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Starpoint Gemini is a legendary space shooter that covers a wide range of classics from the 2000s in a new, bold and beautiful way. Build your empire of vessels, choose your tactics and fight for domination of this universe.
Key features:
New Titan class ships
New conquest mechanics connected to the storyline
Command Titan-class vessels in any of the Freeroam scenarios
New Freeroam scenario designed for immediate Titan-ready content
Unique «ultimate-aura» passive abilities of each of the Titan vessels
Show off acquired Titan vessels at Concordia with the Titans trophy system
Starpoint Gemini Warlords is Free to play.
Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Titans Return contains hidden in-game items such as Premium Ships which are not required to be purchased or unlocked to enjoy the game.
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The titans have returned to Gemini! Will Concord now move from ever lurking behind its throne to rule the galaxy? Will fleet commanders be more than a match for titans in their wrath? No matter the outcome, players will still have to plan carefully, and there is no more room for mistakes!
About The Game: Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Titans Return
Starpoint Gemini is a legendary space shooter that covers a wide range of classics from the 2000s in a new, bold and beautiful way. Build your empire of vessels, choose your tactics and fight for domination of this universe.
Key features:
1. New Titan class ships
The Titans have returned to Gemini and they are biding their time. This is their chance to dominate once more. Although they are not quite as mighty as they once were, the Titans are more than a match for the smallest of vessels.
2. New conquest mechanics connected to the storyline
Command Titan-class vessels in either Campaign or any of the Freeroam scenarios. The Titans have re-awakened. A new threat is on the way and the player must forge their own path to take their place at Concordia’s Gate.
3. New Freeroam scenario designed for immediate


Features Key:

  • Experience the first free downloadable game ever made for mobile devices, designed specifically for the Tegra 3 with an unrivaled eye for gorgeous detail and artistic flair.
  • Prepare to experience the ultimate bird’s eye game for the Android platform – with massive levels, vast gameplay areas and incredible OpenFeint achievements to play for. This is the new Owl’s Midnight Journey – the game that never was.
  • Designed specifically for Tegra 3 and boasting 4K-resolution and 60fps game play, this game is both incredibly beautiful and graphically compelling and sharp.
  • Features authentic HD bird’s eye views, highly detailed great and small bird characters complete with dynamic behaviors, behaviour sequences, and thousands of highly detailed items. From the way bird’s eye expressions alter their speed and agility during bird flight, to the dynamic flight patterns you can achieve by flying over objects, to accurate sound and music right out of the movie, this is the most authentic touch yet crafted for a mobile gaming experience.
  • User reviews:

    • 4.7/5: View app on Android Store
    • 4.7/5: Review at Android Developer site
    • 4.2/5: View app on Android Market
    • 4.2/5: Review at Customer Guardian site
    • 4.2/5:


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      This game came to my attention, although I haven’t played it myself yet, from a video on Veoh, one of those ad companies. The advertisement for it in the video, the way it looks in its current state, and the fact that they even mention lightsaber makes it extra special for me.

      So take this for what it is: just an advertisement and really not of much relevance.

      LIGHTSABER ISLAND is a platformer with the twist: Light-Saber fight!

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      Of course, it’s not an ordinary game. It has a lot of special features, like customizable controls, a difficulty system, loot boxes and other goodies.

      And the more you play, the more you’ll find out about the background behind the game.

      I wish it was really that good, but unfortunately, it’s nothing compared to what it could be. There are a lot of features that aren’t actually implemented, but since I don’t really want to wait for a year and a half, I’ll give it a try, at least. But I really wouldn’t bother if I were you.

      The music is exactly as bad as the sound effects.
      It’s kind of there, and kind of not there. It’s an unforgettable experience though.
      The animation is good, but it’s like a lot of what I saw it.
      The NPCs are the best part about this game. I really like how they act.
      The story kinda has a badassery that I don’t know if I’ve heard about this before.
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      Uboat Commander is a naval war game developed by Avalon Hill and published by Batsford in 1975 for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Unlike most wargames of the time, it features a full-fledged campaign setting, allowing campaigns to take place on a pre-defined map with pre-defined locations and pre-defined events taking place there.

