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Game Features

Cooperative multiplayer gameplay with friends
Authentic look-and-feel of the classic empire kingdom game

About Us

Majesty Gold HD Team is a small dev group of hard working people. There is only a few of us, currently. Every release, we try to add more features that will make the game more fun. The game needs a lot of polishing and bug fixing, but we are already working on it.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our official website:


Gameplay Video:

4.1.6 Update:

– New Gameplay Video! We added special event for more variation and fun in battles, and added this event in certain game levels.

– Added a new character in the game, the hero.
– New game level, The Plane.
– New game level, Academy.

4.1.5 Update:


Features Key:

  • Multiple A3 Resolutions
  • Up to 3 Player co-op
  • New 3D, free-move, first person combat game engine
  • Download MP3, WAV, WMA music
  • 1/2 Scale replica WW2 turret along with new white box metal figures
  • Built-in Co-operative player (handheld to PC multiplayer)
  • Keyboard and A3 voice chat
  • Easy to pick up, play and learn
  • Low camera system so players can see the action
  • Multiple game scenarios
  • Full training, tutorial and help functions
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Multiple language support (English, French, Spanish, German)
  • Shield maps
  • Man Mountain
  • Chemistry Warfare
    • Ready-to-Play Game
    • One to One Play
    • Empowered to Engage
    • Coop only
    • Modify any elements of the default gameplay
    • Want to fix a map so it better fits the theme you are playing?
    • Included in Bonus content, 1 Tank, 4 Infantry, 2 Helicopter, 42 Infantry.


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    This is the ultimate rogue-lite experience, skill based platformer that combines the traversal and survival action mechanics with the horror and speed that you would expect from a game like Alien: Isolation. Tired of games that are either garbage or hard, this game lets you choose the difficulty of the game in real-time during gameplay.
    • Play with Friends: Come on over to our Discord Channel for Player vs Player gameplay with your friends!

    • Want to Join our game?
    • Join us on Steam:
    • DISCORD:
    ★ LostEnd:
    ☁ Spotlight ►
    Music used:
    «These Systems»
    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    Steps to Play:
    ■ Run, jump, wall jump and crouch your way through the three towers to the end of the void’s blight and destroy the crystals that hold it all together.
    ■ Avoid the enemies in your way or take them out.
    ■ Climb up, slide down and traverse through the crumbling platforms.
    ■ Try to be aware of your limited oxygen supply and find


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    «There is a wide variety of approaches for players to use. The goal is very simple: score the largest amount of points possible in the time given to you. By dodging plasma projectiles you gain points and combos to earn action points. These can be used for the following perks: teleporting, attack, multi-attack, slowing down time. By killing your foes you gain additional time, which enables you to score more points. Enemies can be killed by your projectiles or can get run over by a ship that you can control at any time, even when you’re not on it. They can also get knocked out and drown when hit by a larger wave. When you get hit, you don’t gain a point and your combo progress decreases. This makes it harder to gain action points that enable the use of player’s abilities – which in return enable player to gain more points.

    The game has a unique positioning in the genre, in that dodging is not the primary goal in order to score points, rather it is used to extend combos in the moment. It is a finesse-based combat where you must anticipate your foes movement. Dodge projectiles in the right direction or time the attack to an opponent that has slowed down, knock him out or trigger a kill combo. The dodge mechanic is not there to prevent you from scoring points, rather, it is there to extend combos, slow down time and take down your enemies. It is a lot of fun, and with every rank you can unlock new combo abilities, like multi-dodging, which opens up even more possibilities.» 4.5/5 – Joystiq «Torchlight 2 isn’t just another by-the-numbers, fetch-this-item-and-kill-that-thing game. It’s a genre-hopping, steampunky action-RPG epic with far-out characters, wild battles and a world to explore.» 4.5/5 – GameSpot «When combined with the massive satisfaction of climbing up the leaderboards, the easy navigation and complex controls give the game a real sense of experimentation, as if this were the first time you’ve picked up an action RPG.» 9/10 – Destructoid «Torchlight II is an action RPG that picks up where its predecessor left off, with a huge, hostile, steampunk world to explore and a total of 8 worlds to visit. It also makes a huge step forward in adding RPG elements to the genre, with a huge number of stats, classes and options to


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    Dr. Umgebung’s School of Life or Dr. Umgebung’s School of Life Lessons is a method/project for training the body mind cooperation by the practitioner himself/herself in a relaxing environment of soft music. It combines methods, tactics and exercises that are said to combine the following:

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    The way to talk out loud rather than sit around and think
    The way to tap into the energy body
    The way to feel in touch with harmony, peace and love.

    It is an exclusive service and is given only to the most dedicated and sincere client.



    February: Dr. Umgebung starts explaining his Theory, his methods and his way of life in public from 16th February 2018. He explains that we are living an era of «over» stress and hunger, «that we are living in an era that is characterized by:

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    the Mind to be Filled with Fear
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    Free Magibot Torrent [Mac/Win]

    – Get ready to put your thumb skills to the test!
    – Race through the challenging course with up to 5 players.
    – Switch seamlessly between online and local multiplayer.
    – 20 challenging stages to complete.
    – Unlock new weapons and upgrades to dominate the competition.
    – Upgrade your E-ball with nitro boost and maxed out power.
    – Horrible bosses, punishing spikes and a world class soundtrack all set to a fast-paced and challenging 5-button game.
    – Leaderboards, high scores, and achievements for each player.
    – Incredible graphics created in 2 weeks from concept to release.
    – 6 unlockable achievements for the first time in the game industry.
    – Steam Achievements (coming soon).
    – Rip your PS4 controller and get ready to play with a mouse!
    – Local Multiplayer:
    – Keyboard and gamepad support.
    – Also supports Xbox 360 controllers via gamepad mode.

    It’s time for another European PlayStation Store update, this time with some lovely retail PS4 and PS Vita titles waiting for you to take home. This week is certainly a busy one, with the arrival of the limited edition Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare physical edition, Star Wars Battlefront and quite a few other exciting titles arriving on PS4.

    The full list of games arriving this week is as follows:

    Star Wars Battlefront – Full game

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Full game

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Full game

    Dead Rising 4 – Full game

    Astro Bot: Hero Rise of Caesar – Full game

    Steep – Full game

    Sonic Lost World (PS3) – Full game

    Contre Jour: First Contact (PS3) – Full game

    The Evolution of Battle Royale (PS3) – Full game

    Rush of Blood (PS3) – Full game

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS3) – Full game

    Farpoint – Full game

    Far Cry Primal – Full game

    Untitled Goose Game – Full game

    Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones – Full game

    Hollow Knight: Silksong – Full game

    October 1st / October 2nd

    Divinity: Original Sin II – Complete Edition (PS4) – $29.99 / £24.99

    Soar (PS4) – $9.99 / £8.99



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