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In the last five years, interest in increasing and maintaining lean muscle mass has risen significantly. As a result, nutritional supplements have been developed to assist in meeting the human need to increase lean body mass. The majority of these nutritional supplements include many of the basic elements of a healthy diet, with the addition of one or more dietary supplements (e.g., amino acids, creatine and other anabolic agents, and vitamins and minerals). These supplements are designed to reduce the amount of time required to consume the necessary food calories to increase lean body mass.
In addition, a recent publication by Thomas and Armstrong indicates that maintaining lean body mass is more important to the health and well being of an athlete and health-conscious person than increasing body fat. Thomas and Armstrong reported that up to 30% of a body’s fat is replaced each day, and that men and women lose on average 4-6 pounds of muscle and 4-9 pounds of fat daily.
The normal human diet is usually not sufficient to provide the protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed to maintain lean body mass. Accordingly, many nutritional supplements are available to assist in the daily diet to increase lean body mass. With regard to protein supplements, most of the nutritional supplements for increasing lean body mass are of the plant protein type. These supplements include soy, whey protein, and casein. The use of a combination of plant protein sources (e.g., soy and whey protein) is known to improve the benefit of the protein supplementation. However, the use of soy is limited due to its estrogenic effects, which may raise concerns about its safety, especially for women.
Hence, there remains a need for a nutritional supplement that provides a desired amount of calories, protein, and amino acids (i.e., protein) in a form that is more readily absorbed into the body. It would also be useful to have a nutritional supplement that does not exhibit the estrogenic effect of soy. The present invention is directed to such nutritional supplements.A woman with chronic back pain reported to have been cured after visiting Italy, was in fact suffering from a chronic condition, an Irish doctor has said.

Dr Charles Laffan, of Tallaght hospital, told the Irish Independent that the patient with fibromyalgia was initially misdiagnosed as suffering from scoliosis in her 20 0cd6e936a3


The #1 word processor and writing app on Google Play: Help you write anything, anywhere, and anyhow with a clean, modern interface, iCloud sync, and powerful tools. Create, collaborate, and work together as a team.

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SimpleText is what you’re looking for. It’s a simple text editor with customizable options, and is one of the best text editors for mobile, even though it’s a paid app.

Create, edit, format, and print text.
Edit multiple, images, and videos.
Attach, edit, add, and remove files.
Support basic plugins and integrations.
Support Unicode, HTML, and more.

Basic features

Basic font support:

You can apply text styles to text (font, colors, etc.).
You can make text bold, italic, or underline, and choose from a variety of color styles.

Also supports images:

You can add images to any part of your document (images, text, links, etc.).
You can also add captions to images.
You can quickly insert a picture from your gallery.
You can also add a picture to your clipboard.

Basic formatting:

You can add a table (grid of cells).
You can make text bold, italic, and underline.
You can select parts of the text and make them bold, italic, or underline.

Basic tables:

You can create tables by setting columns and rows (cells).
You can add images, text, or whatever to the cells of the table.

Basic commands:

You can duplicate selected text, or copy to your clipboard.
You can create a link, or set a link to open in a specific app or website.
You can open a web page in the browser.
You can open an image in the gallery or your photo library.

Basic plugins:

Plugins allow developers to extend the functionality of SimpleText.


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