X-force AutoCAD LT 2009 Portable

X-force AutoCAD LT 2009 Portable


X-force AutoCAD LT 2009 Portable

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Angular inject on object to another controller

I’m trying to inject on an instance on an object in one controller to another controller but it not working.
In my services.js
angular.module(‘services’, [])
.factory(‘data’, function() {
return {};

In my controller1
function dataController($scope, data) {
$scope.data = data;

In my controller2
dataService = angular.module(‘services’, []).factory(‘data’, function() {
var service = {};
return service;

function dataController2() {
console.log(dataService.data); //null
console.log(data); //undefined


To access the service in your second controller, you should inject the data service in your controller. This is basically what would happen if you create a service to keep some data shared among controllers.
angular.module(‘services’, [])
.factory(‘data’, function() {
return {};

function dataController($scope, dataService) {
$scope.dataService = dataService;

function dataController2() {
$scope.dataService.data; //the data from the service.


How do I load all objects from a list to a view?

I have this code for a list:
public class MenuList
public string Name { get; set; }
public string Selected { get; set; }
public List Items { get; set; }

and this code for my view:
@model Restaurant1.Models.MenuList

@using (Html.BeginForm(«Index», «Home», FormMethod.Get))

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