In addition to your usual choices, select your own pace of events. Find the best course for yourself by selecting your own path. Feel the heat of the wind star! You can feel the wind star’s magic energy! The atmosphere is very different from what humans are accustomed to. What kind of society can be developed in a windy planet?
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published:17 Apr 2017


The wind speed of more than 40kmh is too fast for human to be run. So the windstar is special. A rider can freely experience a wind which the speed is faster than 40kmh. And they can fly a lot… very far. Because they can fly to the space to enjoy the nature with nature in the space… they can enjoy the scenery of the nature in the space. The wind star can be special tool to give more free to human and run.

published:31 Jul 2014


Is it about some windstar, who was captured by magician? Try to help her to break a «catch» spell and lets her free!

published:18 Jun 2016


Advertised with the words «The air we breathe is beginning to get polluted. You are staring at it in disbelief: not only is the local river down, but so are the people you love. When you can’t breathe easily, there is little you can do. Viewed from the sky, it doesn’t look as if there’s any problem, with the nearby air quality looking relatively normal. How and why did this happen to such a clean and beautiful place?

Humans have colonized many parts of the Solar System, and now interstellar flights are becoming a reality. But could life be found in the depths of space?


Features Key:

  • There are 9 different scenes in the game, the different scenes provide hunting modes and we also provide 1 VS 1 classic mode.
  • Each player just needs to pre-define his formation and play the game with his formation.
  • Each game has an expected game duration, the game ends when the time runs out.
  • All weapons can be upgraded.

Key Features

  • Hunting modes and 1 VS 1 mode, each player needs to pre-define his formation.
  • Each game plays for 70 minutes or 85 minutes.
  • Game ends when the time runs out.
  • With the Guns of War upgrade pack, there are three new weapons for the players to choose.


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Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 7 game is a kind of matching game. Find all matching pairs in a set of pairs. It’s a good brain workout. It will be a good game for you to play whenever you have time to relax. You will gain a good personality from this game. This is the best game for a challenge of brain. If you like to challenge your brain to play, Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 7 game is the good choice to play. Pair Matching Puzzle Connect – Expansion Pack 7 game is designed for adults and for kids. It is very fun to play, really challenging and very addictive. Become an expert level by level.
– Multi-levels of difficulty
– Relaxing and challenging gameplay types
– Classic and brand new levels
– Easy to play
– Hint function
– Stunning graphics and effects
– Loot icons theme
System Requirements:
Processor: 1.4GHz
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Hard disk: 30MB
Graphics: 1024×600
Sound: Sound CardQ:

How to do I send data to a form in java with a JSP?

I’m trying to create a new user through an add process where I will validate what I have inputted and then set a default value for the username. I am unable to send the data to the jsp file that I have created. The jsp file I am using in combination with the servlet is called addtask and the servlet I created to be used in combination with the jsp is called servletTask. How can I send the data to the servlet, so that I can then send it to my jsp.
Below is the code that I have used to create a new user, where I have created a method that I have called setUsername(String username).
class User {

public String email;
public String password;
public String firstName;
public String lastName;

public User(String email, String password, String firstName, String lastName) { = email;
this.password = password;
this.firstName = firstName;
this.lastName =


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Play the role of elite pilot in Tiger Fighter 1931, an all-out aerial dogfight with no bounds. Step up to the controls of a wide range of WWI era airplanes and put your abilities to the test. Do you have what it takes to become an elite pilot?
Enter an open world where you can collect coins, unlock new equipment and level up your flying skills. Use your P-47’s advanced camera system to keep an eye on the battle field. Guide your fighter carefully through intricate patterns and maneuvers to achieve victory!
Every day is a new challenge for you and your team to tackle in real-time. What can you expect from this challenging shooter:
– Intuitive controls
– Great graphics
– More than 20 missions
– Multiple difficulties (EASY, NORMAL, HARD)
– Easy to understand UI
– Short tutorial
– Survival mission
– Campaign (four different missions with each a new environment)
– Endless mission (keep playing forever)
– Achievements
– Online highscores
– Game Center Achievements
Note: * You need a full clean copy of Tiger Fighter 1931 in order to install, but we also recommend installing it and playing it prior to installing and playing it through Vlocity. Download the latest Tiger Fighter 1931 Demo and run the Demo in order to check the full version of the game before installing and playing it through Vlocity.
● Download the latest Tiger Fighter 1931 Demo
● Run the Demo and the full version of the game.
● Launch the full version of the game
● Run the game with Internet connection
● Enjoy! *
● How to play the game:
1) Choose your aircraft and choose your mission.
2) Fly your aircraft to the airfield in the north of the map.
3) When you reach the airfield, go to the eastern side and use the radio to tell your headquarters.
4) Go back to the airfield and take off from there.
5) Fly north-west and fly over the northern part of the map.
6) When you reach the southern tip of the map, fight with the enemy.
7) When you’re done, go back to the airfield and land at the west side.
8) Go to the central part of the map and land at the airfield at the east of the map.
9) Go to the western side of the map, exit, and head back to


What’s new in Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage:

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