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There many different constellations and astral bodies that fascinate people, with many choosing to study them or observe them whenever they can. AstroSoft Planisphere is an application that allows people to view a planisphere of the night sky at a particular time, allowing users to view the constellations and astral bodies, as well as the rotating view as the dates change.
A daunting interface that can be hard to position and work with, despite robust help documentation
AstroSoft Planisphere is not an easy application to work with, there are several aspects of the program that don't respond how users might expect. The planisphere feels like it should be movable via the mouse, or the zoom feature should be accessible with a few clicks, unfortunately, all the features are accessible only with the interface buttons.
The actual planisphere is well displayed through and the interface features, while confusing at first, are clearly set out. As well as a straightforward interface, there is a significant amount of help documentation that can help users, manuals and diagrams, both offline and online are available to make sure each feature is clearly explained.
Includes a varied array of features and options, yet slightly awkward reference materials 
There are several ways to control how the planisphere operates, with the option to synchronize the display to the system clock, making it rotate and align with the current sky. Users can control what is actually displayed, with settings for each type of astral body that can be either enabled or disabled, adding everything or leaving just comets if users want.
For some stars the application includes pictures and additional details, which is extremely impressive given the number of them. Unfortunately, the reference databases that AstroSoft Planisphere draws from are extremely difficult to work with and not very intuitive, making editing or adjusting the planisphere not realistic for most users.
An interesting program that displays an extremely detailed, yet inaccessible planisphere
While AstroSoft Planisphere is an extremely informative application that will fascinate some users with its rotating sphere of the stars, yet there is no doubt it could be more user friendly. There are several improvements that could be made to the planisphere interface, especially how users interact with it. Though, in conclusion, for those who are a fan of the stars and want to learn more about the constellations, AstroSoft Planisphere is a worthy application.


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AstroSoft Planisphere Crack+ Free X64

AstroSoft Planisphere Crack Free Download is an application that displays an extremely detailed planisphere, allowing users to view and rotate the night sky. The night sky is an area of interest for many, and AstroSoft Planisphere adds a sphere of the night sky to the top of the screen, which users can rotate, and zoom. Users can choose what astral body is displayed, through the use of the configuration options, in addition to scrolling through the stars. For example, if a user wants to view the stars of Orion, they can adjust the date, time, and configuration options to show it.


AstroSoft Planisphere includes an overview of the planisphere in the lower right corner of the screen, but unlike other programs in this category, this screen doesn’t include a view of the stars. Instead, it is a display of the configuration, date, and time. Users can also zoom in or out of the planisphere using the settings in the options. AstroSoft Planisphere also includes an extensive reference resource, giving users help and further information to help them explore the heavens. Users will find a variety of information about the constellations and the astral bodies, which are key elements of the planisphere.

Included Constellations:

AstroSoft Planisphere includes various constellations and astral bodies, which can be toggled on or off by changing the configuration. For example, if a user wants to view the constellations of Orion, all of Orion’s constellations will be shown on the sphere, and can be toggled on and off as needed. A user can also change the configuration options of the planisphere to determine how to view them, such as for Orion, a specific type of star, planet, or comets, among others. AstroSoft Planisphere also features a section of the celestial sphere that is labeled with the constellations, making them easier to navigate.

Included Stellar Objects:

While AstroSoft Planisphere includes a variety of planets, they are not presented in a meaningful way. Instead, they are presented as a small sphere of the objects, which is colored based on their size. The colors of the planets are presented by the default settings, but users can change the colors as they wish.

Included Celestial Bodies:

AstroSoft Planisphere also includes a variety of stars, including a rare snowflake star, a red supergiant star, a brown dwarf star, a Mir

AstroSoft Planisphere Full Product Key Free Download X64

As the official multi-service portal of the National Astronomy Observatory, AstroSoft Planisphere Crack Keygen is an app for Windows that makes your sky experience more entertaining. With easy-to-see stars, constellations and galaxies, this astrological app is powered by Horizon SkyPlanner (featured in Horizon magazine) and supports accurate, daily zenithal positions for nearly every location on the planet.
Key Features:
– Daily Calendars to help with time zone changes
– Curatorial Time series to keep you up to date with time-related events and interesting astronomical phenomena
– Daily WatchList to keep you informed about celestial events that affect your life or the lives of others around you
– Graphical plotting of the position of the Moon, planets, satellites, and other objects that never set or rise or set
– Selectable Sun-centric view that ensures you don’t miss out on anything
– Extended and powerful native database to store astrological events and forecasts across time.
– Planetarium with customizable Moon phases.


