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BCWipe Privacy Guard 9.4.2 Crack+ Download X64

BCWipe Privacy Guard 9.4.2 Crack

Windows 10 Operating system is configured to collect activity data to provide a better and a personalized user experience. While this is the official position of Microsoft, there have been many controversial discussions ever since Windows 10 has been released, with some saying that the tracking capabilities of the operating system affects the user’s privacy.

BCWipe Privacy Guard For Windows 10 Crack

Regain controls over your Windows 10 system 

The privacy settings you can tamper with are neatly organized into several categories, each having its own dedicated tab. You start by looking at permissions of the Windows operating system, tweaking data collection rights for various purposes: directed ads, enhanced search results and app suggestions based on the app usage history, online diagnostics, tailored experiences, and so on.

You can also modify settings related to speech recognition or the clipboard history, and toggle “Getting to know you” on or off. The entire activity history can be deleted permanently with BCWipe Privacy Guard and data sharing with Microsoft can be disabled.

Manage app permissions, Cortana and other such settings 

BCWipe Privacy Guard brings to the table a plethora of controls and customization options for app permissions as well. You are free to configure data collection settings for location, camera and microphone, voice activation, contacts, calendar, email notifications, messaging, and the list is far from over.  
As expected, Cortana can be disabled as well with BCWipe Privacy Guard, and so is cloud content search. Smart Screen can also be turned off to avoid sharing data with Microsoft, although this allows the latter to perform a reputation check and protect you from malicious downloads.

There are also privacy-related settings for Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Edge and its tracking attempts, as well as the suggestions and file access history of the Windows File Explorer.

Customize your privacy settings in detail 

BCWipe Privacy Guard helps you disable the default tracking and privacy settings of Windows 10, but note that deactivating certain feature affects the Windows functionality. While you can go through all the settings to change them manually, there are also options to use recommended settings, which makes it much easier to configure your privacy on Windows. Nevertheless, a configuration that is too restrictive might result in blocking devices and apps not working as expected.

If you like to customize your privacy settings in detail, BCWipe Privacy Guard can be downloaded below. Download BCWipe Privacy Guard from softonic.

BCWipe Privacy Guard

Regain controls over your

BCWipe Privacy Guard 9.4.2 Crack Download

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Turn on storage and turn off all operations that require storage.
Turn on all notifications except for remote storage related operations.
Turn off all network operations.
Turn on the volume and turn off audio output.
Disable bluetooth.
Disable ADB.
Turn off LAN connection.
Turn off online music.
Turn off telemetry.
Turn off all domain join operations.
Turn off device and app usage.
Turn off voice and biometrics.
Turn off all functions of password/pin screen.


The tracking and data collecting is set by default in each version of Windows. Microsoft uses your time spent using the OS to suggest other apps you may want to use.
You can’t undo these changes.


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What’s New In BCWipe Privacy Guard?

Most advanced Windows 10 privacy and security tool

Gain control over your Windows 10 privacy, find the unwanted data collectors and disable

Privacy Policy and Website Privacy Policy direct.com Privacy Policy and Website Privacy Policy

Deactivate cookies in one click

Deactivate all cookies in all supported browsers

Deactivate all trackers in all supported browsers

Disable all unwanted program & site advertisements

Delete all activity and visit history in several supported browsers

Some of the features in the application are not that much different from a basic privacy protection app, but BCWipe Privacy Guard does have a few tricks up its sleeve:

None of your current configuration will be stored, which means it will not let itself to work as a rootkit

The application works with all kinds of devices running Windows 10 from all major operating system vendors

Your privacy and data collection settings are saved and restored, but can be disabled or re-enabled when using BCWipe Privacy Guard for a specific time period

The deactivating of those settings directly from the application can be done via a calendar event or a linked website

It will also wipe the clipboard history and data collection of all apps

BCWipe Privacy Guard solves the problem of not knowing what data is being collected and whether it’s being shared with third parties, as well as of not being able to wipe all online activity and sharing of data on Windows 10.
BCWipe Privacy Guard not only provides you with the capability to save your activity and data collecting settings to restore them later, but also gives you the choice to wipe everything remotely. The main advantage of such an app is that it provides you with the highest level of control over Windows 10 apps and the operating system in total.
A very user-friendly interface that lets you see all the activity in an easy-to-handle way
BCWipe Privacy Guard is easy to use and the interface is straightforward enough to understand. It will not take up too much of your device’s screen space and the interface remains pretty compact, even though the task can be time-consuming if you intend to go through all of the privacy settings.
The application is compatible with most of the operating systems and you do not need to pay a subscription fee for using it. The most popular browsers are supported, and in addition to enabling/de-activating activities, you can read the available information such as the history of clipboard use and recent search queries. If you experience a problem

System Requirements:

Windows (XP/Vista/7/8), macOS (10.5 or newer) or Linux (Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu)
Headless game engine
Texture pack
8 GB
150 MB
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