Kasumi is the 4th game of the DOA series. Kasumi is the name of a popular ninja in Japan. You will get her costume as the Witch outfit. It will be easy to become Kasumi, because all of her moves are similar to the ones we would use for a real Ninja.

The witch outfit is easily obtainable in the costume shop. If you have got the Kasumi costume you can unlock Witch’s skirt by using the costume outfit in game. Witch’s skirt is in our nude and fitting for a boy costume…

This product may be a part of a package (Kasumi Costume+Girl-Snake Prints). To use this witch’s outfit, press the button on the weapon to open the costume menu first.

– Demon Form –

Nozomi and Furi are going to the nearby town for a cheat. But they come back with a new costume: witch.

The witch is a powerful Ninja costume, and to wear it you must press the button on the weapon to open the costume menu first. Then you can obtain one of the following forms:

Demon Form:
I am a real witch.
The hair is long and black.
The clothes are white.
The waist is invisible.
The chest is small.
The sleeves are long.
The body is stiff.
The face and head are white.
The eyes are black.

Witch Form:
The hair is short.
The clothes are black.
The waist is short.
The chest is small.
The sleeves are short.
The body is stiff.
The face and head are white.
The eyes are white.

Form a witch has different weapons to the opposite form.

Momo has another ability with her weapons.

All of the Witch are based on the Ninja Kasumi.

In the witch’s clothes is the witch’s crest.

You are going to a party tonight.

Please enjoy this new costume.

– Superior Whip (Ai)

Lick «Superior Whip» to keep hold of your whip and control it. To move the whip, tap the gun.

You’ll keep hold of your whip with one hand, so you’re always getting a whip.

Use the whip by the shot button.

Use a Shoot-Punch by alternating «Left Trigger» and «Right Trigger».

– Twin


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American Angst is a multiple-choice interactive fiction driven by your imagination. The player takes the role of «the unknown» – a person who woke up in a prison complex after being kidnapped and tortured. Now it’s up to the player to find out why he ended up there, and why the prison warden wants to kill him.
Your choices determine the narrative of the story and will determine how the story unfolds. Will you be a silent witness, a passive protagonist who will slowly unravel the mystery? Or will you go for your life – killing all those you meet along the way? You decide!
The game has been developed using Twine, which is a text-based game engine that allows you to tell a story in full freedom.
The player’s imagination is as important as the choice you make in the game. The more subtle choices will have a meaningful impact on the story.
The game does not feature graphic violence, no sound effects (only text is used), no mini-games and no extra graphics.
Twine helps the player stay immersed and focus on the text. The story unfolds in five separate chapters, each dealing with different parts of the main story. You are able to control where you go and what you see.
American Angst is an interactive novel game set in a dystopian world, brought to you by M3G1DD0.
You want more American Angst on Twitter? M3G1DD0 is a writer and developer at DMs-maker DM-dd-s.
The first episode was originally published for free at the Twine website. You can read it here:
There was also a preview version of the game here on the DM-dd-s Blog for a small number of players:

published:27 Oct 2015


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Garden Magic

Push your game to the max by crashing your car into billboards, traffic lights and other obstacles.The more cars you cause to pile up, the more points you will earn.In fact, you will earn very special extra points if you hit a home run.
* Night Shift FREE – just download and play
– All vehicles unlocked
– Beat the highscore of all the cars at the end of each level
– Time Attack mode: compete against the clock with the fastest cars
– In multiplayer mode, the faster you are, the more points you will earn
– Also added Race Games mode, where you can compete to beat your opponents at certain goals
* Night Shift PRO – get out of your car and into your life
– Unlock and upgrade new vehicles such as the mean looking Mustang GT500, the muscle car Chevy Chevelle or the iconic London Taxi
– Earn money by doing better in Race and Time Attack modes
– Unlock new achievements, earn daily achievements
– Re-design your apartment
– Customize your cars, and much, much more
* Night Shift PLUS – it’s the top of the heap
– Get to and from work fast
– Unlock more vehicles and themes
– Upgrade and customize your apartment
– Customize your cars
– Personalize your vehicle
* Night Shift PRO PLUS – Show me the money.
– Use all the money you earned in the other modes in this one.
– Three types of money:
– Red: Earned in Time Attack
– Blue: Earned in Race
– Gold: Earned by upgrading and customizing your apartments
* Night Shift PRO PLUS – Go gold.
– Earn and use more money
– Re-design your apartment
– Customize your cars
– Show me the money
– Unlock the new «Boss Mode»
What’s New:
Download «Night Shift» now and experience the Night Shift!
Have Fun…

