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Two sisters, Zamisa and Zarimi, live in the universe that is run by a holy people, where every woman is given birth to two children. They live together peacefully in the two separate home places in the planet, until Zarimi’s spiritual awakening happens at the same time. Once Zarimi awaken, her life will be full of difficulties as being a saint. Zamisa has to go to her place as a saint and work together with her twin sister Zarimi as being a saint and an important official in the planet.
About the Artist :Sansuka Yuuki is Japanese artist’s name and draw the concept art of this game.
Made in Manga Studio 4.
Made by :Mysterious Panda.
Artwork :Nullarora.
Music :HyperTrophies.
Game License:
Version: 4.1.
How to get Unlimited Gold:
1.Make sure your game have a background of Girl in Profile View and click F8 key to make sure the game the background of Girl in Profile View.
2.Please close the game to allow other process can run.
3.You can buy unlimited gold at the virtual store.
4.Unlimited gold is valid for two hours.
If the above method don’t work, please send a mail to sigmixmail@gmail.com for further help.
How to get unlimeted health:
1.Make sure you are online, please sign in with your google+ account.
2.Please find out how to open a link on an action screen to get unlimeted health.
How to get unlimited mana:
1.Make sure you are online, please sign in with your google+ account.
2.Please find out how to open a link on an action screen to get unlimeted mana.
How to get unlimeted power:
1.Make sure you are online, please sign in with your google+ account.
2.Please find out how to open a link on an action screen to get unlimeted power.
How to get unlimited mana, health and power:
1.Make sure you are online, please sign in with your google+ account.
2.Please find out how to open a link on an action screen to get unlimeted mana, health and power.
How to get infinite energy:
1.Make sure you are online,


Features Key:

  • 4hrs of game play
  • 3hrs of training free trial
  • 1000s of levels
  • Keep score and compete globally
  • Free to play


Dream Of The Hikikomori Free [Win/Mac]

Coconut Island is a beautifully crafted, strategic adventure game for iOS.
Inspired by the board game and popular MtG card game.
Coconut Island offers a casual experience that encourages players to re-visit locations from the board game.
In this game you must rebuild your island from nothing after a volcano erupts and devastates your community.
The core gameplay is a simple tile matching game.
To win the game you must complete all the objectives for a level.
Coconut Island is a challenging yet accessible game.
Who can you trust?

*Game available to download for free. In-App purchases are optional.


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La Rsistance covers the most secretive of actions. Let the enemy know you are looking in their blind spots and they will have no choice but to react.Learn and master the game mechanics of espionage, including subtle techniques that work in even the most difficult situations. Use your impressive knowledge of the enemy and the country to your advantage to sabotage your enemy’s political plans and make life difficult for them in ways they cannot predict.Only a few of the world’s nations have the capabilities and resources to be a threat to Great Powers like France, Germany and the United Kingdom. By working for the Allies you can play a key role in changing the game outcomes for your side.The La Rsistance missions are based on actual events. As you make progress in the game you will find that the context of the La Rsistance events has changed. Don’t be fooled by the present tense – you can still make a difference!

© 2017, Paradox Interactive AB. Paradox Interactive is a registered trademark of Paradox Interactive AB. All Rights Reserved. Paradox, Hearts of Iron and related marks and logos are trademarks of Paradox Interactive AB. Paradox and the Paradox logo are trademarks of Paradox Interactive AB. AI War and A Clash of Kings are trademarks of Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

IMPORTANT: the content of the game is not yet final, and there are still a lot of gameplay and graphical changes that are being added.

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This is an expansion pack for the A-Clash of Kings expansion.The expansion is to add new eras for the existing Napoleonic Era campaign.

Hearts of Iron IV: La R̩sistance will include:- New Allies for the La R̩sistance Era РFrance, Italy, Spain, Prussia, The Netherlands- New Intervention Missions and Events in La R̩sistance- A new set of topographical maps for each faction, including terrain manipulation- New national Border Cards and Foreign Policy cards- New War Decorations and a new nationalist event.- New Railway Cards to keep your industries flowing, and with the addition of fresh additions like coal and iron mines in the La R̩sistance Era.- The ability to use new AI races and units in La R̩sistance (See the race/unit cards below)- New units and changes to existing units including a reorganization of the regular army,


What’s new in Dream Of The Hikikomori:

    Fish Story: Gourmet Puzzle is a puzzle video game developed by Namco-Bandai Games and distributed by Namco for the Game Boy Color handheld video game console. It was released on September 18, 2000 in Japan, July 6, 2001 in North America and October 26, 2001 in Europe for the Nintendo 64.

