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Microsoft Digital Image 2006 is a graphics editing suite that allows you to create, manage and share image files.
Installing this software takes a while. There will be three separate applications placed on your hard drive – Digital Image Editor, Digital Image Library, and Photo Story 3.1. The clean interface suggests this suite is both designed for first-time and experienced users.
In Microsoft Digital Image you can use Digital Image Editor to modify pictures (by using focusing tools, lighting, cropping, selection tools and removing imperfections), and apply special effects (filters, paint, edges, distort, emphasize, black and white, create a panorama, add text).
Furthermore, you can edit several pictures at a time (color, exposure, and camera phone auto fix, resize), print and share your work, or use the Digital Image Library to import and organize pictures and video, make group changes or create a photo story (only in Windows XP).
In Digital Image Editor you can open multiple files at a time, and easily navigate through them in the sidebar to the left. Create a photo collage or animated pictures (that can be viewed in a web browser), insert lines, pictures, text or shapes, draw a line or a shape, resize image or canvas, flip or straighten pictures, adjust colors, saturation, levels and curves, remove noise, fix red-eye, use clone brush or airbrush, apply various effects (e.g. antique, diffuse glow, colorize brush), and more.
Digital Image Library allows you to organize pictures, batch convert file formats, batch rename and resize images, edit labels (e.g. keywords, people, places, events), assign flags, adjust time stamp, and others. Unfortunately, since we tested this software on Windows 7, we could not access Photo Story.
Microsoft Digital Image is a great tool for editing and managing photographs, and it uses few system resources.







Microsoft Digital Image Crack

Change the way you capture the world’s moments in image and video with new features in Microsoft Digital Image.
Add artistic touches to the faces of your friends and family members.
Edit your videos for perfect holiday shots, with the enhanced visual tools in Photo Story.
Use Photo Story to create memorable photo stories and slideshows with your favorite picture books.
Use the new effects in Photo Editor to make your images look great.
Use sophisticated photo-editing tools and intuitive photo-capture features to let your creativity fly.
Create fast, accurate image adjustments with the new color-correction tools.
Create great looking collages from up to 100 pictures with the new collage tool.
Create panoramas and 3D pictures with Photo Story.
Change the look of your existing photos with new filters, paint and edge effects.
Bring the best out of your image with the new lighting tools.
Assign labels and flags to your pictures to find your favorites with Photo Story.
Paint on images to add a touch of fun.
Use the new, easy-to-use photo print feature.
Set the time and date on your pictures with the new photo time stamp tool.
Share your creations with your friends and family with Windows Live.
Add text or shapes to your pictures to personalize them.
Calculate the amount of money or time you have left on your video with Photo Story.
There are many more new and updated features in Microsoft Digital Image.
Video Flip:
Create flip videos with Microsoft Digital Image.
Color Correction:
Adjust the look of your images with the new color-correction tools.
Dodge and Burn:
Create impressive shadows and highlights in your images.
Tone Map:
Adjust the tones of your images.
Make your images look sharper and less blurred.
Make your images look more professional with a subtle, soft edge.
Fade to Black:
Convert your images to black and white.
Background Replacement:
Use the new photo-editing tools to put photos on a different background.
Black and White:
Create black and white versions of your images.
Image Adjustment:
Add artistic touches to the faces of your friends and family members.
Make your images look more vivid.
Make your images look more detailed.
Make your images look more professional with a subtle,

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Create, edit and manage photos by using the Microsoft Digital Image 2006 software.

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What’s New In Microsoft Digital Image?

The Digital Image Editor in Microsoft Digital Image 2006 is a Windows XP Graphics Tools replacement that’s similar to Photo Mechanic Pro version 6 or Adobe Photoshop, yet offers a faster workflow.
The Digital Image Library in Microsoft Digital Image 2006 is a great utility that enables you to organize your photos and videos.
The Photo Story in Microsoft Digital Image 2006 is a fun and easy way to create photo slideshows, and this is the only way to do that with a separate application in Microsoft Digital Image 2006.
The Digital Image library is a stand-alone application for the Microsoft Digital Image 2006, and the Photo Story is a stand-alone application for the Microsoft Digital Image 2006.
The initial launch of Microsoft Digital Image 2006 is a bit confusing. Here’s a little guide:
1. Create your first picture in Microsoft Digital Image 2006
First you have to create a picture in Microsoft Digital Image 2006. You can create a new picture in the default Editor mode (resize, flip, crop, crop, rotate, and brush), or in a special Effects mode.
Then you can edit the picture in the picture window, the Image Library window, or the Photo Story window (which is accessible from the main menu).
2. Edit a picture in the Picture Window
You can resize, crop, resize, and flip the picture. You can also add or remove some of the picture’s effects, and use the Undo/Redo function to undo or redo your actions. You can select a different picture to apply the effect to.
3. Edit a picture in the Image Library
The Image Library gives you the ability to organize your pictures, to make group changes (as in Photo Mechanic 6), and to make batch changes to all the pictures you select in the Image Library.
The Image Library also allows you to search for pictures and videos, and quickly replace one picture with another.
4. Edit a picture in the Photo Story window
In this window you can adjust picture colors, levels, and curves, apply special effects (e.g. antique, neutralize, distort, white balance, borders, colorize, smear, blur, scan, and zoom), add text, paint, draw a line, apply some effects (e.g. accentuate, brightness, blur, darken, and saturate), resize the canvas, rotate the canvas, flip the picture, or mirror the picture horizontally or vertically. You can also add pictures or videos to the slide.
5. Create a new picture in the Editor
You can choose one of the nine available painting types, and you can use the Brush tool to paint onto the canvas. You can also create pictures in special Effects modes.
6. Print pictures
You can print your pictures with black and white, sepia, or four color inkjet prints.
7. Share pictures with your friends
Share pictures via email, upload pictures to the web, or use them in

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel i5-7500
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/AMD RX 580
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 42GB
Network: Broadband Internet connection.
Note: It is recommended to use the latest AMD or NVIDIA drivers, while they are still in development.
If you do not have a compatible graphics card, don’t worry as it is possible to use the GGS title with integrated graphics.
Due to graphic performance issues, please use the recommended graphic settings, such as 4K

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