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What are the Conspiracy Theories that People Believe?

Where has the Pikachu gone? Did you ever think about the theories about PokĂ©mon? Below you will find some interesting PokĂ©mon conspiracy theories. PokĂ©mon – like other game series – has a lot of fans, who believe that there is more than meets the eye. Below you will find some PokĂ©mon conspiracy theories.
1) Jirachi is a Mothership
Many Pokémon fans believe that they have seen many factors when looking at the many different Pokémon, but also when looking at the Nintendo logo, which suggests that this series was created by aliens.
Many fans consider the mothership as the real reason that Pokémon are alive on the planet, which can be concluded by the following: the logo looks like a spaceship in a certain angle, the Pokémon in the series communicate with each other. This is also shown by the fact that Jirachi returns each time a Pokémon evolves.
2) In the real world, a more advanced species evolved
These Pokémon fans believe that the reason why people cannot stop themselves of catching Pokémon, is that the Pokémon are in reality more advanced than people think.
There are many bad people that hunt Pokémon for different reasons. They feel that once they have caught the Pokémon, they will sell them for a lot of money and that is why they get so mad.
3) The “Catcher” and “Dog” Game World
There are many other Pokémon fans that believe that the worldwide phenomenon of Pokémon can be seen as a form of preparation for a coming alien invasion. They believe that this series is preparing people for the invasion.

Cn96Jakl (Sammy Seggerman)


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the phone book of the world

The Phone Book of the World (TDHBW) is a comprehensive guide to all of the telephone numbers in the world and lets you search them by country, or even international code.



The Haunting, The Open Door, The Exorcist

«B-B-Brady’s 1-900-TOUR-FINDER» Use this phone book of the world to find any phone number. No longer will

Boberry Ssbbw Tumblr. A Full List Of All The Exact Bald Sissy Boy Sites On The.. August 19, 2015 at 6:51 pm.2018 Women’s European Volleyball Championship qualification (CSV)

The CSV qualification for the 2018 Women’s European Volleyball Championship was held from 7 to 20 January 2017. The places for the 2018 European Championship are allocated from this qualifying competition.

Qualification summary

Qualified teams
The following teams qualified for the 2018 Women’s European Volleyball Championship.

The draw was held on 7 January 2017 at the Sporthall in Lienz, Austria.

Qualification I
The first qualifying round was held from 7 to 9 April 2016.


Qualification II

The second qualifying round was held from 11 to 13 October 2016.


Qualification III

The third qualifying round was held from 6 to 8 November 2016.


Pools composition

The matches of the first qualification round were played in three venues of Lienz (region SĂĽdoststeiermark), Vols (Norden), and Steinberg (Steigerwald). The matches of the second qualification round were played in two venues of Graz (Bella Erta) and
Boskovice (Central Bohemian Region).

First round
Venue: Lienz (SĂĽdoststeiermark), Vols (Norden), and Steinberg (Steigerwald).

Pool I



Pool II



Second round
Venue: Graz (Bella Erta), and Boskovice (Central Bohemian Region).



Final standing


External links
Official website

Category:2018 in women’s volleyball
Category:European Volleyball Championships
Category:Qualification for volleyball competitions
Category:International volleyball competitions hosted by the Czech RepublicSam B. Hall

Samuel Bradford «Sam» Hall (May 27, 1826 – March 13, 1881) was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Michigan.

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, Hall attended the common schools and graduated from the New Jersey Literary Institute at Burlington in 1841.
He taught

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