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Name一花一世界 | The Lotus
Rating4.41 / 5 ( 3307 votes )
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A true oceanic action game. Defend your ship from a variety of enemy attacks.

All the facets of naval combat can be played. Experience the thrilling sound of the ram and the heavy machine gun. A full range of bombs and mortars will be also available.

In the mean time, learn new tricks to cut the enemy short. In Naval Action, every action produces a different effect. Feel yourself like the ruler of the ocean.

Multiplayer Features
You can invite your friends to play on your server, and enjoy the online battle. Four modes are available to start the battle in:

Take command mode: Lead your team in 5 player versus 5 mode.

Fleet exercise mode: Play with your friends in 5 player versus 5 mode.

Dog fighter mode: Fight with the enemy fleet in 5 player versus 5 mode.

Deathmatch mode: Fight with unlimited number of participants in 5 player versus 5 mode.

At the start of the game, you can choose between two ship types:

Gunboat: A fast ship that can quickly cross the sea. It has a wide cannon and a machine gun.

Destroyer: A large ship that has only one cannon but three machine guns. It is more durable than a gunboat.

There are eight difficulty levels in the game, as well as ship camouflage options.

Each of the difficulties has eight sub difficulties, which can be unlocked by completing the given level.

The game has several game modes:

Command, which features only one player. The commander must make the best decisions and coordinate the team, the strategy and the tactics.

Gunfight, which features two or more players. One team must manage to achieve a certain objective.

Dogfighter, which features three to four players. Two teams fight, and the team with more total points wins.

Deathmatch, which features unlimited number of players. There are no teams, only a free-for-all.

Gameplay and Navigation
Naval Action offers fullscreen gameplay, which can be customized to your preferences.

In free to roam mode, the ship can move all over the map. There are no restrictions in movement.

In ship tour mode, your team must explore the map and find all the enemy ships.

In free roam mode, the camera zooms out from the ship and lets you get an overview.

The game offers a variety of camera options


Additional Information

Name一花一世界 | The Lotus
Rating4.41 / 5 ( 3307 votes )
Update(1 days ago)


ĸ花一世界 | The Lotus Features Key:

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NEW- FEATURES: Over 150 new weapons, armor and upgrades including locked-on shields and autolances, more structures, and much more.

TWIST OF FATE – It’s a game of war. It’s also a game of destiny. With so many different characters to choose from and so many different factions to ally with, it’s up to you which one you belong to! Do you want to play as a Sith Warrior, a Jedi Knight, a Death Trooper or even play as an Asmodian or a Sith? It’s up to you! It’s amazing and exciting what they did to expand the story line, but it’s not all fun and games for the Empire. With conflict becoming more and more dangerous between the Sith and the Jedi, the Emperor’s Dark Lord, Darth Vadar, has allied himself with Sith forces and set his sights on everyone’s favorite Jedi, the Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker.
– NOW PLAYABLE AS A DESTROYER CLASS! The Emperor’s attack on the Republic fleet has devastated the Republic fleet. It’s time to take the battle to the Emperor! With new TIE and X-Wing Fighter upgrades, take command of the Emperor’s new medium fleet!

FIRST BLOOD – The Emperor’s attack has awakened the warlords of the Outer Rim, and none of them are friend or foe. Will the new Republic fleet stand in the Emperor’s way, or will it be crushed before it has a chance to fight?

AI – The Emperor has an impressive new AI that will lead to hours of fun.

UNIQUE GAMEPLAY – The Empire’s new battlecruisers have an impressive array of weapons and functions. But they also have a new weakness in the form of shields and hull. It’s up to you to exploit this weakness to your advantage!

CROSS-BATTLE – The Emperor is no longer content with war against the Republic. The Empire now contends against a new threat in the form of a new evil organization called the Legion. Is the Republic prepared for the threat from the Legion?

SUPERB SPECIAL EFFECTS – Watch as stars explode behind the player’s craft as they fly through a black hole. Examine the ship’s hull as it is crushed by enemy fire. Feel your ship fly through space due to a severe gravitational force. It’s not just pretty – it’s SOUND EFFECT!

ENDLESS REWARDS – Star Wars is back and more exciting than ever! Play for free with


ĸ花一世界 | The Lotus [Updated-2022]

PHOGS! is a unique point-and-click adventure game with a physical component in the form of large discs. PHOGS! doesn’t limit you to just a single disc though. Once you start on your adventure, you’ll unlock new adventures on the next disc, and so on. Your adventure will have no repeats (save the final disc). Use the disc switches in PHOGS! to enter the different dungeons!The game has multiple endings – explore the levels for hidden treasures!NEW FEATURES!

