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localizing string in two languages

I can set the UI language in InfoPlist.strings but I have a string like:
NSString * currentUserPassword = @»Password»;

how can I localize this string in at least German (DIN) and English (ENG)? I really don’t understand why in iOS 8 we cannot localize strings like this in iOS? The attribute Localizable is not working as expected..


You can set the key in the.strings file like
NSString *currentUserPassword = @»Password»;
NSString *userPassword = NSLocalizedString(currentUserPassword, @»»);

or if you’re using the new xliff format, you can set the key using

then in your plist you would use

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So how do you watch reunion shows?

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Some TV shows are available in newer formats, like Disney XD’s “Diary of a Wimpy Kid�

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