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ADSS CD Base With License Key Free For Windows

This is the first DVD authoring software that is easy to learn and is a powerful search tool. ADSS CD Base Full Crack can perform text searches of your CDs and DVDs. ADSS CD Base Product Key includes advanced features and an easy to use interface.

ADSS CD Base Download X64

Major update now has full version compatibility with Vista and Windows 7 and runs in full screen mode. Added change log, fixed some serious bugs, added large temporary database support.
1. Fixed a problem where it couldn’t find any xm files where the artists were listed.
2. Modified the code to allow for a default temporary folder of c:\ADSS
3. Fixed a problem where it would eat a case sensitive filename.
4. Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.1
1. Fixed a problem where changes were not saved and the file wasn’t backed up.
2. A few minor bug fixes.
Version 1.0
1. Initial release.
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It is free for personal use and has no ads.
It is fully compatible with Windows XP

December 14, 2005

Review –


Product Quality:

Ease of Use:

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As of 10/14/2005, this is the best batch editor ever. It manages everything now, from finding files, generating thumbnails, converting, editing, renaming, and even creating jpegs from RAW images. This is powerful, fast, and works great. It runs on any version of windows, and is completely free. This is definitely the app you want for all your multi-featured application batch needs.

-It’s so simple to use, anyone can do it.
-You don’t have to learn a new program.
-Unlike many others, it works for any PC.
-You can find or create any files or folders using its search function.
-It’s fast, no lag, and you can use the program with any version of windows.
-It’s FREE.
-It’s easy to use.
-Great default settings.

-It’s not for everyone.
-It’s more than the average user needs, but it’s perfect for photographers.
-You can’t use it to rename files.
-It’s not run on Mac OS.

Hey, I just have to write down that this is the best batch program out there, and it’s free too! I have been using it on my PC

ADSS CD Base Product Key Full

This application is a CD based jukebox software application that helps you to find the tracks in the music CD you have and put the associated pictures inside folders or their thumbnails.
It is able to help you to display a disc label, choose the information you want from the disc (artist, album, track, etc.) and create thumbnails of all images and/or folders from your CD-ROM.
Features of this application:
*Get the track/track title and/or album artist and/or an image/folder from the CD
*Display a disc label
*Choose the information you want from the disc (artist, album, track)
*Create thumbnails of all images or a specific folder
*Add an album as a favorite
*Add an image as a favorite
*Edit your favorite images and create a collection
*Search the CD for words
*Embed the CD label
*Rip and encode images from the CD
*Order the images using the camera roll
*Display and share via Mail the selected images
*Group the tracks using the Playlist option
*Play your favorite CDs
*Cover your favorite images
*Print the selected images
*Remove images from the CD
*Search images from the CD
*Supports both 50 and 54 track records
*The application can save your images for online use and saving too on your camera roll
*Select the order of the tracks to play
*Send the selected images via Mail
*List the tracks by album artist
*Search inside the album or the track
*Manage the list of your favorite songs
*Save your favorites
*Display thumbnails of the images or a specific folder
*Print all or selected images
*Create your own custom jukeboxes and save the list of songs you want to play
*Create a custom playlist
*Automatically sort the playlist according to the date the song was added
*Automatically create a new playlist on the launch of this app
*Choose the songs to play according to the number of seconds or minutes elapsed since the last song was played
*Create your favorite CDs
*Create multiple jukeboxes to save time
*Redirect the output to a file and save it
*Display thumbnails of selected folders
*Share the selected images via Mail
*Search and order the albums or the tracks
*Play the songs you want to skip with the song number
*Manage the playlist and the list of your favorite songs

What’s New in the ADSS CD Base?

The ADSS CD Base is a simple to use application, which will search through your MP3 tag and create thumbnails of all the images attached to the tag. If you want thumbnails of all the images in your CD collection, then please do not use this application.
ADSS CD Base is a great tool to use if you want to search your MP3 tags for up to 5 of the most popular image hosts on the internet:

Flickr –
Fotki –
Picasaweb –
Shutterfly –
Yahoo Picasa –

This software is free of cost and you will not be asked to register your account with any of the image hosts.
After opening the software the next step is to select the search type. Select “Open” if you want to search your whole folder or “Select Folder” if you want to search only one folder. If you select «Select Folder» then «Select» the folder you want to search. After that you can click «Start» to search for all the images (large file) in the folder.
After finding all the images it will create thumbnails of all the images (large file). It will do this for up to 5 images. So if you are looking for 5 thumbnails then you can use this software.
After creating all the thumbnails you can select the new folder to store the thumbnails in. Then click “OK” to close the application.
After saving the thumbnails to your selected folder you can use this images on many products such as Email, Blog and T-shirts.
Please visit the website at: for more information and if you have any questions or need any help please let us know.
Thank you for your time, have a good day.

Find all images on your computer, in folder or in whole disc, thumbnails preview..
Search files on your desktop, thumbnails preview..
Group images to one folder, thumbnails preview..
(Videos can be posted here too, just like images, no problem!)


System Requirements For ADSS CD Base:

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