Full ##HOT## House Tagalog Version Full ##HOT## Episode 43


Full House Tagalog Version Full Episode 43

241. But just as we must hope for an end to the bloody conflicts of our time, we must also be fully clear that the human response to the problems of our time is not simply to participate in the conflicts themselves, to rise up to defend one side or the other, and to be engaged in permanent strife. That is especially true in the field of doctrine and the choice between truth and falsehood.

248. Evangelization will be effective only when it is able to bring the welcome to all people. Catholics must always bear in mind that those who are outside the Church must find in it a concrete symbol and a person of credibility. The numerous positive results obtained from the great initiative undertaken by Pope John Paul II in the area of ecumenism have prompted the conviction that there are many people who welcome the message of the Gospel, and ask for the Sacraments, even though they may not yet be fully converted.

232. The phrase «we know how it was» is often used by the oppressor, but it is also true for the oppressed. We know how the system of authoritarian and exploitative relations works. We know how to avoid being the victims of the very same forms of exclusion and of the same brutality. This is why sometimes the oppressed invite the oppressor to join them in the same table, in the same house, in the same village. [218] It is also why we have no reason to blame the victims for the crimes that enslave them and transform them into living spectres of fear.

236. The true meaning of the life, which transcends every concern, is therefore to contribute to the common good. It is up to us to put forward a collective language of hope that transforms the solitary and destructive hope of nationalism into something that is universal and fraternal. There is an ongoing project to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. For the first time in human history, more than one billion people took part in a single unarmed protest against oppression and injustice. Even more astonishing, they took to the streets over a very particular demand: to change the world, so that all human beings no longer have to suffer tyranny, slavery or exploitation. It has been possible, because the time was right, to construct this emerging global citizen. In this respect, we must also think about the future. In the quest for a world of peace and well-being for all, we are confronted with the persistent and escalating challenge of the destruction of our natural environment by climate change, which in turn poses a threat to the very existence of human beings on our planet. With this in mind, we were pleased to learn that in 2012, the United Nations declared the Year of Planet Earth, and we participated fully, with great commitment, in the events that took place.

09. For the first time I understand a little, but I still do not know what about. Facing a young girl with a neutral expression, her thoughts, linked to her past, are blocked and blocked. The contents of her heart are unsaid. [102] I hear tears behind the glasses and the voice of a mother who is grieving, who is crying to herself. All this… [103] I go back to my house and spend a quiet day with the children of my wife… [105] I go and see my wife… I see that my children are frolicking. I watch television. I watch… [106]
He then leaves the guard shack and heads to the front door and when Makaze and the brothers ask why he is following them, Chrollo tells them to just go back to the safehouse. Makaze tells Chrollo that they were not in the safehouse but in the guard shack and Chrollo angrily yells at Makaze to stop talking to him. Makaze demands to speak with his boss, Chrollo insists that he can hear better over the phone. He asks what they want to speak about and Makaze says that they want to clear the misunderstanding because they are not interested in anything that is bad for the group. Chrollo then gets mad at Makaze and tells him to come with him, but before he can do so Makaze sneaks behind him and moves a bottle of water that had been next to him and he bumps into it and Chrollo falls over. Makaze then captures Chrollo by using his hat and takes it to Toron. They now plan to get everyone in the house out of there. Meanwhile, Uvogin tricks Chrollo and Makaze into an ambush while Chrollo and Makaze are at the guard shack. He catches Makaze and throws him out the window of the shack. Chrollo, thinking that Uvogin is trying to betray them, tells Makaze to follow him and they set out. [17] The rest of the members of the Phantom Troupe are also heading for the safehouse and the convoy of police cars is also headed there. Chrollo meets up with Angil and his brothers and tells them to hurry to the safehouse.


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