Based on the rich expression of details, you can enjoy the exhilarating interactive experience where you can float between multiple worlds as a protagonist.
Game Features:
* Customizable avatar
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* Playable characters with multiple expressions and voices
* Sleepy world that will make you dream with its gentle groaning sounds
* Possibilities of free movement by tapping screen
* Easy to learn even for beginners
* Various game items and accessories to decorate the protagonist
* High quality 3D modelsQ:

Android – Manage resources within application

I am wondering if is possible to manage resources of an application just like the one you can use when you save a project and use it on the other project. Let me explain, I have a project with several pages and I want to release it. So once I deploy my application, let’s say I use a string, a png, some text, etc. If there is another application that uses that same resource, the application can deploy my resource and still use my resource as long as the original owner doesn’t update it.
I have seen that in the developer options of apps that have a.APK they can select to «pre-shrink» the app, but if we use as an example google maps this is not possible, so the app still uses the original resources.
I am actually developing an application where we have several screen from screens but no pages, just several screens with contents that depends of an action. So I was wondering if it would be possible to save that content in a file, make a signature of that file and then use in the application. But also if is possible to keep track of the resources files in the master application.
I know that application usually deploys their resources but what I can’t understand it is how an application can use my resource, even if I don’t have any project with that resource.
What I can’t understand is the way to use/manage resources in the application.
Does anyone has some experience with this or any idea about it?
Thank you very much in advance.


I have found how to handle this. I am using this class in my code.
public class APKSignatureVerifier {

public APKSignatureVerifier() {


Features Key:

  • A conventional fantasy adventure on an epic scale
  • Explore a vast world of wonder as well as vile abominations
  • A deep and rich storyline with numerous endings
  • A game play that is enjoyable, yet challenging
  • A modern day setting
  • Sophisticated artwork
  • was already addicted to ‘Narcos’ (it’s a great series) and he’s a force of nature — playing dumb is such a plus for me as a writer.”

    Adrian Greenwood—Executive Producers: Naughty Dog—Senior Producer: Andy Tovar—Production Designer: Mike Jozovic—Lead Animator: Kevin Peters—Two-time Oscar winner Tom Skerritt joins the production as executive producer at Sledgehammer Games, a division of Naughty Dog. Skerritt said, “This is an utterly engaging project from a talented team that translates the true grit and raw frontier spirit of the West into a story you will not want to miss.”

    Arkane is best known for the critically acclaimed Dishonored series, leading titles include the Prey games and the upcoming survival horror game, Prey.

    Clutch Gaming released a statement on the attack, stating “We are deeply saddened and disgusted to learn of the assaulter’s death, and out of respect for his family, and in an effort to prevent anything similar from happening in the future, we are making this statement on the incident.We are hopeful that his attacker uses his current setback as motivation to fight for a healthy and meaningful recovery. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his family.”

    “Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures” was one of the first shows that DIC, to be exact, created in the early 90s when it was a young animation studio.

    “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures” was undeniably the most popular show in history. The series picked up almost 6 decades of storytime.

    The show roughly follows Johnny Pac-Man as he he goes on adventures in Pac-land to solve problems and create an end to ghosts.

    A small cameo was made in the canon


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    Age of Empires: Three Kingdoms is the fourth expansion for Age of Empires III: The Warlords – and the first in almost two decades.

    Three Kingdoms features a campaign map that stretches from Vietnam to the northern borders of China, and new playable factions based on the original Ming and Qing factions. A new timeline has been introduced, and continues the story from the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

    Unique portraits and in-game models of more than a dozen major figures, while more than 300 named historical characters and a new unit model depict the soldiers of the Three Kingdoms era.

    The Age of Empires series is one of the most influential real-time strategy series of all time, and Three Kingdoms features the same iconic gameplay that fans of the game are familiar with.

    Key Features

    Campaign Map. It’s the year 220, and a total of 26 factions vie for control of the Chinese mainland. Follow the events in the Four Kingdoms with the campaign map and fight on the dynamic battlefields of China.

    Four Kingdoms. Leaders of the four main factions struggle to seize control of the land, as warlords, rebels and the Empire all plot their moves to gain power.

    New Factions. Play as one of 26 historical factions, including prominent warlords, rebels, and the scions of the fallen Han Dynasty.

    Unique Portraits. Take on the role of the great leaders and rulers of the period. Choose from all new unique portraits and in-game models, and recreate the names and faces of the historical figures who shaped China’s destiny.

    New Unit Models. New unit models capture the spirits of the Three Kingdoms era, including the Chinese armored spear infantry, versatile Nanman, and deadly wood and iron cavalry.

    New Themes. Follow the events of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel in the Age of Empires storyline, with scripted events, as the new factions open up the land for conflict.

    Show MoreQ:

    No viable alternative at input ‘concat’

    I need to input three X,Y,Z coordinates in R. I don’t really understand why the last two lines do not work.


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