AstroSoft Planisphere Product Key Description:

AstroSoft Planisphere is an astronomy app specially designed for all those who love and admire the stars. Be it a planet, a place, or a person, the celestial bodies really fascinate us. But what do we actually see in those dim sparkling lights?
Indeed, there are invisible things in the night sky that only we can see them. The planets, the moon, the stars, and the constellations are not so big as you may think. Even so, they are the sources of our light; they are big enough to attract attention and observation.
AstroSoft Planisphere creates a great desktop display with 3D data from the planetarium so we can be the first to identify the stars at night.
Key Features:
– Browse a world map to determine the location of the sky
– Detailed sky map with zenithal positions
– Astronomical events (planetary, solar, lunar eclipses) with warnings to help avoid any unwanted surprises
– Moon phases to view the moon better
– Moon map and viewing directions
– Moon motion
– Moon rise and set times
– Moon phases through the years (annual, monthly)
– Position, size, and distance of the planets
– Sun map
– Planets with symbols for size and distance
– Constellations and some of their own symbols
– The date and time for the chosen

AstroSoft Planisphere

AstroSoft Planisphere Features:

The Features:

The Planisphere:

AstroSoft Planisphere Specifications:


This is my version of AstroSoft Planisphere, which I renamed to AstroSoft Universe (Type: Personal/Planetary). I changed some of the planisphere shape, colors, and my main purpose is to create a customizable view of the stars. Also includes librarians for stars and planets which are are included in the base package. If you want to purchase the base package just remove the librarians if you want.


No, AstroSoft Planisphere is not suitable for identification of constellations.
As a hobby astronomer, I’ve seen many people try to use it to do that, but it’s not accurate. For a start, the software doesn’t correlate properly with the Atlas Minor. It doesn’t know about constellations, and only represents the brightest stars.
It will work very well for teaching what a constellation is, and for finding and identifying stars and objects. But it won’t be good for being able to say what constellation something is in.
So, it is only for finding constellations for educational purposes, not for identification.

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What’s New In?

AstroSoft Planisphere is a unique software program that lets users view the night sky and watch the constellations that appear. The planetarium is a planisphere, which is an astrolabe that displays the visible constellations, the Moon, and the planets. However, unlike traditional planetaria, Planisphere displays the night sky on a rotating sphere.
Features of the application include the ability to add and make adjustments to the displayed stars, a 360 degree rotation of the sky and the ability to adjust the date and time displayed. What makes the application stand out, is the ability to create a unique color of the sky.
This application is developed to give users a place to watch and learn about the constellations. The interface and features of the application can be tricky to understand at first, but after you figure out how everything works it’s a fairly straightforward application. There are two ways you can view the stars – by date and time, or by movement. You can change the location and direction of the stars on the sphere. The features within the program are extensive, and you can add your own coordinates to the sky to make it easier to watch.
There are a lot of information in the PDF Help files of the application, and the manual even tells you how to make changes to the custom sky file. The applications interface allows users to move the stars to a specific location, and how to change the time and date for the changing stars.
Although the manual that comes with the application is sparse, there are some tutorials that are included for the software. Those tutorials are simple to understand and make many of the features of the application clear and easy to understand.
There are also instructions on how to view the constellations and astral bodies, and the location of stars and planets on the planisphere. You can also view the stars’ current positions on the night sky, and even learn about the constellation tours.
There are over 11,000 stars and stars that are displayed on the planisphere, but the downloadable program only includes 4,000 stars. If you want more stars, you need to purchase the star database from the manufacturer. The file costs $4.95, and it includes over 100,000 stars.
The application contains a variety of features for easy use, and is for educational purposes only.
AstroSoft Planisphere Pros & Cons:
The Pros:
– It allows you to view the sky from all over the world
– It gives you a large amount of stars

System Requirements For AstroSoft Planisphere:

DIMM 0 (1 DIMM slot required): 4 GB
DIMM 1 (1 DIMM slot required): 8 GB
Minimum: 4 GB
Minimum: Intel® Core™ i3-4100
Recommended: Intel® Core™ i5-4590
Integrated Graphics:
Intel® HD Graphics 4600
AMD Radeonâ„¢ HD 8650D
Sandy Bridge Technology
DIMM 0 (1 DIMM slot required):

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