Learn to play Cake Poker in a whole new way with the official Cake Poker practice tools. Learn the basic rules of Cake Poker before you challenge your friends to a full game.
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What’s new in Garden Magic:

    Measure III

    I found this interesting article posted by Peter and maybe a few others could chime in. It has a description of what’s going on in Three Zones and though some things are very loosely presented, I’m intrigued by the “Civil War without firing a shot.”

    Is that possible in real life?

    1) One Piece – What is the “Point of Pain”? There are some who think this is the American and Western Military Structures including Naval Ships of the former soviet satellites today. This is the “Army” of the Communist Chinese and all the actions, so far, that would be in support of China are seen as part of their strategy. Is this true? I would not think so since this is a country that has huge numbers of land based infantry (including the PLA/Navy).

    2) South East Asia. Yet China does not invade SE Asia but everything is happening on American soil and China has taken a very strong position of support for the Rohingya, minority in Myanmar, who speak a language that China claims is UNREDACTED and SO China gets strong positions that included UNREDACTED and solid sellouts. Unredacted meaning that China was a firm UNREDACTED before the other sides involvement. And the sellouts were so strong that they UNREDACTED a case that they leaked to the press. Unredacted means that the Chinese could have suspended sanctions in a very strong and firm UNREDACTED way.

    Yes, the real world is so UNREDACTED that even the terrorists hit the door. Our infrastructure and military should be ready to go but the TERRORISM forces hit the door first. Very much like the XO in the Millennium Falcon said.

    “Trouble on Strut 6, sir, we’re getting a distress call.”

    “Trouble on the what?”

    “Trouble with the strut, sir.”

    “What kind of trouble? Anybody out there?”

    “Negative, sir. No one seems to be home.”

    And other than that, Mr. Goldfinger, she’s a sweet piece of ass!

    Main Arena Theory – It’s a good book. You read two different eras, one of warfare and one of ideals. In the parallel universe, it’s the ideals that bear little resemblance to reality.


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    A true legend is born
    Juro Janosik is a real Slavic hero, a herald of the last pagan era of Slovakia. He conquered whole lands, vanquishing the knights of the crusades, using his skills and cunning.Juro Janosik was a major historical figure in the Middle Ages, who lead the last pagan era of Slovakia, a real hero of a good fight for freedom and independence. He was one of the greatest military commanders in the history of Slovakia. Only a handful of the people knew about the price he paid for his dreams.
    The game «Juro Janosik – The Legend» is the first video game based on the theme of the hero and the legend of Juro Janosik. The game can be considered as a major step in the history of video games as the first true role-playing game (RPG) story (video game) based on the theme of a real hero.
    The player’s and the heroine’s tasks are to help Juro Janosik in his quest for freedom.
    In the game, we can solve three main tasks:
    – Help Juro Janosik and his journey to bring freedom for Slovakia;
    – Discover the true story of the legendary hero;
    – Participate in the fight of the heroes in the game.
    -Juro Janosik – The Legend
    Play the adventure with Juro Janosik – a hero whose legend has grown and grown, as he does not appear in history books.
    You will have to travel through the lands of Slovakia, where he was born, lived and dreamed of freedom.
    Do you want to help Juro Janosik?
    You will have to solve his tasks.
    The game is filled with challenging puzzles and quests that will force you to develop your own skills and ingenuity.
    Explore the land of Slovakia where the legend was born.
    Meet people and discover their tales.
    Unravel the mystery of Juro Janosik.
    And witness the people’s tales about the legend.
    The story of the characters is taking place in the autumn of the 14th century – medieval Europe. The game you play in this world with its medieval settings, fully-textured environments and animated characters. The game is based on the old values of the middle ages, based on honor, truth, honesty, freedom and loyalty, while being set against the backdrop of Juro Janosik’s era.
    The game «Juro Jan


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 4GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX® 9 compatible
OS: Windows 7 (32/64-bit),


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