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Astrology Writer Crack License Key X64

Astrology Writer is the world’s most popular Astrology Software. It enables you to make horoscopes, size of 15 to 30 pages, in a few seconds.

The program has interpretations for the aspects of Ascendant and Mid heaven with any planet and interpretations for Moon Nodes, Chiron, Juno, Pallas Athena, Ceres, Vesta.

Program options are:

* Make horoscopes in accordance to the Zodiac;

* Now you don’t need Mercury or Venus birth house;

* You don’t need an option for Eclipses;

* Program has its own versatile font;

* You can give unlimited number of start months;

* You can set a duration of the report after start month;

* Program can be opened and closed as workbook;

* It has 4 versions of background colors;

* User friendly interface;

* Lots of demo and/or sample reports;

* Program has special options for the planets:

– Make chart for the Ascendant/Mid-Heaven or specific nodes;

– Do calculations with Chiron, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon;

– Use Chiron in calculations;

– Moon gets half-moon by aspect;

– Client’s Moon gets aspect by the Ascendant/Mid-Heaven;

– Client’s ascendant/mid-heaven gets aspect by the Moon;

– 10 planets can make a chart for the Ascendant/Mid-Heaven and any of the planets – Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto;

– It’s possible to use only some planets – the Ascendant/Mid-Heaven and any of the planets or only Mid-Heaven;

– Do calculations with Ascendant/Mid-Heaven or the planet in the 5th house;

– Ascendant gets mid-heaven by aspect with any planet;

– Make a chart for the mid-heaven, with planets and Moon nodes, using any of the planets;

– Create chart for the ascendant, with planets and Moon nodes, using any of the planets;

– Make a chart for the horizon, with planets and Moon nodes, using any of the planets;

– Chart for the Chiron;

– Chart for the Ceres;

– Chart for the Venus;

Astrology Writer Crack [Latest]

1. Select the name of the planet you want to interpret in the rows above the layout.
2. Choose the aspects of the planet you want to interpret.
3. Choose the side of the planet you want to interpret.
4. Choose the size of the horoscope you want to write.
5. Choose the number of pages you want to write.
6. Choose the language you want to write in.
7. Click «Build» button.
8. The horoscope will be generated.
Astrology Writer Product Key Highlights:
1. Interprets the aspects of ascendant and mid heaven of the planet
2. Number of pages is adjustable
3. Other options are the language, aspect to which side of the ascendant and mid heaven

* The product presented below is freeware, without any time restrictions.

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The Symbolic Timeline is a useful program.

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Astrology Writer Crack

With this fully integrated application you can have the best writing time. The horoscopes are fully integrated with the website. And the whole content is fully customizable.
You can resize every text and change the color of the text.You can rearrange the paragraphs in any order and change the font.
The Horoscope configuration can be saved to the theme.
Saves the work when you exit the application.
Manage the themes.
Interpret the aspects of the planets
Explore the phenomenon of lunation and the eclipses.
The best writing time.

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Author :

Gilles Maylin

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c++ astrology program free


Very interesting astrology program!

Very special tool for astrological interpretation!

What is c++ astrology program?

What is c++ astrology program?

What is c++ astrology program?

This is an introductory article on c++ astrology program.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on c++ astrology program on What is c++ astrology program? page. This is an introductory article about the product and general information about its characteristics and functions. Get to know about c++ astrology program price and the most important information on c++ astrology program quality and customer support.

What is c++ astrology program?

c++ astrology program is a Windows application, implemented in C++ programming language, which allows you to write horoscopes.

c++ astrology program has been noted for its availability and quality of work. It is the only software which can create horoscopes and which can effectively and reliably interpret the sky, a singular task.

c++ astrology program is a project of a French writer and artist, nicknamed «king of astrology», Gilles Maylin, who got his name on this web page by

What’s New in the Astrology Writer?

1. Write horoscopes in a few seconds
2. Special features for Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Venus
3. Special features for Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius
4. Special features for Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius
5. Special features for Scorpio, Pisces
6. Special features for Aries, Leo, Cancer, Libra
7. Special features for Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus
8. Special features for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo
9. Special features for Pallas Athena, Ceres
10. Special features for Moon Nodes
11. Use of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Mercury
12. Interpretation for Moon Nodes
13. Interpretation for Chiron
14. Interpretation for Juno
15. Interpretation for Neptune
16. Interpretation for Uranus
17. Interpretation for Venus
18. Interpretation for Mars
19. Interpretation for Saturn
20. Interpretation for Mercury
21. Interpretation for Pluto
22. Explanation of Ascendant for Mars, Pluto
23. Explanation of Ascendant for Jupiter, Saturn
24. Explanation of Ascendant for Mercury
25. Explanation of Ascendant for Uranus
26. Explanation of Ascendant for Neptune
27. Explanation of Ascendant for Venus
28. Explanation of Midheaven for Mars
29. Explanation of Midheaven for Jupiter
30. Explanation of Midheaven for Saturn
31. Explanation of Midheaven for Mercury
32. Explanation of Midheaven for Uranus
33. Explanation of Midheaven for Neptune
34. Explanation of Midheaven for Venus
35. Explanation of Mercury
36. Explanation of Neptune
37. Explanation of Pluto
38. Explanation of Plutonic
39. Interpretation of Ascendant for Pluto
40. Interpretation of Ascendant for Uranus
41. Interpretation of Ascendant for Mercury
42. Interpretation of Ascendant for Saturn
43. Interpretation of Ascendant for Neptune
44. Interpretation of Ascendant for Venus
45. Interpretation of Midheaven for Pluto
46. Interpretation of Midheaven for Uranus
47. Interpretation of Midheaven for Mercury
48. Interpretation of Midheaven for Saturn
49. Interpretation of Midheaven

System Requirements:

In order to play the game, you need to meet the requirements for the appropriate platform, PC Windows 98SE/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.0.x, and Linux operating systems. For the Linux operating systems, the following command in the terminal (command prompt) is required to install Wine.
#sudo apt-get install wine
You may also need to install Wine in the mac version of WinePREFIX ( I

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