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[td]Welcome to Roblox, the most fun online game community where children can imagine, create, and play anything they can imagine using creative games and free….
Roblox have 163,827,406.452/month members.[/td][td][size=10px][b]May 19, 2020[/td]

This project has been archived. It was an instructive and educational project for those learning about the Roblox API.

Many of the lessons from this project have been incorporated into the [ tutorial] written by [ Robert Schurtz].

Hello, World! We’re Roblox API!

In this project, we’ll demonstrate how to use the Roblox API to create a custom experience for your project, whether you’re a game developer looking to make an all new game or a creator looking to make an experience in the Roblox Studio. If you’re familiar with the Roblox API or have used the API before, then this project should be pretty easy for you. If you’re new to the API, start with the [ Getting Started with the Roblox API] tutorial to learn about the basic concepts of the API.

Getting Started with the API

You will need to be logged in to an active account on the Roblox Developer Portal. If you do not have an active account and want to make changes to your account settings, please open a support ticket with our support team.

If you have already connected to the API, you can skip the next section.

Each player gets their own folder within the root of the API instance. Because you’ll be creating a new game and using Robux for in-game purchases, we’ll be creating a new API folder. So, open up your [ account’s ‘API Folder’] within the Developer Portal and create a new API folder.

Make sure that the folder you’re creating has the


Features Key:


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