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Flash crashing when movie calls back to javascript

I have a project, and when I run the project, I found out that one of movies may call back to js, then crash Flash.
I try to put a new function in onBeforeUnload handler, but it doesn’t work. It still crash.
There is a solution that use calls to load other movie/swf files, then it could work, but I don’t know how to do it. Please help me.
Edit: The error is ActionScript error.


With ActionScript, the OnUnload() event handler will be called, whenever the SWF-file is about to be unloaded.
For controlling Flash-crash/reload you have to overwrite the onBeforeUnload-Event in the source of SWF-file and return false.
The allplused code would look like this:


Features Key:


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How To Get Free Robux Easy 2021 No Verification Full Version

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