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The year is 1791.
The Witch Forest is buried by snow and the Raft Giants are building a bridge to enter the city. It’s time to gather their strength to challenge the human world.
Do not forget this one: Leave footprints in the snow, for that is how monsters come to your world. Those who do not succumb to their power will be able to take on the greatest champions of the Raft Giant kingdom.
How To Play:
– Click on enemy units to attack
– Burn enemies to win
– Minimise the screen to avoid getting burned
– Hook on the jungle to jump
– Activate the gems you need to attack
– Use the warp to navigate

About Our Game:
Your character lives on the moon. What a long, boring, and lonely life it has been… The moon has 9 lands and each one is randomly generated. The problem is, without an airship, you have no way to explore them and get ahead.
It’s time for you to step into the nearest airship and take on a journey of discovery. You see, the moon has secrets, hidden dungeons, rare artifacts, and alien monsters all waiting for you. Can you find them all?
Other Features:
– Exclusive 2 player Local Play
– Added leaderboards
– Simple input system
– Many skills to choose from
About Us:
Bengoke TV Games is a small team of video game enthusiasts working on indie games with many of our own creations. We’re dedicated to making small but fresh games with a strong atmosphere and unique gameplay.
Bengoke TV Games:

About Game:
Welcome to Paradise Lost. It has been thousands of years since the Great War decimated humanity and the ruins still lie hidden beneath the surface. The only survivors are the mutated fauna and the others that call the island home.
Explore the island in an infinite adventure as a warrior and hunt using bows, spears, and arrows. Collect resources and use them to gain access to all areas. Are you prepared to face danger?
– Infinite Map
– Different Enemies
– Different Bows and Arrows
– Perfect Synchronization
– Random Weapons and Monsters

About Game:
Welcome to Paradise Lost. It has been thousands of years since the Great


Features Key:

  • A great pastime
  • Randomized difficulty
  • Alerts sound when you have a bonus
  • Labirint mode with difficulty settings
  • Support for all configurations
  • Start the game; set the time and the length of the game
  • Support for online high scores
  • Can connect using Android Smart Mobile
  • Secure personal encryption data


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What does a world under siege look like? An ancient city’s walls battle a home invasion, attaining the colour of rust and decay. A universe of night and despair, where power and struggle seem to have changed everything. An entire cosmos under siege, a world without light, and everyone fighting for something they can’t see…
What is the most important thing to any world under siege?
Unlike prior titles in the series, The Idolm@ster franchise now features the direct story and characters of the world, where you can immerse yourself in the world of an RPG. Help to bring the adorable Godly Palms and their friends back to life. Train them for battles and also use items from the battle system to fill up their abilities.
An entirely new cast of Godly Palms and characters
The fight against a threat that cannot be solved easily
Play like an RPG as you have to think about every item and power you use, and even the positioning of your character
Form an idol party to train Godly Palms with a friend
Battle against the Darkness
Unlock numerous new fighting moves for your favorite Palms
All-new battle system, where you can freely move characters around the screen and use items
Challenge the Darkness by raising the land’s level
New drama system, where the Dark Palms exist
More than 120 items
Quests and new story
A new cast of Godly Palms with special abilities
An immersive new battle system
The city will never be the same…
Challenge The Darkness (Windows PC)
Release Date: 3 June 2020
Price: 3,990 yen
Region: World
PlayStation 4
Release Date: 3 June 2020
Price: 4,990 yen
Region: World
About Rockman & Forte’s The Idolm@ster
Rockman & Forte’s The Idolm@ster is a console game developed by Marvelous Inc. and published by The Onion Group on December 18, 2004 in Japan, then by The Pokémon Company on November 9, 2005 in the United States. The game is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up role-playing game in the sense that the player takes on the role of a playable version of one of the four hero Godly Palms in order to defeat hordes of the same enemies.
The gameplay follows a grid like structure, where the character moves from one square to the next, inflicting damage on any enemies that


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Game «Harmonium» is a simple point-and-click game in the genre of puzzle, where you will have to react to different events that happen in real time. After each click on an object in the game, its state will change. This makes the game an enjoyable point-and-click adventure. The object of the game is to advance your team to the next destination by collecting a certain number of points.
Set in 2066 Harmonium Point, built after the world war, is a beautiful town that celebrates the night! Harmoniums economy revolves around the festival of lights and the enthusiasm of its citizens.But all has not gone as planned, and Harmoniums mayor (and founder of the game) noticed that something was not right. A growing number of citizens are disappearing, and the strange news that the mayor is a traitor is spreading throughout the town. The mayor has sworn to wipe out the rest of the population, and the heroes in your team will have to intervene to save Harmoniums people! It will be up to you to solve the mysteries of this very strange town!Will you be able to find the truth?

