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Chances are you forget about important events in your schedule, especially if there’s a lot on your plate on a daily basis. If your work involves using a computer, you might want to know there are various methods to keep your memory fresh. A suitable example is to configure reminders, and you can use OhMemo for this task.
Expands to allow comfortable editing of note content
You first need to go through a setup process to ensure the proper functionality of the application. On the other hand, it doesn’t make changes to system registry entries, so you can just as well deploy it on a thumb drive in case you need to use it on other computers. Just make sure that the target PC is fitted with .NET Framework.
It all starts in a simple window, with a large, empty field at first. There’s a link which shows you the way to create memos, which mostly requires you to write down a name in the given field. The window then expands to comfortably write the content of the memo, and compacts whenever you exit edit mode to save space.
Configure text style and add attachments
The application offers a decent variety of options when it comes to editing, just to help you highlight important parts in your notes. Styles make it possible to use different heading types, bold, underline, italic, and more, but there are no options to add bullets, or change the color and size of the text, even though styles can be applied selectively throughout content.
Multiple notes can be created, and these all end up on the list until removed. You can structure them according to importance, and change the view to simple, and compact mode, whereas the latter mode displays time and date. Sadly, you can’t set up audio alerts, but notes can be fitted with file attachments from your computer.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that OhMemo is a reliable application which provides an intuitive, practical environment in which to store important notes and ideas. Although no alerts can be configured, frequently checking the list can save the day.







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OhMemo 2020 PC/Windows (Final 2022)

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OhMemo 2020 Crack + With Product Key

If you’re sick of having to keep a separate list of contact information in an Android app just for yourself, then the OhMemo app is the perfect alternative.
OhMemo highlights what it’s meant to do pretty well. It syncs all of your contacts information from your Google, Facebook, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, etc. accounts and then syncs them to your Android device. All of your contacts information is stored in your phone’s local storage so you don’t have to carry around the extra data you’d have to carry with a separate app.
Create and edit contact information for all of your accounts. Sync, create, edit and delete contact info.
Designed for Android 2.0 or higher, requires Android 1.5/2.1 SDcard slot for syncing information.
OhMemo is a fast, easy to use, elegant Android app that has a ton of great features.
Ohmemo Features:
– Syncs ALL of your contact information from your various accounts.
– Create, edit and delete contact information for all of your accounts.
– Allows you to sync your contact information (with auto backups) to your Android device.
– Automatically detects if you have more than one Google, Facebook, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, etc. account, and will let you know if it finds more than one.
– Automatically detects if you have more than one profile, and will let you know if it finds more than one.
– Syncs your text messages to your Android device.
– Syncs your phone number, address, email address, etc. to your Android device.
– Syncs you call log to your Android device.
– Syncs your emergency contacts to your Android device.
– Sync your Google account information to your Android device.
– Sync your Facebook information to your Android device.
– Sync your MySpace information to your Android device.
– Sync your LinkedIn information to your Android device.
– Sync your Yahoo Mail account information to your Android device.
– Sync your AOL information to your Android device.
– Sync your Messenger contacts to your Android device.
– Sync your Livejournal information to your Android device.
– Sync your Yahoo Groups information to your Android device.
– Sync your Last.fm information to your Android device.
– Sync your Twitter information to your Android device.
– Sync your Xanga information to your Android device.
– Sync your Facebook timeline information to your Android

What’s New In?

OhMemo is designed to help you remember things you’ve forgotten. The program is very simple and easy to use, but it can save a lot of time.
OhMemo is a strong tool that can help you store things in the form of memos. It is developed for computers and for smartphones with the aim of helping you to save space and to remember what you need to remember. OhMemo can be used for both personal and work purposes. OhMemo is a cross-platform application and it is capable of working on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.
You can set the memos to be created automatically or manually. With OhMemo you can create memos and create reminders that can save time by reminding you to remember.
OhMemo gives you the ability to share your memos with people, and you can assign memos to categories for organizing your memos. You can create memo templates and you can share your memos with other people. OhMemo allows you to create a searchable database of memos.
What’s New in OhMemo:
– Support for Android 4.2
– Notification bar (Android 4.4+)
– The language of the application has been changed from German to English
– Memo background has been changed from black to white.
1) Edit your memos in a wide-ranging range of fonts and size.
2) Edit your memos with a link. The link is added to the memo text, the link is marked with a pen.
3) Memo can create new category.
4) Add attachments, and you can send the attachment of the memo as a reminder.
5) Recycle of the categories of the memos.
6) Edit the time and date on the memos.
7) Create to-do list.
8) Option to create a list in a different view.
9) Add contact information and send to your contact
10) Option to create multiple notes.
11) Export to Outlook / MS-Excel
12) Import from Outlook / MS-Excel.
13) Option to send to reminder, your name.
14) You can create a memo that says how to how to use OhMemo, and when using OhMemo.
The following changes are in the update:
1) Memo background has been changed from black to white.
2) Support for Android 4.2.
3) Notification bar (Android 4.4+)
4) The language of the application has been changed from German to English.
5) Memo templates.
6) Better support for Chinese and Spanish languages.
7) Edit your memos in a wide-ranging range of fonts and size.
8) Edit your memos with a link. The link is added to the memo text, the link is marked with a pen.
9) Memo

System Requirements For OhMemo:

All players’ progress is saved between sessions and can be resumed.
During a session, all of your stats are locked. Your character will be «invisible» to players, who will see the actual owner of the PC instead.
To continue with your game, you must create an account and link your character to the account.
Enemy characters will be controlled by AI.
The game can be controlled with the gamepad (or with the keyboard if you press ctrl+f10).
Multiple simultaneous consoles can be used


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