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You probably know this already, but pressing the “Delete” button on your keyboard to erase a file is not enough for it to be gone for good. In fact, the file is first sent to the Recycle Bin, just in case you change your mind and also as a way to prevent accidental data loss.
On the other hand, the “SHIFT-Del” key combination skips the Recycle Bin step and deletes the file from your PC. But even in this case the file is not completely erased, as this action only deletes the location label, not the content of the file. A good recovery tool can still get it back.
Not to worry though. To make sure the files you intend to delete are gone forever, you can try out a dedicated data wiping tool. And it does not have to be complicated at all: ScrapIt is the proof that a lightweight, small software utility will do the trick just as well as a more complex one.
Lightweight data wiper 
ScrapIt comes in two flavors. There is a standard installer and a portable tool you can use. Needless to say, the portable application requires no setup and can be used on the go, which is quite convenient.
It’s not just the application that is small, but also the interface. Once you launch ScrapIt, you are greeted by a tiny window that bundles just a few options, namely to add one or more files or remove the selected files from the list.
Overwrites files with random data 
ScrapIt does not simply delete the files in its input list. What it actually does is generate random data and use this data to overwrite the content of the files, one by one, making sure that the data is impossible to recover in the future.
Once you start wiping the files in the list, ScrapIt calculates the amount of random data needed and start generating it. Since new data is generated, it is not advisable to use ScrapIt for wiping large files, as it takes a lot of time to process the data. In fact, the developer recommends using it only for documents.
Get rid of unwanted documents for good 
During our tests, we added larger files to the list and it took a significant amount of time for the application to carry out the task. It is definitely not worth waiting so much to get rid of sensitive data. Therefore, we recommend using ScrapIt only for documents and small-size files.









ScrapIt Crack+ [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

The standard installation of ScrapIt offers you the choice between “Open”, “Remove” and “Wipe” option, but you can also choose the more advanced mode, which allows you to manually specify the new data that should be written over the files you want to remove. This feature is disabled by default and requires you to press “Wipe Files and Folders”. If you don’t want to wait for the data wipe to finish, you can manually specify how much data you want to overwrite the files with in one go.
ScrapIt will definitely be handy as a proof that all your sensitive data is securely removed from your PC. Especially if you are still unsure whether it’s safe to remove files or if they are necessary.
ScrapIt is free of charge. We highly recommend downloading it from the developer’s website.

Milo is an awesome program that allows you to organize your folders.
You can drag folders to Milo to make them appear in Milo’s main window. You can also choose the order in which folders appear in the windows and you can also add images to folders.

Milo Description:
The program comes with a file manager and a file editor.
You can drag folders to the main window to set up the order they will appear in the window.
You can also drag images to folders to add them to the folder. You can delete an image from a folder.
You can add auto-open rules and you can drag and drop icons on the desktop.

Milo Homepage:

Extension Protection from the Mac App Store is back (2.2/v2.0). I wrote an application that did a brute-force, brutto-random search of all of the Mac App Store looking for known Mac applications that were not fully protected by Extension Protection. At the time it was fixed and updated by Apple it protected about 50% of all applications on the Mac App Store. Since then it has improved to about 90%+ protection and I can’t find any way to protect your applications anymore. Apple refuses to implement even a partial solution and ever since I wrote the brute force / random search application; Apple hasn’t taken any step at all to even attempt to provide an extension

ScrapIt With Serial Key Free Download For PC

Schedule folder scans and reports
Trash your files permanently with just a few clicks
Forensically delete one or multiple files, folders, filenames, and even emails and emails attachments
Dozens of free data wiping utilities are offered, but ScrapIt is the only data eraser you will ever need.
There is no technical support or any other user interface in ScrapIt — just choose the operations you need in the list and hit the Erase button. A progress bar will be displayed to show the operation in progress.
Erase multiple files with a simple checkbox menu
Wipe files and folders
Wipe email and email attachment
Wipe emails from a particular date range
Wipe emails from a particular email address
ScrapIt 5.9.2 is the most powerful, easiest and fastest data wiper available for your PC! Get rid of unwanted documents for good!

