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SOA Cleaner is a tool that was developed to make it easy for a user to implement a complete SOA-based application in about an hour, using only a web browser.
SOA Cleaner is completely browser-based, supporting multiple platforms. It works with WSDL documents as input, and with the SOAP, SOAP-UI and REST standards as output. It automatically handles all the required steps, including generating stubs for the web services, adding attributes to the service (using WS-ReliableMessaging) and its input and output documents (using WS-Security). It also does all the required error handling and validation, and automatically generates graphical user interfaces for input and output parameters, attachments, http headers etc.
Although SOA Cleaner can be used for any WSDL-based SOA application, its main aim is to make it easy for non-SOA experts to create a complete SOA application within one hour, using just a web browser. SOA Cleaner is therefore built on top of the IBM WebSphere Application Server.
Version history:
2.0.0 The initial release.
2.1.1 Introduction of WS-Security.
2.2.0 Version of WS-Reliable Messaging used by default.
2.3.0 Version of SOAP UI used by default.
2.3.1 Introduction of non-standard attributes.
2.3.2 Preliminary support for both WS-Security and WS-Reliable Messaging.
2.4.0 Support for WS-Security and WS-Reliable Messaging.
2.4.1 Improved error handling and non-standard attributes.
2.5.0 Support for WSDL files using the SOAP 1.2 format.
2.5.1 Support for WSDL files using the SOAP 1.1 format.
2.6.0 Support for WSDL files using the SOAP 1.1 and WS-Security 1.1 formats.
2.7.0 The final release.
2.8.0 Version of WSDL2Java and WSDL2Code.

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SOA Cleaner Express Crack+

SOA Cleaner is a GUI application (Graphical User Interface) which reads the web service definition document (WSDL), which can be created with Visual Studio.NET (VS.NET) or any other WSDL-generating tools, and generates a graphical user interface (GUI) required for composing a message to be sent to the web service in a native and very intuitive way. Several aspects of the request such as input arguments, http headers, attachments etc. are available for editing through a generated GUI. The program emulates a full business process and defines sequential web service calls.
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SOA Cleaner Express

Once upon a time. You create a new web service. Oh wait, there is nothing. You open it. Something like this:
public class Service1 : IService1 {
public string TestString(string myString) {
return string.Empty;
This is not enough. Because you want to know how to debug this thing, and you want the request to be called only if the response is defined. These two things have the same code:
public void test() {

WebService webService = new WebService();
webService.RegisterFaultHandler(new FaultHandler());
webService.RegisterSoapRequestHandler(new SoapRequestHandler(webService));
ServiceReference1.Service1Soap port = webService.GetPort();

The same program can be used as:

The first way is suitable for debugging. The second way is suitable for production.
Now think. How to implement the second way in a more robust way than testing one-by-one each line of code?
I have more than 10 years experience in web programming. I will explain the problem and a possible solution to solve it.
What is the problem?
The problem with web service programming is that you are always verifying that the sequence of calls is performed and the arguments are the same. After each call there is a delay for the client to receive the response, so you wait for the end of the sequence.
When you want to develop a new web service, you must repeat the process for each sequence of calls. It’s time consuming and useless.
With SOA Cleaner you have a very light, compact and intuitive tool to create web services.
How it works?
An explanation to SOA Cleaner is as follows:
The first line is the service definition. For example:

What’s New in the?

SOA Cleaner has been designed to solve the following problems:

Create a web service design in a very convenient way, using a graphical interface
Make your own web service accessible to many other software applications. The web service will be in the form of an API.
Support WS-* standards and process technical and business process details in a very convenient way.

Program architecture
SOA Cleaner comprises two major parts: the central client and the consumer.
The central client is responsible for analyzing a provided WSDL file and generating the internal representation of the service (graphical process diagram), the web service process call sequence (WSPC) and the technical process description. The central client has several functions, which make up the technical process description. They are the startRequest function, the startResponse function, the requestUri function, the responseUri function, the assertion function, the responseAssertion function, the attachment function, the argument function, the header function, the authentication function, the encryption function, the timeout function and the http function.

The consumer is responsible for receiving the XML request messages and for converting them to the appropriate representations (JSON, XML etc.).

As can be seen from the examples below, the consumer receives as input the message which is analyzed and pre-processed to detect the information which should be sent to the central client for further processing.

Sample coding
A sample of the above generated API for the service is shown below:

System Requirements For SOA Cleaner Express:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent (3.1GHz or faster)
Memory: 4GB or more
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics, or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space
Additional Requirements:
Sound Card (all environments except 1)
Headset (all environments except 1)
Keyboard (all environments except 1)

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