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Even if your girlfriend and you enjoy everything in this article, I suggest taking some time to answer this question for yourself. Whatever your answer is, one thing is for sure: you’re not the person who needs to join this group. These women have the right to keep their love and romance out of the equation. They’re strong, smart, and gorgeous enough to handle a night with no strings attached. As for men, think about yourself before you think about somebody else. At the end of the day, it’s your choice.
In the 70s, committed relationships became a novel, healthy, and socially acceptable concept. It was once a very odd notion, at least in the United States, that someone would be so firmly attached to someone else for more than a year, or in some cases, a decade. Teenagers were allowed to date, but with a clear understanding that this was not a first step toward serious, long-term relationships. In those days, girls dated boys and did what they did with their boyfriends, but they never really intended to get too serious and meant it. That obviously changed by the 90s, with the advent of gay rights and feminism, but the subtext for most people in the ’70s and ’80s was that a woman might become a lifelong girlfriend, but a man could not become a lifelong boyfriend.
Colloquially, the term hookup means having sexual intercourse with someone without any pre-existing emotional or romantic attachment. Some people define it more stringently, requiring that there is at least some degree of emotional intimacy, possibly including sex. This more narrow usage usually excludes casual sexual encounters between people who have only had one or more one-night stands.
As many girls in college don’t know yet, girls are often the ones who say no. Hey girl, it’s super common (and super hot) to have sex with someone who’s super amazing, but you shouldn’t feel like you need to. If you want to be more serious, you can say «no thanks» because you see it as something one-sided and just aren’t interested right now. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s completely off the table — there’s nothing wrong with keeping each other on the DL and being more than friends for the time being.
Lisas body is like a box of chocolates: some hot, some mediocre, and some cold. The trick is knowing how to handle each type. I know I’m seeing a lot of you
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The recent CDC report, How Casual Dating Partnerships Impair Women’s Mental and Physical Health, reinforces the harm caused by casual sex. Among the findings:
Sexual activity without a condom is linked with an increased risk of STIs, such as HIV, herpes, HPV and chlamydia
Late first intercourse is linked to increased risk for high-risk sexual behavior, including the use of alcohol and drugs before first sex, multiple sexual partners and not using condoms

• Sex after casual sexual experiences, particularly within a short period of time, leads to elevated levels of anxiety

Hooking up is fast. People don’t usually sit around saying, «Oh, my gosh, I am sitting with my soulmate and I will probably marry this person.» When you want sex, that’s it: You go. Otherwise, you might end up going to sleep in the middle of a conversation with someone, wondering if he or she was flirting or if you were just reading into it too much. So, meet, meet, meet. And when it comes to the sexual side, you just hook up. That means no commitments, no expectations of a future with anyone — and in fact, no talking whatsoever. See? Simple.


But that doesn’t mean that the casual sex experience is necessarily a bad one. In fact, in a perfect world, it can be. Because more and more people are heading out to satisfy their physical needs within the confines of a purely physical relationship, people have been able to develop the skills necessary to be good hookup partners. Rather than focusing on issues of commitment, people have been able to devote themselves to purely physical things and use that as a way to weed out people they don’t want to have any real emotional attachments with. It can be a very freeing experience for someone who has not been able to date in a sustained way.
The most important thing to remember about casual sex is that it is a choice. No matter what, it’s a choice. You can meet up, go to a bar and hook up, have sex if you choose to. (We don’t recommend hitting a bar, by the way, and we don’t recommend just going to some random dude’s apartment to have sex.) It’s an individual choice to have sex without a commitment. While sex can

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