio file into text and translates it into the target language. It is a desktop application that needs an IBM Cloud account to use it. The most attractive feature is the language translation, which is limited to three languages only, but this limitation is fixed in the free version.

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Speech To Text Converter Activation Key

Speech to Text Converter is the free desktop application that lets you convert an audio file into text.


The application is only available for Windows users

people found this comment useful

I have tested this and found it to be very useful for me


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Takes good care of you, and the voices are quite clear.

I use this on my Windows machine and was able to successfully convert an mp3 file I had into text.

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Does not convert all files perfectly, but works for most audio files, which is not very complicated

Good app for converting audio to text files

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I have downloaded this and I like the fact that it’s free. However, there’s no error-correction if you’re sending a file, as the app only converts files that it recognises. There may be some recognition issues in the first couple of minutes of the audio being played, but it usually gets there. Sometimes the text it produces is unclear and needs to be corrected by hand.

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The App is great

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I’ve used it many times and it’s worked well for converting mp3 files to text files. There are many programs out there to do this and I’ve found this one to be most accurate and reliable.

Written by



It works great for my needs.

Written by



It works pretty well, but a few people have told me it didn’t work.

Written by



This is the best and most user-friendly voice recognition software I have used. I have tried others and have never found a better one, even though some are a little more expensive.

Written by



I love this app. So glad that

What’s New In Speech To Text Converter?

Speech to Text Converter is a desktop application  for IBM Cloud users. It turns audio into text and performs language translation. It supports all popular audio file formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, WEBM).
Speech to Text Converter best features:
Speech to Text Converter is a desktop application  for IBM Cloud users. It turns audio into text and performs language translation. It supports all popular audio file formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, WEBM).
Speech to Text Converter download link:
Speech to Text Converter is a desktop application  for IBM Cloud users. It turns audio into text and performs language translation. It supports all popular audio file formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, WEBM).

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