NameRitual on the Eve 前夜祭
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Story: A game of doubles
What do you get when the sun goes down?
A game of doubles…
You’re the leader of the little gang, and it’s your turn to reveal the hidden objects in the dark house.
Start the game by drawing a number from the jar. That’s your partner number.
Then, while your partner searches for the objects you can light with your fireflies. You need to find them all. But your partner can’t see what you see.
When your partner finds the last object, you must yell “AIIIIEEEEEE!” and throw the fish bone to confirm the location of the hidden object.
Work together to find all the objects
Puzzle elements, space constraints, and urban legends lend this mini-game a fun feel.
Who knows what dangers lurk in the dark?
– Drink, light fireflies, eat fish bones, and find all the hidden objects.
– 4 Categories of objects: flowers, bottles, clothes, and matches
– Several dark house levels, with 10+ objects in each
– Voice acting
– Music and sound effects
– Eerie soundtrack
– Stunning pixel art
– 2 multiplayer modes: hot seat and grid
– Hidden objects are different in every stage
– You must find all the objects before your partner
– Handwritten Secrets
– Interact with dozens of objects in a house full of secrets, and discover the truth about its late inhabitants.
– From Octavi Navarro (Midnight Scenes, The Supper, The Librarian, Thimbleweed Park, Photographs) comes this weird and peculiar horror game for fans of the genre
Recommended Age: 14+

The rules are simple: one, whoever draws the shortest straw enters first. Two, no lights except your jar of fireflies. And three, whoever finds the complete collection of cards hidden in the house becomes the gang leader. Do you accept the challenge?

There’s only one problem: a presence roams the place, turning your search into hell.

Be quick. Hide. Don’t make a noise. And above all.don’t get caught!

What begins as a game turns into a race for survival.

From Octavi Navarro (Midnight Scenes, The Supper, The Librarian, Thimbleweed Park, Photographs) comes this weird and peculiar horror game for fans of


Ritual On The Eve ʼn夜祭 Features Key:

  • A clean, artistically simple Cubes game
  • Totally minimalist gameplay
  • Kept as close to the original AAKAG design as possible
  • Carefully documented
  • Fast Play & Interactivity Play mode
  • New Player Mode – Easy Controls
  • Increase Difficulty Mode – Beat the clock mode
  • Save highscores
  • Playlists
  • Single & Double Cube operation
  • Totally new gameplay, no clones
  • _________________________________________________

    Key points

    • The game only has 4 main skills – Moving, Rotating, Drilling and
    • Most points are scored by rotating
    • Press on the tile and a blue arrow appears
    • After you have rotated the tiles, press on the tile and the arrow
    • Do not press the same tile twice
    • Whenever the number of cubes is equal to the number of total
      tiles the game is over
    • The game ends as soon as a player rotates one tile
    • New game end state with a higher score than your opponent


    • Infinite Play – A new feature that allows the players to play the
      game forever
    • Next player – A great new feature
    • Dumber tiles – We made sure every tile is a piece of cardboard

    How to play

    Move: Pushing the tile to make an arrow.

    Rotate: Touch an arrow.

    Drill: Touch an arrow and press the neighboring arrow.


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    Bring your explosive arsenal in this fast-paced shooter on your mobile phone. With 4 weapons and 8 levels, you’ll have to go all the way to the top of the leaderboards to find out who is the best.
    This is by far the craziest game you will ever have on your phone. Get ready to go wild, leave your seat and charge to get in on the action.
    Are you the best player out there?
    Feel the rush when your opponent has jumped out of the screen, placed the safety, and waits to blow your head off?
    The king of crazy!
    You will have 3 types of grenades to destroy your enemy, including the smart one to blow the safety and get rid of the SWAT.
    How to play:
    The game is actually very simple. After you get the 4 weapons, you have to unlock all 8 levels. Every level has 3 difficulties.
    Main screen:
    On this main screen, you need to launch the switch to activate your weapon.
    Level 1:
    The switch will be on the left side of the screen. You need to flick the switch to blow all the enemies and shoot the bomb. Do not move during the game.
    Level 2:
    The switch will be on the top. You can move to the left or right but not up or down. You need to shoot the bomb first and avoid the fire.
    Level 3:
    The switch is on the right side. You need to throw the grenade in the middle of the enemies.
    Main screen – Weapons:
    The weapons are displayed on the left side of the screen.
    1. The sidearm, it can shoot twice.
    2. The shotgun, it can shoot four times.
    3. The thruster, it can shoot four times but has limited ammunition.
    4. The sniper, it can shoot once.
    1. The sidearm, it can shoot twice.
    2. The shotgun, it can shoot four times.
    3. The thruster, it can shoot four times but has limited ammunition.
    4. The sniper, it can shoot once.
    3. The thruster, it can shoot four times but has limited ammunition.
    4. The sniper, it can shoot once.
    Frenzy mode:
    This is for those who want the challenge. Frenzy mode has the difficulty level of level 3.
    3 difficulties:
    The enemies will be all around. You need to run


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    About :
    Developed by nmat (nmat – mobile game developer), Shanghai Fantasy Story has a nice gameplay, addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics.
    Official Homepage :
    Facebook :
    Twitter :
    Instagram :
    Game System & Requirements:
    Game System : RPG Maker MZ – Shanghai Fantasy Story
    Game System Requirements:
    Minimum OS : Windows 7 or above
    CPU : Core 2 Duo E6300/E6320/E6420/E6520
    RAM : 4GB
    HDD : 2GB
    Additional Requirements :
    Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 6970 with 1GB VRAM
    Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 6970 with 2GB VRAM
    CPU : Core 2 Duo E6300/E6320/E6420/E6520
    RAM : 6GB
    HDD : 4GB
    Game Compatible:
    Requirements and Install:
    1.Install and update the latest version of RPG Maker MV
    2.Install and activate the «Shanghai Fantasy Story» and «Shanghai Fantasy Story HD» if you want to play it in hd
    3.Press the «game» icon on the bottom.
    4.Copy the folder with your game to C:\Program Files\RPG Maker MV\Modules\ShanghaiFantasyStory\
    5.You need to choose the language when you use the shortcut
    6.Go to the shortcut settings and type C:\Program Files\RPG Maker MV\Modules\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\ShanghaiFantasyStory\Shan


    What’s new:

    v1 – NECA SF

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    Generic Spoiler:
    In the new Specialist Command Unit (SRUs) Alpha continues to roll through his list of missions by completing them by destroying all ground units surrounding his base. However, there is one problem – none of the Titans have been switched on. Playing the wrong SRUs isn’t a huge problem, but this would be problematic if Alpha battles the right SRUs, so I dug around and came up with a fix. Yes, I am a bit of a genius of sorts.

    Generic Edition of the SRUs:
    In the previous model I managed to complete a set of missions with the generic SRUs. While it could be viewed as a little bit of luck, It really isn’t very much luck. Alpha really does the same thing with all of the’reconnaissance’ SRUs, which means one of the better SRUs really isn’t worth it. If I can manage to complete a set with the specialized SRUs (I probably won’t) then its going to be way better.

    Special Basic Edition of the SRUs:
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