      The rules for the game were issued in 13 softback booklets (somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 pages per book). Avalon Hill’s 1977 multi-box campaign set retailed for about $14, whereas the individual booklets sold for $3. It was one of many Avalon Hill titles (such as Combat Commander, Sea War, and Star Fleet Battles) that were published for Dungeons & Dragons.

      The Uboat Commander campaign setting features a fantasy world in which the forces of good are represented by dragons, elves, dwarves, halflings, and humans, while the forces of evil are represented by orcs, trolls, hobgoblins, and the like. Humans do not fight each other in this scenario, but are the dominant civilization on the planet, so they are not allowed to die in the campaign setting.

      Uboat Commander features many new sub-character classes and sub-nations, which are how Avalon Hill varied from the usual historical style representations of «gods» or generic fantasy races. These new sub-character classes, combined with the manner in which the campaign setting is laid out in WGG, allowed many different sub-national and government types to be supported.

      Three of the larger sub-nations are given new names in Uboat Commander: Nysaer, Eade, and Amanusha. However, these sub-nations are largely static, and do not change throughout the campaign of the game, creating a highly political and lawless atmosphere.

      Dungeon & Dragons
      In most of the Avalon Hill «At The Gates» series of wargames, the focus was on a single campaign (never more than a few weeks), while in the scenario-less War At Sea, and Uboat campaign, there was a need for a campaign to run from one scenario to the next, which required more information and playability. Thus, Uboat Commander was constructed as a large set of rules similar to The General, with a defined map and defined nations (each relatively large and with many different and varied regions). These rules are designed to be a complete game system where you need


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      DRONE WARS is a fast paced, tough as hell, tactical shooter that perfectly mixes realtime strategy, tactics and arcade.
      The game offers three gameplay modes:
      the «classic» mode is a frantic, pure action, 5vs5 one-life-match, where the player controls a group of heavily armed drones using their arial knowledge and inventive thinking to destroy the enemy bases.
      The second mode is a «team-deathmatch»-mode, where a team of four players (each representing one of the four main factions) fight in a free for all, in three different game types:
      • 1vs1: Player vs player scenarios, each character with it’s own set of abilities and weapons.
      • 2vs2: Weapon matching and famous «Shoot em up»-game types, with different wapons and game types to master.
      • 3vs3: Shifting into a tactical, balancing game type, when the players try to balance multiple different weapons and abilities on the same base, with the overall goal to take your enemies out.
      The third, third and final mode is the «Puzzle»:
      The drone operators are given a piece of paper with a bomb planted on it. They must have to find the bombs weakest point in order to destroy it, without letting their base be taken out in the process.

      Key Features:

      Beautiful graphics with immersive environments and detailed character models

      Choose from 7 unique game types and 45 unique missions

      Build high tech bases and use them to take your enemies out

      Play on different maps in order to come up with the best strategies

      Define your play style with 45 unique weapons in 3 different categories

      Tons of customisations to achieve your ideal gameplay

      Drones are piloted with intuitive, easy-to-use in-game controls

      More items and a more involved story await you in the «Premium Edition» of the game.

      This Game, Yet Another «GRAPHICS» Game?

      Dear Sir,

      Please forgive me for asking and please feel free to refuse if you are not ready to answer. But please try to be tolerant. 🙂

      I have very good graphics, and I am really upset that I have to go through this again and again and again with a list of inane questions and comments. Do you think that the «Graphics» is the most important thing when buying a game?
      I had to «install» the game and I am


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      • Where to get the Dungeon Beneath?
      • It’s free. Just right click the download link and click «Ignore», and the install file will download for you.
      • Will the tutorial work for Tomb Raider 1, Tomb Raider 2, Tomb Raider 3, Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider: Legend?
      • No. But it doesn’t necessarily matter if you like it.


      System Requirements For Tiger Tank 59 … Super Tank MP057:

      Windows XP SP2 or newer
      Core 2 Duo or faster CPU
      2 GB RAM
      11 GB HDD space
      Additional Notes:
      If installing on a system that already has Civ5 installed, Civ6 will detect it and merge it into the installation.
      If installing on a system that already has the Civilization Online Beta installed, Civ6 will detect it and merge it into the installation.
      If you want to install a single game instance, you will need to uninstall the Civilopedia game before starting the installation.


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