You can check out the manual installation steps at for more information about how to manually install scrapit.
ScrapIt software is shareware and has a one-time fee; it is available for both the Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platform. For more information about the features, download, and how to use this software, visit the official website at

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ScrapIt Crack+ Free License Key Download

ScrapIt is an excellent solution to delete a set of files at once. The software generates random data and overwrites the files in your computer, erasing their content forever. The application has two versions: a standard installer and a portable version that runs from a CD or in a memory stick.
Note: the data that is generated is random, so it is impossible to recover back your files once it is generated.
For instance, when we tested ScrapIt, we selected Windows system files, resulting in a total of 27 MB of data being generated, or 27 million bytes in other words. It took a few minutes for the application to carry out the data wiping task.
It makes no difference if we selected files or folders, because the application generates random data and randomly overwrites the files or folders that are listed.
It is also worth mentioning that ScrapIt is not very effective for files that have been organized by applications such as WinZip or WinRAR.
A small CD with the standard installation provides the program, required driver and also a batch file that will guide you through the installation process.
If you’re thinking about downloading the portable version, here is a simple rule: don’t do it. We already explained the reasons why the application is a not-so-good choice to erase data.
The portable version has a restricted set of features. It comes with the application, so you do not even need to burn a CD. However, there is no option to create a custom list or select folders to erase.
Other than these basic features, there is also a password generator, an uninstaller, an automatic updater as well as a simple uninstaller.
All in all, ScrapIt is a rather straightforward tool for wiping data, but we do not recommend it for sensitive files and folders.

This privacy update is pretty impressive. Microsoft integrated the Intel privacy features into Edge to hide your browsing history, clear out cookies on exit and guard your web activity.
Here are the full privacy features you get with Edge:
Time The Edge time shows up in the form of your current local time and time difference relative to when you left, as well as, an indicator for when you last opened the browser.
Clear browser browsing history when you close Edge. Edge keeps a browser history for your most visited sites but deletes it when you exit.
Clear browser windows and tabs. Edge blocks third-party tracking sites from collecting data about which websites you visit.

What’s New In?

ScrapIt is an easy-to-use data sanitizer that makes it easy to permanently remove files without worrying about how to securely erase sensitive data. Simply add selected files to the program’s list and ScrapIt will do all the dirty work for you.
Key Features:
* No setup required
* No sign-up required
* Completely safe: memory-safe, cross-platform, opensource
* Securely remove files without leaving traces
* Completely isolated: deletes files without leaving clues
* Doesn’t require an internet connection
* No local-only options
* Unique file formats supported
* Works on multiple platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD
* Cross-platform: save files on all major operating systems
* Configurable command line parameters
* Save your settings to an XML/JSON file
* History of data deletion
* Encrypts files before removal (optional)
* No data is left behind
* GUI / CLI (command line) supported
* Timeout (in seconds) for file deletion
* Create file templates for repetitive deletion
* Exclude directories / Folders
* Auto-clean settings from import
* Auto-clean history
* Auto-deletion
* Auto-deletion for files being renamed
* Auto-deletion for files being moved
* Auto-deletion for files being copied
* Auto-deletion for files being linked/linked
* Auto-deletion for files being symlinked
* Auto-deletion for files being moved
* Auto-deletion for files being modified
* Custom rules (user defined)
* Custom rules can be shared with others
* Check for file duplication
* Check for file integrity (Hashes / signature)
* Create and modify file hashes
* Automatically updates signatures / hashes (experimental)
* High-level API (CTRL+C, CTRL+R)
* Save settings
* Standard settings / current settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)
* Settings (user-defined)

System Requirements:


OS: Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 series
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video: Intel HD Graphics 4000/AMD Radeon HD 6000/AMD Radeon HD 7000/Radeon R5 or greater
Additional Notes: Windows 8.1 64-bit
OS: Windows 10
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Video: Intel HD Graphics 4000/AMD Radeon HD

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