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* The Photoshop Core Training, by James Hamilton ($79.95 list price), is a complete course in the fundamentals of using Adobe Photoshop.
* Photoshop CS6 Illustrated User Guide and How to Use Photoshop ($59.95 list price), by Ryan Carson and Delana Michaels, is an excellent reference for beginning users.
* Photoshop in a Nutshell ($59.95 list price), by James Hamilton, teaches the basics of using Photoshop for graphics design.
* Putting Photoshop to Work for Fine Art ($99.95 list price), by Robert McGeary, goes beyond the basics and explores Photoshop for fine art and other imaging industries.
* Wispy Trails ($79.95 list price), by Lynda Myers, takes you through the Photoshop CS6 interface and walks you through six tutorials that illustrate how to make images that will make your clients smile.
* Photoshop CS6: Secrets of a Master ($79.95 list price), by Jen Smeeton, takes a comprehensive look at how to use Photoshop’s many powerful tools and illustrates how to create and alter images.

Each user manual will teach you how to do basic tasks, including filling in an image, creating a selection, adjusting colors, recoloring a photo, making a layer mask, applying filters, retouching the eye, removing blemishes, adjusting the color balance, and so on.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop is a massive program with a long, rich history. This version of Photoshop is not as powerful as its earlier editions, but it still has its strong points. Adobe has not abandoned any core Photoshop features, and new programs have been added that give you some cool options for enhancing or creating images.

Photoshop CC offers the following:

* A new Content-Aware option. It finds and analyses what’s similar about the subject and removes it to get to what’s unique. It’s a useful tool for removing unwelcome blemishes.
* A Map and Layers panel have been added, which makes it easier to navigate and work with multiple layers.
* A 3D Editing workspace offers some 3D tools, including transforming layers into 3D shapes.
* The Liquify filter lets you stretch, skew, and warp selected areas of an image, allowing you to resize, alter, and transform pictures.
* A Thesaurus drop-down, found on the main menu bar, adds a variety of terms and phrases for

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While Photoshop supports high-res images of up to 72 megapixels (4k resolution), ImageMagick can convert.jpg and.png images into high-res format without losing their original quality (4k support has recently been added).

In addition, you can merge images into a multipage PDF or create a high-quality JPEG from any image. To do this, you have to be logged into the Photoshop (10 or above) or Photoshop Elements (9 or above) app.

If you can’t edit the image, click the magnifying glass icon next to the picture to open the file in Photoshop or ImageMagick.

Here are 12 ways to use Photoshop and ImageMagick to edit, manipulate, enhance, or create images for free.

12. Convert between image formats

Here’s how to convert any image format into another.

The ImageMagick site has a great online utility for accomplishing all kinds of image conversions.

In this example, I use the command convert to convert a JPG into a GIF.

convert.jpg -resize 50%.gif

If you need more options, browse the ImageMagick site for a full list of options.

11. Convert, edit, enhance, resize, or rotate any photo

You can do a lot with a little Photoshop.

Here are some simple ways to convert, edit, resize, enhance, adjust, or apply a filter to an image.

You can use the “Edit in Photoshop” option (Ctrl+O), then click on the “Convert to Smart Object” option.

After selecting the image, click on the “Convert to Smart Object” option at the bottom right corner.

Click on “OK” to convert the image to a Smart Object.

You can then edit the image as a layer in Photoshop.

You can edit and apply different effects, effects and filters to the image in Photoshop, including Gaussian blur, gradients, and gradients with transparency.

You can also use the layer styles to add shadows, reflections, and reflections with transparency.

10. Merge multiple images into one file

Merging multiple images into one file is simple.

If you have Photoshop and ImageMagick you should be able to easily accomplish this.

Create a new document in Photoshop or ImageMagick

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fyi. I’m sure you’ll want a good understanding of the NERC rules. Dan
———————- Forwarded by Dan Leff/HOU/EES on 04/02/2001 10:43 AM —————————

«Raper, Stephen» on 03/22/2001 05:50:44 AM
To: «‘Dan Leff'»
Subject: GISB

As you know, I plan to be in Houston April 5 through April 8. I will look
forward to meeting you and your team members. In order to provide you with
information and resources for your review, I have attached a document
containing a summary of rules developed by the North American Electric
Reliability Council («NERC») governing the conduct of natural gas
transportation companies and shippers in interstate natural gas transactions.


Stephen E. Raper
Koch International, Inc.
2000 Forest Hill Avenue
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

T: (916) 631-3900
F: (916) 631-3830

(See attached file: Oil Gas, electricity, NERC Rules.doc)
– Oil Gas, electricity, NERC Rules.docQ:

Should I include the hook data in the query to save some queries in wordpress?

I have some custom query in wordpress that calls a function and then the function makes a request to a remote server, reading some data.
I don’t know if I should include in the call the parameters of the hook or I should make my own function with just my query.
The first option can use less queries and in case I change the data in the database, the function won’t be called every time I update the data on the remote server.
My doubt is if I should include the hook data in the query or if is better to make a function with just my query, then I will manage a save and read function to the remote server.
Which option is better?


If you plan to replace all the code in your function with the result of a remote call then no,

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A Neural Algorithm of Motor Skill Learning Enables Proprioceptive Control.
In humans and nonhuman species, highly adept and skilled performance is achieved through coordinated actions. Learning to perform coordinated movements necessitates sensory-motor interactions between the various sensory and motor systems (Johannson, 2001; Eccles, 1982; Morasso, Keele, & Bizzi, 2007; Krusch, Broussard, & Clark, 2011). This study investigated the neural circuit that enables learning of a skilled muscle contraction of the hand during a visuomotor association task. Three participants, each performing motor learning experiments with different visuomotor task conditions, were used for the present study. Participants were instructed to observe a computer screen with a nonoverlapping cursor to target movement. The time-dependent temporal relationship between the vision of the cursor and the time of the task-specific stimulation to the hand was investigated. The time-dependent movement-onset latency served as a measure of the degree of proprioceptive input into the corticospinal motor system. Both the proprioceptive and visual input were required for fine learning but not for gross motor learning. The results of this work suggest that the human corticospinal circuit contains a closed-loop mechanism that contributes to a higher level of skilled movement.Q:

What’s the difference between a microcontroller and a CPU?

I know about the difference between a CPU and a microcontroller, but what’s the difference between a microcontroller and a microprocessor?


Generally speaking, the point of the term «microcontoller» is that you have the ability to add on more functions, e.g. on-chip peripherals, while a microprocessor is a bare-metal device. At its most basic level, a microcontroller is thus an application-specific processor for a specific function, where an «application processor» is merely a multi-function processor which is more generic.
The point of using microcontrollers is that you can build your application by coupling a microcontroller to the peripherals you need. In the early days of microcontrollers, you’d use something like a PICAXE as the microcontroller, and use external chips (e.g. a microSD card reader) as the peripherals (and sometimes the main memory).
Sometimes the term microcontroller is loosely defined to include any kind of CPU (e.g. as long as it is a «

System Requirements For Photoshop:

Mac OS X
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: 1.6 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 128 MB Video Memory
Hard Drive: 50 MB free disk space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband internet connection
Additional Notes:
Platform: Windows
Purchase: $19.95 AUD
The Shareware Key provides you with unlimited

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