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Better way to write this function?

I have a function which I want to use several times in my application, and have come up with a slightly long and messy way to write it. I was wondering if there was a more succinct way to write this.
Here’s the function:
Public Function DoSomething() As String
Dim day As String
day = DateDiff(«d», Now, CStr(My.Settings.GetSetting(SettingsIdentifier.DateOfSchedule)))
Dim week As String
week = DateDiff(«W», Now, CStr(My.Settings.GetSetting(SettingsIdentifier.DateOfSchedule)))
Return day & «:» & week
End Function

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


The way to go about this is to use functions and arguments passed to the function.
Public Function DoSomething(schedule As String) As String
Return DateDiff(Int(schedule), Now, CStr(My.Settings.GetSetting(SettingsIdentifier.DateOfSchedule)))
End Function

Public Sub GetHours()

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Telegraph reports: «Microsoft has bought into a Chinese mapping company with its iDrive software believed to be used in its Chinese-made cars. Map People, which is based in China but has operations throughout Europe, maps more than 200 million miles of road and hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.»

For years at Microsoft I had this same question to myself: “Why don’t they sell this as a company?” One day I had to ask it. Microsoft does want to make this thing a company. That’s why we’ve made some long-range plans that I have to keep private for now. We have clearly identified our three major business units: Windows, Office, and Devices. Microsoft Dynamics is the next new unit within Windows. Microsoft Business Solutions is our business services unit and its purpose is clear: to help Microsoft customers and partners use Microsoft technology to do what they do best—put customers and their businesses first. How does that sound to you? I’m going to start to name our new units as we reveal them. One day we will reveal who is leading each of these businesses.

It’s also interesting to note that the roll out for this is going to start not with Windows Phone, but with Windows 8.

There have been a lot of articles from the Microsoft camp asking «when» will Windows Phone be able to get apps from any store other than the Windows Store. The problem is that Microsoft is one of the few companies that has a Store that itself is a competitor to the iTunes and Android app stores. If the Windows Store were to become an «Apples App Store» then they would be in full control of what apps their users could download. This

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How can I trim multiple row elements of a dataframe using Python?

Here is the sample data I have:
df = pd.DataFrame({‘name’: [‘xx’, ‘yy’, ‘zz’],

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