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Featuring a whole new set of story environments, additional costumes, and extra character skins, the ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS Pre-Order DLC Pack is the perfect pre-order bonus for fans of the ONE PUNCH MAN game.
Product Features:
– Bonus: 1 Character (Saitama) and 1 Final Costume (Saitama (Black Suit) and Saitama (Jersey)) included for free!
– Saitama Outfit: 3 Additional Outfits (or 1 Part) included!
– Saitama Mask Avatar Part!
– Character Skins: 3 additional character skins (or 1 Skin) included!
– Story Mode: A new set of story environments have been added!Q:

Delete array item using $index if it is empty using MongoDB

I want to delete array item from collection if it is empty using MongoDB
«_id»: ObjectId(«54f8a35e4b56a6d1e9c3ad2d»),
«name»: «kund»
«_id»: ObjectId(«54f8a47f4b56a6d1e9c3ad2e»),
«name»: «dese»
«_id»: ObjectId(«54f8a56874b4e08f6ca5c44d»),
«name»: «cse»
«_id»: ObjectId(«54f8a62d0b5522d22a507777»),
«name»: «tte»
«_id»: ObjectId(«54f8a62f0b5522d22a50778b»),
«name»: «tekk»

When I run this:
‘name’: «kund»
‘$unset’: { ‘array’: ‘null’ }
‘new’: true
‘upsert’: true
).each( function( kund ) {
db.collection.remove( kund._id );


Hitman: Blood Money Features Key:

  • 25 levels’ accumulation.
  • 10 levels of RETRO arcade graphics
  • 12 number of hazard combinations to choose from
  • 5 unlimited continues
  • 3 bonus targets
  • 1 mode of challenge: Traditional arcade game.
  • 3 different modes of tournament (Arcade game, Basketball game and etc…)
  • 10 original themes
  • Download the game nowBackground

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    Materials and methods

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    HERO STAFF – Interactive Hero Corps

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    HERO STAFF is an action-adventure game with a story that can be unlocked step by step!The Best Home Fries Recipe Ever

    What’s the one food item you can’t live without? I can tell you what it’s not – it’s not fried. Ever. If you’re in my household, all you can eat are home fries and mashed potatoes.

    This entry was posted
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    You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.
    You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Q:

    php pdo sql issue

    i am getting weird issue. when i try to print my query value in my controller like
    print($this->Db->query(‘SELECT count(*) as total FROM `items`’)->fetch());

    and display it in my view file like

    it works fine, but when i try to do
    print($this->Db->query(‘SELECT count(*) as total FROM `items`’)->fetchAll());

    in my controller then it throws an error as undefined variable or something
    is there any issue in my code?


    In the second case the query function returns a resource. You can access the data that is available in that resource like:
    $data = $this->Db->query(‘SELECT count(*) as total FROM `items`’)->fetchAll();
    $count = $data[0]->total;

    $data = $this->Db->query(‘SELECT count(*) as total FROM `items`’);
    $count = $data->fetchAll();

    $data = $this->


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    How To Install and Crack Hitman: Blood Money:

  • open the archive and extract the files
  • place the *.pbo files in the proper folder in the Fantasy Grounds installation folder
  • close and launch Fantasy Grounds – Beastheart and Monstrous Companions
  • create your custom spells and saves
  • click on save!
  • P.S. You can hold down ctrl+shift+s to save directly from within Fantasy Grounds – Beastheart and Monstrous Companions. You can find this option in the Tools menu.


    <img id='BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5276955042084061050' border='0' src='./Fantasy-Grounds-Beastheart-and-Monstrous-Companions.png' alt='' style='



    System Requirements For Hitman: Blood Money:

    OS: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i3 2100
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    HDD: 40GB
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780/ AMD Radeon R9 270X or better
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