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You can install it using the p2 repo ( or downloading from
Project page:

This is a simple collection of utilities to help ease the job of working with WBFS files and the WBFS standard. It includes utility programs for various tasks like managing files, converting WBFS files to ISO files, creating ISO files from WBFS files, converting ISO files to WBFS files, the BIO and CUE file formats and more. It is all written in C.
You can find a more detailed description on the jwbfs.org homepage.

A lightweight and extensible file system for Windows. WBFS is a family of file systems. WBFS-1 is a file system that supports objects larger than 2.1GB, sharing an object name space with the.NET Framework. WBFS-2 is an ISO 9660-based file system that supports up to 2.3GB per file.

Here is an ISO 9660 based file system with support for up to 2.2GB objects. I started to develop this project as a test for ISO 9660 and had fun implementing a few features for it. I need to create the ISO 9660 file system first before I can create support for 2.2GB objects. If you would like to see it as an ISO 9660 file system, then feel free to do so, but as of now I just need to concentrate on the WBFS file system. So if you want to help me I need a copy of the ISO 9660 project.

The Western Digital ReWritable Storage OS provides a complete and extensible file system and file management system for the development of scalable storage systems. WBFS-2 is a fork of ISO 9660 that supports up to 2.3GB per object, and can share an object name space with the.NET Framework.Dynamic CT evaluation of post-orthodontic changes in a canine model.
This study was conducted to determine the effect of orthodontic loading on the mandible of a canine model and to define the change in the mandibular alveolar bone. Eight male mongrel dogs were used. All dogs had a 0

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What’s New in the Jwbfs?

wbfs is an application desigend to provide a gui to wbfs_file utility. With it you can convert an ISO to a WBFS file, create an ISO from a WBFS file and download covers.
It’s JAVA based (Eclipse RCP framework), cross-platform and uses most of the options provided by wbfs_file.

wbfs is an application desigend to provide a gui to wbfs_file utility. With it you can convert an ISO to a WBFS file, create an ISO from a WBFS file and download covers.
It’s JAVA based (Eclipse RCP framework), cross-platform and uses most of the options provided by wbfs_file.

Latest Posts

It’s been said that wbfs_file is the first open source iso-to-wbfs converter. Using it I decided to write my first JAVA GUI app, wbfs-kit.
It’s inspired on wbfs_file but with more options, a dedicated GUI app and some new stuff. The gui is using Eclipse RCP framework and there is a new plug-in I’ve written.

I’ve made a bunch of improvements to wbfs_file utility, mainly related to speed and compression. Some changes are:
– Added a zip option to wbfs_file utility and an RCP GUI to use it.
– Added more options to the wbfs_file utility.
– Added an option to specify which directories are to be read when creating a wbfs file.
– Changed the way wbfs_file utility compresses files and folders.
– Gzip utility has been integrated in wbfs_file utility and is available as an option.
– I/O threads are now separated in a new class that is used by the wbfs_file utility.
– Change file path’s order.
– Load wbfs files at the end of the process.
– Other changes, mostly to make sure wbfs_file works better.
– Other changes, including a bug-fix in the cover download option.

I wrote wbfs_file utility in C/C++ because I wanted it to be really fast. But to have an GUI interface I decided to write it in Java. Some changes made in Java:
– Convert all wbfs files to Java’s.jar format
– All GUI elements are built using JFace widgets
– GUI is written in eclipse RCP framework
– Some fixes, bug-fixes and improvements to work better
– Add option to specify the directory where wbfs files are to be saved
– Add option to search for a wbfs file.
– Add option to convert ISO to WBFS and to convert a WBFS to ISO
– Add

System Requirements For Jwbfs:

– Windows 10
– DirectX 11
– 1 GB of VRAM
– 1280×720 resolution or higher
– Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz or higher
– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB) or higher
– Logitech G602 joystick
– USB keyboard and mouse
– Dual Shock 4 controller or keyboard and mouse
– 1536 KB
– 2 GB of VRAM
– 1280×720 resolution or higher


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