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Roblox is an online platform that allows users to create their own games. Users are able to design their own game, choose a theme and set a price for their game and are rewarded with Robux for each customer they attract. Robux can then be used to purchase or enhance gameplay experience and certain in-game items. In December 2013, Roblox raised $45 million in venture funding and by 2014, they secured further investments from venture capital firms including DAG Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.
In June 2018, the company reported that it had surpassed 10 billion total minutes, and 7.8 billion total players, spent on the platform since it launched in 2006. Roblox hosts games from a variety of genres, including adventure, simulation, shooter, action-adventure, RPGs, racing, strategy, and social games. Most Roblox games are free-to-play, but there is a premium version that allows players to play with more users, bypass in-game advertisements, play with more stability, improve graphics, and other improvements. Roblox also has its own game store where players can purchase in-game items such as Robux to purchase other games or use to create or modify their own games. Currently there are about 190 thousand exclusive games on the platform, with more than 80 thousand being published weekly.[2]
In February 2020, Roblox reported a $1.4 billion revenue for 2019, with $851 million in net profit. The company had more than 165 million MAUs, including 52% of teens aged 13 to 17.[3]

Thanks for the question! In order to get a «gamer» try-on, and just to have a look, you’ll have to fill out this form:
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Hey Guys,
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Nameroblox free items amazon
Rating4.43 / 5 ( 4685 votes )
Update(13 days ago)


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