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Proxy Switcher enables you to create multiple proxy profiles and quickly cycle through them when connected to the Internet. This is a straightforward software application that, although it may sound advanced for inexperienced users, it actually contains only the necessary and suffice features for achieving its goal.
Simple installation and interface
The setup operation doesn't take long and requires minimal user assistance, thanks to the familiar wizard steps. At launch, the tool informs you that it's only designed to modify proxy settings in Internet Explorer. This means that it doesn't interfere with the usage of proxy options.
Load proxy configurations from external files
The interface is represented by a plain window with a simple structure, where you are instructed to separately create text documents in ANSI format with the proxy configuration you want to toggle.
In order for this to work, every proxy must be specified on a single line and the proxy:port format. Unfortunately, the app doesn't implement options for manually adding a proxy profile.
In the following step, all you have to do is select an entry from the list and click a button to make it your current proxy. There are no other notable options provided by this utility.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn't put a strain on the overall performance of the machine in our tests, as it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs popped up and it didn't hang or crash.
However, Proxy Switcher is a pretty rudimentary proxy tool. Apart from the fact that it doesn't give you the possibility to manually enter proxy configurations, it doesn't feature other settings (except for a shortcut to the Internet Options). For instance, it cannot be minimized to the systray. Nevertheless, you can test it for yourself.







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Create and manage multiple proxy lists for a variety of applications.

Fast and easy configuration of network connections.

Control all applications without any installation.

Supports WiFi connections with privacy mode.

Unblock web proxies like Tor, Secure-VPN, Anonymizer, etc. and unblock blocked web proxies.The following co-inventors have been named on the following four patents related to the present invention:
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C. Virginia D. Bachmann, Dan P. Smith, and Brian E. Carreker
D. J. Brookhart, Thomas A. Loscalzo, and E. John Meagher
E. Franklin Janney, Steven H. Walters, and Matthew Gibson
F. Harold Gerke, Michael A. Trionfo, and Michael R. Cooper
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Create multiple proxy profiles to easily switch between them when connected to the Internet.

When installing this tool, you will get a single button labeled «Install» with a checkmark. This button allows you to install the tool in a different location. The tool will simply create a shortcut in the system’s start menu, so you don’t need to do any lengthy or complicated installation procedure.

Chas was kind enough to provide us with a file that contains the proxy info for his PC. However, the file we were provided with contains proxy info for only HTTP (not HTTPS, an issue, on Windows 8.1).

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to easily create a proxy profile on Windows 10.

Creating Proxy Settings on Windows 10
This article demonstrates how to create proxy settings on Windows 10 and use the same settings for other programs as well.

Windows 10 comes with a new integrated proxy setting app. This is different from the proxy settings you find in Internet Explorer under tools. This app is called Windows System Settings. You can access it by navigating to Settings and then, from the Settings list, choosing Internet & services.

The main difference is that this app lets you set only one proxy profile. With this settings app, you can also set proxy settings for HTTP and HTTPS.

The new feature also offers three filter options, allowing you to limit the type of websites to view through your proxy. Clicking on More… in the filter options list will show the full list of available filters. Note that you need to have a Microsoft account in order to enable the option.

This app, however, does not let you add a proxy on the fly. You have to first select it from the settings list, followed by clicking on Set as default.

In addition to that, you also have to create a proxy profile. It is possible to specify proxy settings using text files. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on Windows 10, as Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not support this option.

The tool you will use for creating proxy settings is named Proxy Settings Generator. It is a free download at To access the tool, click on the link and browse to this folder.

The tool can take care of creating proxy settings, giving you access to a list of all available proxies and its URLs as text files. This list of proxies is compatible with Internet Explorer as well as Windows Explorer.

Proxy Settings Generator

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Internet Explorer Proxy Switcher is a tool that can help you to configure Internet Explorer for many usages, like work with local proxy, or setup multiple proxy server. With this application, you can setup from 1 to 10 internet proxies at a time. Using this application, you can toggle between current proxy settings and saved proxy settings.

Internet Explorer Proxy Switcher Features:

Automatically add multiple proxy and proxy server.

Disable Proxy software in Internet Explorer and Save the current proxy settings.

Proxy Switcher is a freeware application made with an intention to improve Internet connectivity for users who wish to make use of all available features in Internet Explorer to get maximum efficiency from this browser. It offers a wide range of functions to users and functions without delay as it does not need any complicated configurations.

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What’s New in the?

Proxy Switcher is a freeware utility that allows you to create and modify proxy settings on Internet Explorer 7 through 10. The tool enables you to control proxy settings on a server-by-server basis and to switch between them from the current IE browser window.Titanium oxide films of controlled thickness and morphology deposited on natural TiO2 nanostructures by spark pyrolysis.
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or later (10.5 recommended)
Apple Computer PowerBook or equivalent
Processor: 500MHz or faster (preferably dual-core)
Memory: 512MB or more (recommended)
Graphics: 256MB or more (recommended)
DirectX: Version 9.0c or higher (preferably version 10.0c or higher)
Hard Drive: 500MB or more (recommended)
Internet: Broadband Internet connection and 128MB of free space

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