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To find tutorials, look for tutorials or guides by searching for the topic you want to learn or a specific feature. You can also search for the name of any tutorial or guide in the Find function of the Photoshop CS5 Help system.

Keep in mind that Photoshop tutorials and guides come in many different styles. Some are written as technical information, while others are meant to tell you how to use Photoshop creatively by showing you cool effects or techniques.

When you’re looking for Photoshop tutorials and guides, you have lots of choices. You can find them online, on DVDs and CDs, in books, and on the internet. You can search on your computer with the search feature or you can use the internet and your favorite search engine to find what you need.

Although Photoshop is a powerful tool, you still have to know a lot of the terminology in Photoshop to use it effectively. The chapters in this book aren’t a substitute for the numerous books already available on Photoshop, but they can help you understand the basics and get familiar with the terms that you see in tutorials and guides.

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Photoshop Classic – The Original

The first Photoshop was probably created by six employees at the Silicon Graphics company in 1987, however, the very first digital photo editor was a simple image program that could only edit and save color images; it was called GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION MAGAZINE (GAM) by Silicon Graphics. A version of Photoshop was first introduced at a trade show that same year. At the time of the launch of this original version, it was called Photoshop.

The copy of GRAPHICS AND ANIMATION MAGAZINE that was on the prototype system was actually the last copy of the program that was saved. It has since been lost, however, copies of the original Windows version of Photoshop were saved on a 441E drive.

The first version of Photoshop was released for Windows; Macintosh users had to wait until 1990 for Photoshop. It was only one year after the release of the Macintosh, however, that the first Adobe Photoshop was available for the Macintosh. It was released under the name Windows Photo Editor.

Photoshop was first released for the Apple Macintosh on November 1, 1990. Mac OS 9 was the operating system at the time and was not compatible with the original version of Photoshop, however, Adobe Software Systems did release an OS 9 version called Photoshop Elements 1.0 after October 31, 1996. The first Macintosh version of Photoshop allowed Macintosh and Windows computers to share images.

Photoshop 1 was the first version of Photoshop to be sold as a direct product; other third party companies, such as Aldus, provided the Edit software and the system software separately.

Photoshop 1 was sold in three different formats:

Basic $495 Macintosh only Basic Plus $595 Available for both PC and Macintosh Basic Studio $995 An early version of Photoshop for Mac and PC In-Place upgrade from Windows Photo Editor 9 for Mac ($395)

Users of Adobe Photoshop 1 had to rely on making a disk image or plugging it into a CD-ROM that was inserted into a floppy disk drive; if Photoshop was not bought as a direct product, either a disk image or the CD-ROM needed to be put into the computer.

With the release of Photoshop 1.0, all of the features of the first version of Photoshop were included into the original version.

Before the OS 9 release of Photoshop 1.0, some of the features were released as individual add-on products.

Add-on Products

The Photoshop

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Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a mosquito-borne disease that can lead to death. Its prevalence is growing in many countries, including in the Americas. In the South and Central Americas, Brazil and Colombia are the countries with the highest rates of JE \[[@r1]\], but in Mexico the highest rates have been recorded in Morelos and Chiapas \[[@r2]\]. In the Americas, the main JE vectors are *Culex* sp. mosquitoes. In Mexico, the vectors of JE are *Culex pipiens* and *Culex nigripalpus* \[[@r3],[@r4]\], both of which have a wide distribution in the country. Recently, a new species from Guatemala and Ecuador was identified in Mexico and was named *Culex albican*, but its presence in Mexico is uncertain \[[@r5]\]. In the Americas, JE cases have been reported in only 26 of the 27 countries \[[@r6]\].

During the previous 2 years, a total of 221 JE cases were recorded in 13 Mexican states, of which 68.1% (n = 149) were laboratory confirmed \[[@r4]\]. The cases were reported in nine of the 32 Mexican states: Chihuahua (24.9%; n = 60), Guerrero (15.4%; n = 38), Morelos (11.7%; n = 29), Coahuila (10.5%; n = 26), Veracruz (9.5%; n = 24), Mexico City (8.1%; n = 19), Hidalgo (7.8%; n = 19), Chiapas (7.8%; n = 19) and Jalisco (5.5%; n = 14). The first confirmed case in Morelos was diagnosed on 4 August 2017 in a female of 12 years, following exposure to JE-infected mosquitoes; this case was confirmed on 22 August 2017.

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What’s New In?


AngularJS $q.all inside a service

I have a service like this:
App.factory(‘BuyDatesService’, [‘$http’, function($http){
var promise = $q.all([

return {

GetDates: function(){
return promise.then(function(arrayOfJson){
//do something with arrayOfJson

And then I inject it in a controller like this:
App.controller(‘GetDatesController’, [‘$scope’, ‘BuyDatesService’, function($scope, BuyDatesService){
$scope.dates = BuyDatesService.GetDates();

The problem is that I get a error in that I am having undefined for dates. I think the problem is that the promise isn’t resolved and the code that uses $scope.dates never gets to execute.
I’ve looked over the documentation for $q.all but I can’t find a way to make the service work properly with promises.


You need to return the promise chain
App.factory(‘BuyDatesService’, [‘$http’, function($http){
var promise = $q.all([

return {
GetDates: function(){
return promise.then(function(arrayOfJson){
//do something with

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English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,

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