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– View the electronic version of SEJARAH KEBUDAYAAN ISLAM published by KT6KK Digital Library on September 02, 2021″, – he said, making it clear that the words of Hadi himself would probably be attracted.
«Remove Imam Hadi from circulation and replace [Imam] al-Askari,» Ali Akbar Velayati decided.
In conclusion, one of the leaders of the Fronde said that «Velayat’s statement is nothing more than a trick, the purpose of which is to reduce the intensity of passions and sow confusion in the ranks of the supporters of Imam Jafar Sadiq al-Sadiq al-Baghdadi.»
Amir Haroun al-Rawi (now serving as head of a fatwa under Izzat Balehi) published a short «proposal» that said: «If today [January 15] to the questions ‘Who was Imam Hadi for?’, ‘Which party did he support?’ was the chairman?», «Why didn’t thousands of believers die in the Cathedral? [ Had they died then? ]», «Why didn’t they take part in the prayer in the Cathedral? [ Why didn’t you come to the Cathedral? ]», his supporters replied that they «were all killed and buried in the Cathedrals where the funeral of the Imam [Hadi] took place».
It appears that the supporters of one of the two parties now proposed began by gathering in the Kebudeya, Wadi Hamada and Kafrai districts of Madina, after which they managed to advance to the Banhida Mosque area until they lost the support of their leaders and lost what little they had. .
Meanwhile, Imam Hassan Khalif, head of Imam Jadid’s office, announced that Imam Ja’far Sadiq al-Sadiqi did not believe that Umm bint Nasser bint Abdullah al-Jawzi (considered an «icon» of Umm Haram), who was the righteous wife of the Imam (Hadi) , was Umm ash-Shaitan (Salome), but that she was the only righteous faith on earth.
Imam al-Saadi from the Kaflay district, speaking in one of the squares of Maddin, announced: «Imam Habib al-Khatib [Abu Hanifa] is the one who was wrong



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