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3 adventures written for a party of characters level 1-5
Narrative «Quick Build» that allows you to get right into the action
Hundreds of beautifully detailed locations, including some rare items
Unique villains for your PCs, like the ruler of the city, the Shadow Prince, and even a ghost in a cat costume
A poster map of the city
Official 5th Edition Character Sheet
Complete Adventure Locations
Complete Adventure Details
Absolutely NO NEED to use fantasy grounds to use this resource!


In addition to the adventures above, if you pre-ordered from the Kickstarter, we will include these exclusive adventures:

The City of Cats: The ultimate City of Cats adventure!
Once each player has completed his or her adventure, your group enters the City of Cats in the middle of a pitched battle between two rival gangs. The details of the plot and the appearance of the city will depend on which gang wins the battle.

Arrival in the City of Cats: A retro-style party receives a message that something suspicious is happening in the city. It turns out that all the safebus have been mysteriously disabled. The heroes must investigate!
The Dreadful Dungeon: A series of notes received from a PC have lead him to a secret map in the dungeon that points to a missing manuscript. While searching for the manuscript, the PC finds a group of cultists worshipping a hideous demoness.
Malice and Mayhem in the Ruins: A band of armed bandits raid a wealthy caravan along the northern road. Can the heroes manage to track down the bandits before they kill and loot all of the merchants?
The Merchant’s Guild: Determined to be the best of its class, the merchant’s guild has held a «council of black» to decide which profession is the best in the city!
Fight to the Death: Six of the city’s top assassins have been commissioned to bring down the heroes. Help the heroes become skilled enough to survive six deadly assassins without being killed.

Now Available
City of Cats: Bastet’s Words by Christopher Moore
City of Cats: Bastet’s Voice by Christopher Moore
City of Cats: Culture by Christopher Moore

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Hey everyone, it’s the first time


Features Key:

  • 2 new features
  • Widescreen resolutions
  • More compatible games
  • Higher res screens
  • More Support of Ambient Occlusion for real-time scenes
  • Refined User Interface
  • Support of all the 32 and 64 bit systems
  • Secret Achievements
  • 8+ hours of gameplay
  • Supports up to 720p resolution


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Yeondu High School is a prestigious high school in the city of Yeondu. The school is so popular that half of the students are foreigners. However, since the school is not a public school, it only accepts students of upper-middle class families. Consequently, the school receives an array of elite applicants every year. As a result, students are usually ranked in terms of their academic records and on-campus performance. The school plays the Giants Magnate Basketball Team every year, where several students are selected as «celebrities» among the school. The school is also famous for welcoming every student who is interested in studying abroad.
In contrast to what outsiders believe, Yeondu High School is a really high school with a grade system./**
* Copyright (C) 2010 dennis zhuang (mail@denniszhuang.com)
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the «License»);
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an «AS IS» BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.

package com.googlecode.cqengine.index;

import com.googlecode.cqengine.engine.*;
import com.googlecode.cqengine.persistence.EntityPersister;
import com.googlecode.cqengine.testutil.CustomEventListenerAdapter;
import com.googlecode.cqengine.testutil.TestLoadingNonPersistentIndex;

import junit.framework.TestCase;
import org.junit.Test;

import static com.googlecode.cqengine.util.CommonOptions.loadBaseOptions;
import static com.googlecode.cqengine.util.CommonOptions.reloadOptions;

* see
public class HibernateEventStoreNonPersistentIndexTest


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The zoo is in trouble! Animal problems have been escalating and it’s up to the kids of Putt-Puttville to save the day. On the way to save the zoo, kids will have to travel through some very wild and wacky worlds, and with only their putter for help, it’s not going to be easy! There are five worlds to travel through: Mountain City, Sea Slope, Wonderland, Egyptian Pyramids, and Mystery Mountain. Kids will use the arrow keys to play. The animals will come out when kids push the “Enter” button and the animals will try to run away from them. Kids have to stand behind the animal so they will have a chance of saving the animal.

Gameplay Mode:

Kids can choose between Classic or Endless modes.

The Classic Mode is very easy to play. Kids will have to do a total of four levels in order to save the zoo. Kids will have to collect enough tokens to help the zoo. The last level in each world will be a mini-game. This mini-game will be a lot of fun for kids because kids will have to make the animal walk into a green puzzle piece. If kids don’t succeed in the mini-game, the animals will be released and they will have to travel through another level until kids succeed in saving the zoo.

In Endless Mode, kids will have to collect tokens. This mode is very fun for kids because they can continue to play indefinitely. Kids can also unlock cool new toys in this mode as they are completing the levels.

Kids can also choose from four different themes to play the game. Kids can choose between a Tropical, Earth, Jungle, and Retro themes. When kids choose to play a certain theme, all of the objects on the screen will change to fit the theme.

In all of the mini-games, there will be a timer for the animal to walk into the puzzle piece. Kids will be able to see how much time is left on the timer so they will know how much time they have left to save the animal.

There are also four different levels of difficulty. Kids can choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, and Hardest. The levels are graded from Easy to Hard, and the more the difficulty level, the more puzzle pieces will appear in the level. Kids will have to complete the level in order to continue.

Kids can also save their progress at any time. They can


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