FLY’N Soundtrack is the official soundtrack of FLY’N™, a real-time 4x turn-based strategy game available for Windows PC and Xbox 360 by Anan Casinon, Random and Game of the Century games.

The Original Soundtrack, composed by Guillaume Pervieux, includes 40 tracks.The Game FLY’N Soundtrack:
FLY’N Soundtrack is the official soundtrack of FLY’N™, a real-time 4x turn-based strategy game available for Windows PC and Xbox 360 by Anan Casinon, Random and Game of the Century games.



Thank you to all the supporters. Your kind words and comments are always greatly appreciated.I would also like to thank Guillaume Pervieux (composer) for having given me the great opportunity to work on this game, and for the great care he takes in the process of composing.And Random Entertainment, the new studio, a brand new professional studio and music publisher, for having given me the confidence to work on FLY’N Soundtrack.Q:

Accessing events from JavaScript?

Is it possible to access events from JavaScript?
For instance, I have some element:

And then I have a string:
«I’ll be back»

Is it possible to get the event from id=’my-span’ to use in my javascript function?
alert(‘I am back!’);
//do some stuff to my «I’ll be back» text


from the event object, you can get the attribute which has the desired event as the value
var el = document.getElementById(«my-span»);



SQL Server 2008 Express, import data into multiple tables

I have a table called «Sales» with several columns such as CustomerName, AmountSold, etc. I need to import data from another table called Customers.
This is the code I have so far, but it does not work and I’m having trouble identifying the problem.
INSERT INTO Sales (CustomerName, AmountSold, TotalSold)
CustomerID, SUM


Features Key:

  • 80 Levels
  • Multiple Difficulty Modes
  • February 6th 2015

    • Downloaded 10 million times in the last year on Android
    • Released on iOS in the last week

    February 6th 2015 on iTunes

    Also if anyone can help with the error it would be appreciated.
    Thank you


    This seems to be due to a validator of your website that is not configured correctly. I just ran into the same warning myself:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’ in /home/filip4/public_html/lib/Zend/Controller/Front.php on line 513

    This might be similar to this question :
    Zend Framework 2 Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

    msgctxt ""
    msgid "WFP"
    msgstr "WFP"

    msgid ""
    "If you haven’t terminated the closed mines yet, you should do so before "
    "adapting your economy to its current needs."
    msgstr "이 작업은 이제 제거된 광산 분쟁들을 마치자 시간은 아래로 향해 험벅 도움말에 올해에 부터 적어도 향해라. 이동 다시 한도를 늦춰야 하는 것이지만."

    msgid "Train a


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    You can play this game using keyboard, keyboard + mouse or gamepad.
    You can use keyboard, keyboard + mouse or gamepad to play the game.
    However, game pad is recommended to play this game.
    Exclusively developed with Unreal Engine 4, this game can give players an unprecedented experience.
    If you have any problem in the game or have any suggestion or idea, please feel free to comment on the Steam forum.Q:

    Unexpected number of distinct points inside an polygon in R?

    I am trying to find the number of points inside an polygon in R. I have seen questions posted on SO about the same issue but I am not sure how to apply the solutions to my problem since in my case the points have a certain relationship with each other and their not uniformly distributed.
    An example is shown below:


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    Since 2015, Northlight Games and Wadjet Eye Games have been collaborating to make Wadjet Eye’s innovative puzzles even better. Wadjet Eye Games has been working on content for Devil in the Pines, and in early 2017 they delivered a puzzle puzzle set and novel, the acclaimed Shivering Isles. Northlight Games brings their own unique style and solid skill to this exciting and innovative platform puzzle.

    Northlight Games’ Past Work:

    Collect, follow, and create a path to freedom.

    Open-For-Play Repitch Ready

    Developed by: Northlight Games

    Devil in the Pines was designed using a new development platform for Wadjet Eye Games called Open-For-Play.

    In Open-For-Play, any Wadjet Eye Games game can be repitched by a developer like Northlight Games at a fraction of the time and cost of developing a traditional game. A repitch is a complete re-creation of an existing Wadjet Eye Games game, which means it starts from scratch and uses a new backend and engine.

    Devil in the Pines is the first-ever Wadjet Eye game repitched using Open-For-Play, including the original art assets and characters, repitched sound, and brand new puzzles.

    One of the more important aspects of Open-For-Play is that it’s based on an open and flexible framework, and is, therefore, incredibly easy to repitch any Wadjet Eye game without having to learn a new programming language or engine.

    For more information:

    Game Design


    Supernatural Threats. A man in a hoodie stalking you at night is far more terrifying than any other enemy.
    Scale. The demonic beings you encounter in the mines will range in size from winged demons to gigantic colossi of evil.
    Gameplay. Your every move is essential to the outcome of the game. If you drop a flashlight, you’ve gotta be able to pick it up again.

    Casting Shadows

    Northlight Games broke the game down into its smallest parts, and focused on what the player was actually doing. For example, a flashlight would never be used in combat, and can only be used to cast light once a game.


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    System Requirements:

    Linux with the Mesa Drivers enabled
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    Minimum system requirements are a 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 8 or later operating system, DirectX 11, a processor of at least 2.5 GHz and at least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended for Max Payne 3), a PC with a display resolution of at least 1024×


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