• Additional Original Scores by Henry Pullan added
• Difficulty Slider – You can change the difficulty level and set up your own playthrough that’s right for you
• New Adventure! – Continue the adventure on the next disc once you’ve completed the first!
• New rooms and puzzles
• New gameplay mechanics!

The PHOGS! Soundtrack is only available for a limited time!

Already own a copy? – Subscribe to the publisher to get the premium version! (with full additional content)

Approximately 2 hours of unique scores originally made for this game. These instruments are meant to be played with real instruments, with a simple piano playing for the melody lines. May sound like techno and other similar «electronic» instruments, but the goal was not to create a «foreign» style, but rather to create a style that is appropriate for a PHOGS!-like adventure game, while staying true to the medium at the same time. If you have a question regarding the production of this soundtrack, please contact me.

A professionally mastered audio mix of the PHOGS! Soundtrack, an original game score by Henry Pullan, containing different soundtracks (with several extra pieces), designed and composed from original music, composed and produced by Henry Pullan. The package contains 1 CD, 1 DVD and 1 USB.

This is the complete original soundtrack from the PHOGS! game. The soundtrack is also known as «The Lost PHOGS! Soundtrack» and is a limited release. The audio mix is hosted on a USB device, so you can listen to it with an mp3 player. Also, you can find the music files on GitHub.

If you like my work, consider buying this soundtrack


What’s new in ĸ花一世界 | The Lotus:

> I seriously don’t know what else to try? I have partitioned my hard drive a long time ago. I like to keep my knowledge, files and whatever in dual boot, I am running win 7, but i would like to run ubuntu in it’s perfect graphical goodness.
Fyodor, A OAK config is not a distro I know of, you need to look.
Fyodor, EOL’ed
Fyodor, ah, a dd command.
Fyodor, So your trying to break windows?
But when I log into the server it gives me a black screen. Nothing on virtual terminal such as alt-f1. Is there any other way to get a console window to login and see what is wrong with KDE?
Fyodor, Read the link the bot gave.
Fyodor, Not a good idea not two systems not even close.
Fyodor, There and back more than likely help need to ask other questions.
i messed up
I don´t know what to ask today
Just wanted to have a big wave of linux feeling
I am new to linux 🙂
i run 12.04 server (on virtualbox) and it does not have an effect on the wlan (which is this case) how can i test for the drivers
i need an email client with a address book
wait no. i need 1 command-line
2 commands please
!enter | MrQuist
MrQuist: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don’t use the «Enter» key as punctuation!
Slart that factoid was me wanting 2 commands
barjoe, which ubuntu version do you run?


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The Valley of the Dolls is a 1961 American drama film directed by Mark Robson and starring Ava Gardner, Warren Beatty, Tina Louise, George Hamilton, and Amanda Pays. It is based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Helen Schulman.

Vanity Fair Magazine has established a new section called The Dolls, which has quickly become a huge success. Its founding editor Olivia de Havilland is busy dealing with the personal side of her life as well, marrying George Hamilton, and divorcing him. In turn, he quits the magazine to start his own new magazine called The Magazine. George is appalled to see how the New Yorker Magazine has become an advertising vehicle, completely ignoring quality writing and art. However, after his editor Gertrude Trask offers him a position of Editor-in-Chief, he agrees to work with the New Yorker staff.

Vanity Fair is in the midst of its «Stars in the Fifties» party. Meanwhile, Olivia, who is trying to avoid entanglements with her old boyfriend Douglas Millage, feels that she has to admit to herself that she has truly fallen in love with her new husband. She realizes that she cannot become the successful playwright she dreamed of becoming because that would erase the notion of her as the personification of beauty that the magazine has insisted upon her being. She asks her friend Dickie Greenleaf to ask her former lover Ralph Burgess to join her in bringing the literary and artistic world together with the world of fashion and publicity.

Theatrical producer Robert Cobb, who is part of the elite circle of admirers of the magazine, invites Olivia and her husband to his lavish «summer home» in the country. Olivia is determined to stop working at a time when she wants to start a family, but she cannot resist the lure of Hollywood and having as a mistress another mistress—popular actress Lee Remick, who wants to go to the same «summer home». Meanwhile, Douglas,


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System Requirements For ĸ花一世界 | The Lotus:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 32 MB DirectX 11
Hard Disk Space: 40 MB free HDD space
Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 2.2 GHz

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