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EVO DCI Crack + With Key X64 [2022-Latest]

Simple to use and robust in use, EVO DCI For Windows 10 Crack is your unique contact with a EVO i.324 Intelligent Loudspeaker. The app allows you to move easily and with a unique ergonomic concept of interaction.
EVO DCI Serial Key has been developed especially for the EVO i.324 loudspeaker, using the ‘onboard’ touch display technology.
It is a connection between your computer and the microphone of an EVO i.324 with Wi-Fi, that can be used without an internet connection. EVO DCI Crack Keygen provides maximum flexibility in your usage of the loudspeaker.
• The device is equipped with a microphone.
• The loudspeaker is equipped with a touch screen.
• Connect the loudspeaker to your computer with a USB cable.
• Install the software on your computer and start the connection (app registration).
• Start the speech recognition and connect your speech to the loudspeaker.
• Control of the settings and the performance of the loudspeaker is possible via the EVO DCI app (and the EVO i.324 has been equipped with two sets of controls).
• You can also store the settings and performances which you have tested and saved to your computer for later use.
• The EVO DCI touch panel is designed with an innovative ergonomic concept of interaction, so that you can move easily and comfortably while using the touch display.
• It is guaranteed and even possible to’set’ the touch display display on the front of the loudspeaker.
• The display is activated when the loudspeaker is in ‘On-Hold’ mode.
• The loudspeaker is ready for use when the display is in operation.
• The touch display is sensitive to the connection of a finger or a stylus.
• The LED screen light is active if the touch display is in operation.
• You will not hear the EVO DCI touch panel touch display when it is not in operation.
• The touch display uses an innovative active matrix technology. This means that the touch display is always illuminated and the touch sensitive.
• Software platform:
The touch display is based on Android, so that you can use it in many applications (applications without touch display).
The EVO DCI touch display also supports iOS and Windows so that you can use the app in other Windows and iOS applications.
Your EVO i.324 has been developed especially for all EVO DCI speakers and is not suitable for any other model of EVO

EVO DCI Crack + Torrent PC/Windows

– The interface is loaded to the computer’s hard drive when the program is initially installed.
– You can use the app on all major computer operating systems.

EVO DCI (Software)

2.8 MB

EVO DCI (Program)

2.8 MB

Downloading and Installing

The download should start automatically.
The download is direct, this means that we do not use a third-party server.
If the download does not start automatically, choose «Save» and «Run» and follow the instructions.

EVO DCI (Software)

2.8 MB

EVO DCI (Program)

2.8 MB

Files compatibility

Everyone is free to use EVO DCI for as long as the developer has provided his latest version for download.
EVO DCI is developed by EVOLoud, we are not affiliated with EVOi.324 or its manufacturer.
The latest version is available here.

Meaning of ED-i.228 MULTI LANGUAGE

EVO DCI file format (.DCI, App2Log)

This program format is very easy to understand, you only have to unzip and run it!
If you are familiar with EVOi.324 devices, it will be easy to use.
Because EVOi.324 and ED-i.228 share exactly the same drivers and software, the setup is identical for both products.
You can follow the instructions given here to setup EVOi.324.

EVO DCI Software Installation.

Installation of EVO DCI

Open your EVO DCI Installation folder by double-clicking on the Start button.

– If you already have a DCI on your PC, you can install it without removing the old one.
– If the start button is not visible, you can go to the start menu by pressing the Win+R button and type «Start» in the search field and select the «run program» option or simply double-click on «Start» in the start menu.
– Installer files (.DDF,.PAA)
– The installer (DDF and PAA) is a small software to which you have to download from here.
– The setup of the EVO DCI program (.DCI) and the EVO DCI application (.

EVO DCI Crack With Product Key

This is a free EVO DCI App for further control of the EVOi.324 intelligent loudspeaker. To use the EVO DCI app you must have the EVOi.324 intelligent loudspeaker, a smart phone with the necessary operating systems or a PC with appropriate software.
Using this app you can control the EVOi.324 intelligent loudspeaker more efficiently.
At the same time, the technical specification as well as the performance/results of various functions can be viewed and stored for subsequent use.
The app allows you to perform various functions and can control the settings and characteristics of the individual EVOi.324 loudspeaker.

EVO DCI has been downloaded by over 400 000 users, of which 95% are satisfied.
Frequent questions from existing users:
– How can I watch TV and listen to music from two different sources in our house simultaneously?
You can use the EVO DCI app on two smart phones at the same time, for example on your iPhone and a Samsung S9.
– If I set the same level of music for both speakers, does this mean that I will be able to listen to both at the same time?
– How can I use the app in a larger room than the speakers?
Unfortunately, the EVO DCI app cannot be used in a larger room as a speaker only. It is possible to use a smartphone with the EVO DCI app but only in your home.
– Can I change settings from the app in the future?
Yes. You will not lose your settings. However, the settings can only be reset in the app.

EVO DCI Smart Phone
Now with Bluetooth connection, you can connect the Android version of EVOi.324 with a smartphone. This also allows you to make sure that you have all the needed software (Windows 10) on your smartphone in order to use EVO DCI.
Get detailed information about EVO DCI on your smartphone!
Android users can use the EVO DCI app for Android using the Bluetooth connection.
1. Download the EVO DCI App for Android.
2. Connect your smartphone with the EVOi.324 using Bluetooth.
3. Open the app and enter the password.
4. Read the information about the EVOi.324.
5. Select the functions.
6. Adjust the EVO DCI settings.
7. If you wish, you can also

What’s New In EVO DCI?

– Communicate with an EVO speaker by means of the EVO DCI app.
– Control and adjust the performance or stop your EVO speaker
– Save the results for later use.
– Communicate with your EVO speaker by smartphone.
– View information such as volume, volume type and response.
– Easy to use and understand interface.
– Speaker identification by speaker ID or NFC (Near Field Communication).
– Automatic speech control: adjusts the volume to the optimal level.
– Automatic volume adjustment during playback.
– Automatic volume adjustment during fast forward / rewind.
– Automatic volume adjustment during pause.
– Automatic volume adjustment during stop.
– Automatically closes the app after 10 minutes of silence.
– Microphone (connected to speakers)
– Speaker (Bluetooth)
– Smartphone with NFC
– iOS10 or later
Not all operations are compatible on all speakers.
Technical specs:
– speaker ID: The name of the speaker can be used directly as the device name. Otherwise, the speakers are paired based on their unique 32-bit ID.
– Button operation: The power button of your speaker can be used to
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speakers can be used to stop your speaker by pressing it.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to mute the speaker.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to pause the speaker.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to play.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to play and at the same time pause.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to adjust the volume.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to adjust the volume and mute the speaker.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to adjust the volume and at the same time pause.
– Speaker button operation: The power button on your speaker can be used to adjust the volume and mute the speaker.

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System Requirements For EVO DCI:

Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 (64 bit recommended)
Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5
Intel Core i3 or higher
4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
Windows Defender Anti-Virus
Hard Drive: 5GB
Additional Notes:
Compatible with Windows 8.1 Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.
Required to play.
Recommended to have 2 GB of RAM installed.
Recommended to have a minimum of 4GB of space for installation.
Minimum of 2GB of RAM needed to


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