    The Gameworld, a world populated by humans, fish, sea creatures, dinosaurs, robots, and aliens, is plagued by the «Unicorn Crisis». Unicorns are the game’s equivalent to chaos pirates, since unicorns are one step away from becoming a terrifying spirit that will either capture a player’s soul and use it to physically control his body, or kill him outright, depending on which one is the AI version. If a unicorn is conquered, both the player’s soul and the unicorn’s soul are forcefully converted into one by the Chaos Emperor and chained to the gameworld’s undersea temple, thus causing destruction to the mankind’s underwater city.

    Before the player begins the adventure, he is briefly guided through the events which led the creation of the Unicorn Crisis by an old unicorn who personally past on to the Chaos Emperor.

    In Gourmet Puzzle, the player controls a «Chrono-Lancer» who is described as «a race of fish with organic legs, in reality the latter are the actual trapezes, granting the Chrono-Lancer the jumping ability of his namesake.» The protagonist of the game, Charan, is a fish who, due to his inability to consume people, can only attend to the world as an observer. The Chrono-Lancer can traverse the 3D environments by fishing on tramps all over the ocean, thereby gaining items and power ups (more about that later).

    Initial objections are made when the traveler is introduced to the «G-Meters,» the game’s equivalent to Time Accelerators, most notable of which is its passing after every daily log-out, and locked-in-after-log-out tabula rasa «Museum Mode». The museum, full of 1000 pictures of past players, is later made unavailable if the player ventures away from the range of the world’s «Chrono-Radio,» and also serves as the lab for the coming battle against the Chaos Emperor, which unlocks a fourth main play area, called «The Volcano Frontier.»

    The game time runs on a real-time system and thus is affected by many factors: seasons,


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    Infested Earth, ravaged by the hostile alien invasion and defended by a small army of space mercenaries…
    Will you be able to save humanity in these hostile conditions?
    Azulgar is a procedurally generated open world space sandbox survival game, inspired by legendary game Freelancer.
    By buying an open alpha, you will support us in the development of the new game features such as mining minerals from planets and asteroids, new weapons and hopefully soon even the whole game!
    But even now the game has a lot to offer, players can customise their own spaceships, exploring the vast universe of Azulgar and compete or cooperate with other players thanks to optional multiplayer.
    Exploring – A new concept for space games: discover new galaxies, discover planets and meet new lifeforms.
    Building – The System allows you to create your own custom dedicated server.
    Mining – You will be able to explore alien planet, find minerals, then build ships or even a base to transport your cargo.
    Survival – In a hostile universe you must defend yourself from the alien infestation.
    Space Sandbox – A massive sandbox to explore, with no limits to your creativity.
    Singleplayer – Play the story mode with AI companions, or you can choose to explore the massive Sandbox alone.
    Multiplayer – You can play in the Sandbox with up to 4 players with the ability to open doors and destroy your enemies. In addition you have the choice to play in Dedicated Server Mode and be able to make a bigger map for more players.
    Azulgar is a project created by a group of people that have various talents, vision and knowledge. This way we are able to create the best game we ever wanted.
    We have seen what the big video games companies couldn´t bring to us. And we finally decided to create something of our own, which is Azulgar.
    We just hope you will feel the same way when you read this.

    A Mesa look at the new graphics engine for Freelancer 2.
    A Mesa look at the new graphics engine for Freelancer 2.

    ***This was a contest entry:


    How To Crack:

  • Unzip The Game Fighter Creator RAR/zip
  • Now you’re ready to play as much as you want.
    To play Fighter Creator game, load the Game Fighter Creator game Installer, which you have found here on Download123.net.
  • Click on the Install and when it is installed click on the Play Icon. You will see the installation screen like the one below:
  • On the first screen, enter the folder name of the Game Fighter Creator.exe which you have downloaded or where you have created the folder if you have downloaded it. Below is the screenshot of that folder name and we have written the space between the Game Fighter Creator name. So the name of the folder should be “Fighter Creator”. If you did not download it, create the folder & write the name of the folder somewhere like Desktop or Documents.
  • On the next screen you should see the following step:
  • If you see the button that says Click Here to start the program, then press it.
  • On the next screen that will appear you should see the button that says Install and click on that button. This will begin the installation process of this Fighter Creator. If you do not see the button, then just start the installation with the right installation method that we specified above.

How To Download Game Fighter Creator Pro:

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