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Roblox is a game engine/platform that allows users to not only play games, but also create them. A major part of its design is in the way the user interface works, and this process is referred to as «programming.»
The Roblox programming system is coded in the programming language Lua, and is designed so that users can create games through Lua itself. In turn, the game is then compiled to become usable by the Roblox platform. While Lua is an open source, MIT-licensed language, the Roblox engine contains proprietary code, making it difficult to obtain. There are hopes that the engine will be open-sourced at some point in the future, but for now, the source code is not available.
While Roblox games are free to play, there are an ever-expanding number of optional in-game purchases. While Robuxes can be earned for free, Roblox also sells Robuxes for real money. Robuxes are the only currency that can be used to make real money purchases in the game.
The in-game economy is based on experience, which is earned by playing. The experience is then used to buy Robuxes and other objects. Robuxes are the most common in-game purchases. Another way to gain experience is by winning object contests. The more Robux a player has in their Robux bank, the more powerful their house will be. Other objects can be purchased as well, such as vehicles and clothing. These objects can also be used to customize a player’s avatar, the avatars of their friends, and their own user interface.
Roblox uses a relatively user-friendly graphics engine. The graphics can be compared to a cross between Minecraft and Disney’s Infinity. While games tend to be mostly flat, they have objects that can be interacted with, and are animated using a system called «physics.» In addition to looking nice, this system makes the games dynamic and realistic.
The Roblox platform offers players access to social experiences as well as game experiences. The platform is accessed via a website and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. On the website, the user is presented with a dashboard of information and games. Games are sorted into several categories, including «students,» «teens,» «girls,» and «boys.» The platform is built in such a way that it is customizable, and games and information can be presented in different ways and on different pages. The mobile app also offers


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