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I’m not sure which machine I’m using but it’s a mini-PC that ran Windows 7 when I first got it years ago. One thing I do remember is that when Windows 10 would install it would appear it was at 25% and then it would expand and expand until it finished. This is what is happening. Is there a key combination to get out of that?
EDIT: I don’t know what happened but a few minutes later I got a message to start the installation again, so I restarted the system and got that same message again. I did a cold shut down so I don’t know why it happened.


Also called «Window Flip».
To exit from the desktop, press the «Windows» key on the keyboard. To exit from the Windows UI, press the «Enter» key. You can also press the «Escape» key to exit from applications.
In Windows 10, press and hold the «Ctrl» key, and press the «Escape» key.

From: MSDN


I was able to find a command to exit from the install process. As suggested, I just pressed the «Cancel» button. I had more problems after that. Windows Installer was still trying to install.
Uninstalling Office and reinstalling it did not fix the issue as Windows Installer still tried to install. I ended up uninstalling it and putting all of the Office 2010 files on my desktop. I then ran windows update again and after it rebooted it installed correctly.

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