Have you enjoyed challenges, games and free stuff in the past? Then download this game and you will have all the enjoyment a day like today used to offer you!

What you need to know about the game:

Main Features: 100+ Challanges, 10+ stages, 1 amazing hero for all devices. High quality graphics and sound, no annoying pop-ups, HD support. Enjoy hours of gameplay on the go without having to worry about connection.

Why its great for you and your family?

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The Limitless Quest is the BEST game of «Puzzles & Puzzles» genre. You could solve Puzzles just for fun. You could also learn new skills with challenges and challenges. You could also join in quests and help other players. Simply, Its fun!

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What’s new in Lake Road:

.19.1 prior to patch 7.19.2Live streams: ​ is a video download (sorry for the length, this video is quite big):

Similarly you can try to use Tor value (available before start), so you don’t need to forward all of your traffic through your local gateway (because sometimes this bypasses some firewalls), they simply won’t get any connection through it.


No offense to you, but all these initial posts coming from «hackers» trying to get around the word base they should be banned too, also the smart story you posted was by some random person, and nothing says that random person is any more or less I know everything, but noone except a few highly skilled people really know everything.Q:

Revert changes in Git staged files

I decided to squash a commit using the Git command
git reset –soft HEAD~1

It reverts changes in a file from the index. However, that file was previously tracked in Git. Is it still possible to make those changes I reverted back to the original version? I am using Git version 2.2.4.
Here is a sample of the log:
$ git fsck
Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
Checking objects: 100% (48/48), done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (7/7), done.

$ git log –decorate
C436eb… c8027f485 reduce options and simplify command handling
97a5785… a4ef1d415 1.0.0
606a923… 3db13a09 Improvements to helpfiles


Yes, it is. Your changes are still lying in stashed changes, and can be applied when you run git stash apply.
(See on git stash for more information.)
The examples on the linked pages can be adapted to your case, but for example:
git stash apply –index file -c «origin cleanup» –all




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ARROW HEADS is a hilarious party game for 2 to 4 players.
* Customize your character with tons of hilarious animals, weapons and costumes.
* Battle your friends and foes in couch multiplayer.
* Fight giant beartiful monsters and other creatures.
* Dodge arrows, rockets, cannons and traps on your journey to the top.
* Enjoy full HD graphics, multiple modes, plus a plethora of unlockable items.
* Venture through a colorful and humorous fantasy world.
Key Features:
– 2-4 Local or Online Battle
– Choose to play Team Battle or Survival
– Highly customizable characters with a huge arsenal of weapons
– Heart-pumping rhythms and sounds
– Choose your own soundtrack from our massive in-game music library
– Unlock over 30 Avatars and tons of costumes
– Explore a huge world, including major cities and the dark of the forest
– Over 20 hours of gameplay
What else do you need to know:
– Controller support with every mode
– EXCLUSIVE Gamespy Leaderboard features
– Compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Use arrow to leap through the skies and dodge incoming arrows in this modern take on the classic game, starring a parade of hilarious characters. Take your bow and bowels for a journey of arrows to the face!
Arrow Heads is going to be blowing your socks off, and with a friend or four, if you’re a proper archer.
Please note that Arrow Heads is an Early Access game.
This means there are some features that are missing, but more are on their way.Adnan Durmehri

Adnan Durmehri (), known as «Haji Adnan» (in Turkish) or «Habib Adnan» (in Persian) (2 August 1943, Murtepe, İstanbul – 1 July 2011, İstanbul) was a Turkish artist. He is regarded as one of the major designers in Turkey.


Adnan Durmehri was born in Murtepe, Turkey on 2 August 1943. He grew up in the city of İstanbul, and studied in the classes of prof. Hasan Coşkun between 1960 and 1964. He completed his education, under the tutelage of professor Erol Ozbay, in the Department of Art, in the Faculty of Arts, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in 1982. His thesis was on the subject of �


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