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In 2006, a few friends of David Baszucki started programming a simple game on David’s computer. As it turned out, Roblox was something players wanted to play themselves. In the words of David: “They wanted to be the ones who made the games!”
Since then, Roblox has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its rapid expansion has been fuelled by the millions of people that play Roblox every day. Roblox is free to play, with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux. Roblox is a free platform where you can play games and create your own. Find new games every day, play games with your friends, or just hang out in one of the many different communities. Play on Roblox for free today!
Created in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows users to program games and play games created by other users.
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Maxis is a Sandbox Simulation game with great characters, a huge region, and lots of gameplay!
Some things to know about the game are:
✅ 34 million SimPE Players
✅ 2.1 Billion SimPE Simulations played
✅ 285 Million SimPEs played in US region
✅ 6.5 Billion SimPEs played by simulants
✅ 1 Million SimPEs built each month
✅ Each SimPE comes with a point and life count
✅ SimPE is free to play
* Top 10 SimPE in the US
* Top 10 SimPE in Europe
* Top 5 SimPE in Asia
* Top 5 SimPE in Australia
* Top 10 SimPE in Japan
* Top 5 SimPE in Canada
* Top 10 SimPE in India
* Top 5 SimPE in Mexico
* Top 10 SimPE in Other Countries
* Top 5 SimPE on Mobile Devices
✅ More Game Details:
* More Video Clips:
* SimPE Charts:
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Windows and Mac version is available for free!

Goto Admin Panel after installing game, then click on generator, then click on generate.
After that, allow your system to download the generator automatically.

Your game should be now very easy to install and play!

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Windows and Mac version is available for free

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Best Roblox Cheat Codes!

With the world of Roblox changing with every new update, changes in the robux, and new additions, you’ll still need the same great cheat codes to get you started. The game offers so many different features, you’ll want to keep track of what cheats work and what doesn’t.

That’s why we’ve created the cheat-code cheat app.

Just put in the number of robux you want to get and it’ll provide you with a list of all the cheats available and their associated value. If you have more questions, leave a comment at the end of the page.

S. Robux 10 = Free Robux

1. Love Me – Get 10 Robux

Use the Love Me cheat to get 10 free robux!

2. Biggest Gaming Console – Get 10,000 Robux

Use the Biggest Gaming Console cheat to get 10,000 free robux!

3. Heal Me

Select this cheat and go to the Mana. It will heal you 50 health and give you 500 of robux. The robux will automatically fall from the Mana into your player’s inventory.

4. Heal 25

Select this cheat and go to the Mana. It will heal you 25 health and give you 500 of robux. The robux will automatically fall from the Mana into your player’s inventory.

5. Heal 50

Select this cheat and go to the Mana. It will heal you 50 health and give you 500 of robux. The robux will automatically fall from the Mana into your player’s inventory.

6. Heal 75

Select this cheat and go to the Mana. It will heal you 75 health and give you 500 of robux. The robux will automatically fall from the Mana into your player’s inventory.

7. Zombie Farm – Survive 20 levels

Use the Zombie Farm cheat to survive 20 levels! This might be the best time cheat in the game!

8. Empower Item – Fly in the air and jump to the target

Click Use Item in the cast menu to fly around and jump on the world to cast anything. Will drop and give you flying wings for a limited amount of time.

9. Throw Drone – Throw the Drone in the air to activate flight and jump


What’s new:


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Find answers in our most recent Roblox Guide.

Robux is more than just a currency in Roblox. It can also be used to boost your vehicle’s speed, purchase more slots for vehicles and much more. Robux is the most powerful currency in Roblox. It unlocks numerous features, but the most important feature it has to offer is…

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Developers will get more visibility in the Roblox Marketplace and allow you to directly communicate with them using the Roblox Develop Studio. Get ready to check out the full video walkthrough of the Roblox Studio. Read the complete Roblox guide to learn more about Roblox Studio.
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Today we wanted to share this video with you. We hope you enjoy it and get to know us a little better!
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Here is a video of you sneaking into the house of one of your friends and stealing a box! To keep yourself safe and save your friend from a nasty surprise, we need you to follow the instructions that we are about to explain. Good luck!

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Here is an interesting idea. It is a special RoboLox Hack program that will allow you to play the official Roblox game. Our Roblox Hack will allow you to hack the game and will allow you to get free robux.
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This is a new way to get free robux and play Roblox offline. Hack Roblox uses the Roblox


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It’s what its about, Hack your way to unlimited roblox money. You have extra bonus money out of game, several daily uses and unlimited roblox money. This tool is 100% FREE. Instructions on how to download it are easy.

Hacked Roblox Mod Apk Unlimited Money has some in-game features that allow you to use your limitless roblox money in the game. Some features are mentioned below:

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Can hack server

You can use your unlimited roblox money in game for limited robux. Unlimited roblox money supports IOS android platform players. This game is one of the biggest game out there. The game has been been around for years and millions of users loves the game. The reason why our hack will make so many users happy is it allow them to get unlimited robux in game.

How does it work?

The process of getting unlimited roblox money in the game is pretty easy. As our tool is using crack the entire game. so you will be able to get in game without any problem.

You only have to follow our instruction and you will be able to make unlimited money.

Use unlimited robux in game

We understand that the roblox game requires a lot of robux to play. since we are giving unlimited robux, you can use them how you want.

The application has the feature called ‘Loot’. You can use it for unlimited robux.

You can use the loot for all of the play, you can buy any item in game.


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