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A new mechanic for the genre of Mahjong!
Featuring a new look and its own special version of the game play.
A never-ending story where you travel through many fantastical lands.
A treehouse with lots of secrets waiting for you.
A huge and mystical dragon, a four-dimensional space; these are all waiting for you.
Magic Mahjong: Journey is a reworked version of the popular game Mahjong Magic. With a strong focus on new and unique game features, everything you are used to from the original game is still there, but has been reworked, optimized and improved to create a fun and relaxing experience for both new and veteran players.
However, the developers have added some new exciting elements to this version. The main feature is the new travelling aspect. You will find yourself flying through different worlds, space-time and dimensions in quest of the truth. Of course, it’s very important to get to the bottom of the plot – and your mission is simple: collect as many jewels as possible by creating a path from one Mahjong tile to the next.
Help the mysterious fox, kitten, rabbit and dragon to reach their destinations. Help the magic snails and birds to escape the clockwise pirates. Help the dragonfly and dragon to fly to their rightful place.
• Journey through the forest; save the magical pets!
• Hundreds of cute creatures to rescue!
• Over 35 unique levels in six different episodes!
• Many different levels are waiting for you!
Get to save the magical pets!
Follow the trail and find the predator that committed this audacious crime.
Solve Mahjong deals.
Rescue the magical pets from the tenacious claws of the crafty thief.
Open the cages – free the pets!
Find your way through the jungle, solve Mahjong deals and find the way to the dragon!
Find out what the fox, the kitten, the dragon and the rabbit are trying to steal!
Make the little snail escape.
Help the little birds to stop the grumpy pirates.
Pay attention – your patience is running out.
Watch for a magical door!
It is not only the pleasant graphics that made Mahjong Magic: Journey so popular. The game also came out on top due to its appealing gameplay.
• An original, magical gaming experience!
• Spontaneous gameplay: no need to plan ahead to progress.
• Many different pathways for you to discover.


Rating4.50 / 5 ( 4193 votes )
Update(15 days ago)


Skullnight Features Key:

  • EXPERIENCE THE SIBERIAN PIRATE TREASURE HUNT! Explore the vast island of Kamchatka and its icy forests, discover new secrets and marauding pirates.
  • MAKE A DECENT AND DARING NAME FOR YOURSELF! Find a safe haven for your crew. Establish yourself and grow into a great pirate. Lead your men and gain respect as a Master of the Seas. Win skirmishes, big fights, raids and battles.
  • UNLEASH THE REAL POWER OF NAVIGATION! Navigate the waters of the Kamchatka Archipelago, navigate the waters of Lake Baikal, take on dangerous currents, sail with the winds.
  • REJOIN YOUR CREW, START AN OLD TRADITION! Talk to a map and play our amusing water slide game. Go and Visit other villages to search for treasures.
  • BE A HEATHEN BANANA BOY! Banana, the biggest gangster of the world! A gangster, pirate hunter, cart-driver.
  • IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, BE A HORSEMAN, A WARRIOR, A GREAT BUTTONHEAD, THE MAN WHO ELIMINATED THE CHIEF! Interact with different native tribes. Indian, Basque, clans, barbarians, shotguns and shivvers, Siberian hunters, warrior monks and axe masters.
  • Here you can download and play the game free of charge, you are also given a free 30 day trial for this game, it can be tested offline and played while connected to internet

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    PC, PlayStation™4,Xbox™One,Wii U,Nintendo™3DS, andSteam Supported.●This application is for test version.●This application is for test version, it does not contain the complete features of official application.●Do NOT purchase it, we are unable to support it.●The features of the application function are not same as those of official application.●There may be bugs found due to platform differences.●This application may change some functions found on official application due to differences between operating environments.For Game Guide and Help, you can


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    SkateBIRD is a physics-based action/adventure game. The story follows Brandon, a teen skateboarding prodigy who becomes a ghost in the skate park. After deciding to get his revenge, he will become a father of sorts, but only on days he lands a trick.
    SKATEBIRD features:
    •Extreme moves: Wall rides, flips, fakies and grinds
    •16 Skaters
    •12 Tricks
    •3 Different landscapes
    •2 Skater Styles
    •Endless Replayability
    •Symmetrical Gameplay
    About the Author:
    Michael Zakovitch and David Weiss are the founders of Nerd Kingdom Games, where SkateBIRD originally started as an iPhone/iPad puzzle game. They have created many games, including Doodledowns, ERB, Tutti Carro, Rotary Freddy and Off Road Madness among others.Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (known as Happy Home Designer in Japan) is a 2015 real-time strategy game developed by Animal Crossing: New Leaf producer Nintendo EAD as a free-to-play mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

    The game’s gameplay is based on building a house and decorating it with furniture, plants and other items that can be purchased from the Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer & Happy Home Menu, to which the player can log into using a Nintendo Account. The game’s first version, Happy Home Designer, was made available on iOS and Android devices on July 17, 2015. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection also works for the game. Unlike New Leaf, the game only has standard users, not amiibo, but the player can use items from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The game is free to download and play, and can be played without requiring any in-app purchases.

    Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a free-to-play real-time strategy game that has players customise and build their own house. The game has a real-time building mechanic that allows the player to interact with their home constantly, and uses New Leafs «transfer» system in order to allow the player to open a new Animal Crossing: New Leaf save file in Happy Home Designer. The build experience is similar to the 2013 update of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, although the player may also decorate the house as they see fit. Although the animal statues are featured in New Leaf,


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    This expansion is quite interesting, as it offers two brand new songs. Songs are great morale boosters and encourage player to keep playing more. The songs are used by choosing a new ruler at each save/restart. Each song can be played during the battle by clicking on the icon above the mini-map in the lower left corner of the map. The selected song will be played each time the active ruler directs an army unit to attack or defend.On CrusadeI travelled far and wide, I am the firstIf you cross my path, I shall pray,

    I shall appease my Lord

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    What’s new in Skullnight:

    : Operation Barbarossa Tiger Tank vs German Fatigues and other Story Instructions Opponent: KrohNote: All times are based on Pacific Standard Time.The tanks will start out on the Beach, with the LTI stationary for the judges.

    Supporting Smokes and Berms should be taken after I see picture 1.

    The Tiger Tank will contest this single scenario, trying to make it back to the middle with the other tank. If there is no contest, the Tiger Tank will make a suicide attempt while the other tank ploughs over it.

    1) The Tiger Tank will spawn at Hills 11 (once the map starts) with map coordinates -18-16. The Tiger Tank will make use of a tank commander and two Panzerjäger(three games, not the bonus one) plus the crew to move to Middle with the other tank.On the other side of the map, the other tank will spawn on Hills 13 (once the map starts) with map coordinates -18-16. The LT will spawn on Hills 15 (once the map starts) with map coordinates -19-15. The Tiger will try to get to the middle with the help of the LT.

    3) If the Tiger Tank ever makes it to the middle before the other tank; the other tank will not contest the Tiger Tank and will fire at the Tiger Tank killing him, in order to save the LT. (All the Tiger Tank kills are counted on the Russian main but not the LT part).

    4) On any given map, the other tank may enter the «Dead End» if he can’t get away from his spawn point to the Tiger Tank. The Tiger Tank will then try to contest him and if the Tiger Tank is killed, the Tiger Tank will win. However, if the Tiger Tank dies in the intended way, the other tank will win.

    Be aware that putting the Tiger Tank on Hills 18 (Soviet HQ) will NOT prevent it from contesting the other tank to the middle. What will happen is that the Tiger Tank will stop to contest for a while from Hills 18 and will then restart again and contest. There will be no clear finish line which will involve up to 40 minutes gameplay. Example map Example map Example

    The terms Tiger Tank and Tiger Leader are a combination of the names of the Tiger attack tank used in the German blitzkrieg campaign of 1941, the Tiger I, and from the assumed commander, the Tiger Einheit(Tiger Unit).


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    ‘Rhythm Knights’ is an action RPG where player can enjoy the beat of good music and battle with Demon King! Fight against evil, exterminate them!

    Also try to catch the legendary rare Demon Summon which will power you up and boost your attack! Get more special moves and combos!

    Who am I?

    I’m a musician which plays guitar and drums, I also used to be a hunter. I’m on the way to become a bandleader and improve my band. I’m a singer which try to rap all the time. I love to play action games and read detective story. And I am a SONIC HOBBY!!

    I’m glad that you have taken a moment to make a profile. Unfortunately, since this is the Japanese Fan Art Only section, we can’t help you. I hope you have fun with the review. Now let me give you some questions to answer.


    Thank you for your review, I always look forward to it. It has been said this game will hit the United States, but is a Japanese title. However, as it is published by Sega, will this title be made region-free? Or will it be region-locked?

    A: I can’t say for certain, as I don’t work there. However, I do know this. The Team Sonic series is known to be a series of animated games that include Sonic the Hedgehog. The most recent of these games was Knuckles the Echidna for the Game Boy Advance. The last two games were also for the Game Boy Advance.


    I know this title is an RPG, but it also looks like an action game. Are there two different games in one game?

    A: I can’t speak for the game itself. However, since one is a music RPG and the other is an action RPG, this is indeed very unlikely.


    Given your review, has the game had any issues on the market, especially how it relates to translating from Japanese to English?

    A: I’m not an expert on this, but in the game itself, there is no difference between what is said in English and what is said in Japanese. I’ve checked this.


    It seems that this game was released on June 17, 2012. However, it appears to be Aug 19, 2012 to me. Can you explain to me what happened?


    How To Crack:

  • Download Game
  • Run Setup.exe
  • UnInstall Previous Version
  • Install Game.
  • Introduction

    A small game with wonderful graphics and addictive gameplay, Out of Bounds has earned a place of a constant rival for many players. You might have encountered situations where you face non-ending game screen and can’t advance to the next level of the game. Many disappointed while playing this game but however you can easily get rid of those frustrating situations with the help of this guide. After reading this guide, you will not only be able to get rid of those annoying situations but also you will be able to crack this game and activate the full version of Out of Bounds. We have done a great amount of efforts to create this post and this guide, so you can easily get into Out of Bounds with no problems. You should have no worries and difficulties while cracking this amazing game and you can also able to get this game with no problems. Enjoy your new Out of Bounds game.

    Out Of Bounds: What’s Inside It?

    What’s not a matter of enjoyment in Out of Bounds game is its design. Out of Bounds is a new challenging android game for Android devices where you will need to control your super jet formation to destroy the enemies, avoid the obstacles and reach the destination within the limited time.

    There are 5 different maps of Out of Bounds given below with their respective screenshots:

    1) Asphalt 5

    <img src="


    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.6 or later, 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, 2 GB RAM, OS X Lion or later
    Mac OS X 10.6 or later, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU, 4 GB RAM, OS X Lion or later
    Mac OS X 10.6 or later, 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU, 2 GB RAM, OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.2)
    Windows XP


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