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published:01 May 2019


Take your game on the go with G-SYNC on PS4. This is the new top of the line in display technology.

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published:03 Aug 2018


The OfficialSite of ActionSquash – the Original Scrapbook Squash™.
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Inflation in the Stats-Physics Course


I teach a Math in the Natural Sciences course at my local university. The class meets five days a week for two years. One day in the class, I give a sort of crash course on Gradient Descent Optimization and Monte Carlo Methods. I like to make my grad students uncomfortable because it piques their attention and gets them more excited about the topic. During my presentation, I show my colleagues some computer code and they ask “What is this!?” and I tell them to try it out.

So far this has been a rather benign activity.

My presentation on Machine Learning was not quite as innocuous, but it is still a curiosity.

My colleagues approach me with one question. Is the class spending too much time on stats compared to physics? They tell me that in their previous classes on Machine Learning they spent lots of time on calculus for one. I had almost a full day for the stats, which seemed to be well spent.

The next morning, one of the faculty asks, “Is the stats load too much for our stats course?” I was floored. He goes on to tell me that the last two papers published by a team of his colleagues on Big Data modeling were on Artificial Neural Networks.

I called the department chair and asked if there was any pressure to publish papers on those topics. He told me that he thought there was pressure and some colleagues had been trying to publish.

I asked if my institution had any guidelines for ML papers. He told me that they didn’t, but there was pressure.

I asked how much time he had to try to publish papers that had been funded by NSF or NIH. He said that they were looking for a single team, so once that process had started they had an additional year of funding.

I asked if their computer science department faculty had similar opportunities. He said that they did have a journal but no formal time pressures.

There is so much more I could report but, the answer is simple and, ultimately, what I learned is that the instructors in my department do not have access to the resources available at other departments.

And, I’m not complaining.

My contract for


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This is about your Roblox game account.

It is the first time that players are going to see such a many free robux games on Google Play.

Don’t allow an app to go undetected.

Don’t allow your mobile phone to be stolen.

Don’t allow your app to slip into your device without your permission.

The apps that we’re writing in this blog aren’t meant to create a new richt to Roblox.
They are completely different from other free robux generator.
Nowadays, you can do anything with your mobile phones to get free money.
Even bank accounts get frauded by players.

There are many free robux games which use an automated Robux bot because players want to play more.

But these robux bots are deceptive and dangerous for your account.

It’s simple to say that you don’t like a fraudulent Roblox app.
But it’s always good to see because every year, the amount of players’ account gets frauded decreases by using these robux bots.
Even the following robuxing apps are undetectable. But unfortunately, they can still be harmful for your account.

If your robux bots won’t be detected, it’s not safe for your account.

What are free robux apps without any hidden ties to your account?

What are free robux games without any hidden ties to your account?

Are there any free robux generators without any hidden ties to your account?

Nowadays, it is not guaranteed anymore to play free games on the Roblox site.
More and more players are going to the Roblox games on Google Play.
People are going to the Play Store in order to find free robux games.
I think that it’s good for the Roblox games.


As you know, there are some robber games that use a Roblox robux generator.
These robux bots are of course undetectable.
You can also protect your account from getting deleted.
The free robux maker has a good Robux bot by which you can make free robux without any detection.

Here are some tips to protect your account from getting destroyed by these robux bots.

Protect your account from going undetected

If you’re new to Roblox, you might not know that some apps aren’t safe for your account.


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Download the Full Paid Mod ApkUnlimited Robux free from the Official Roblox Website Here Once you download the mod apk full version of Unlimited Robux, You will get all the unlimited robux. Once you sign into your accounts, you can click on «my inventory», and then click on «add friends»(add people from your friend list) and then click on all people will appear in you inventory to select. Then click and press «trade» button to send and receive the items.

As you can see there are many perks that you can buy with your gold.

How To Get Unlimited Robux?

All we need to do to activate the Unlimited Robux for free. The developer has made it possible for us to gain access to free Robux. So you do not need to spend any money for playing unlimited robux. So follow the steps for getting unlimited robux and start enjoy what you need right away. The above feature is limited to new accounts only. Once you log in into the game for the first time. You will gain unlimited robux.

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So remember, There is no in-app purchase for Unlimited Robux. After you choose to use the hack apk. The Gold you have is removed. So you do not need to worry because there are none of them. So you can use the robux hack apk without having to worry about anything.


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