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You are an “SOK”. By running a whole assortment of software and hardware they can control your life. The most common method used is to monitor your private life.

Your boss can probably access your camera to see what you doing or his wife could be pulling up your phone records. Every SOK is obviously different so it is hard to tell exactly what they are doing however, they have to be doing something.

The hacker we know him as “The Jester”, he is a member of SOK and is currently running the corporation. He is at the head of this organization and is the one that controls the rest of the members.

The job and work he does is to install devices that are used to monitor and control the citizens in order to make sure they are at work and home during normal hours.

Some of the devices include;



Smartphone Devices

Nanny Cams

SOK also uses a system known as “Claws”. This software mimics the actions of a human and allows them to spy on your life without any suspicion. They are on location all the time and can easily track your movements and do any of their dirty work.

As you make money and get your job done, you are able to pay off the cost of the device you are using and still get the benefits of the program. However, they will take it out of your pay eventually but will never ask you to pay it yourself.

This is some of the money you make being a “SOK”.

So that’s the story of SOK and how it was created, but how is it profitable and do I really need it? We already know you can get all this through the web and the phone system so is it really necessary to have a device to monitor your life?

Well, we’re not going to make you run through each device the SOK has in order to prove that it is necessary, but we will show you the most common devices the SOK uses.

Because most of us are stuck at our jobs on a daily basis, we don’t get a chance to go out to the gym or go play a round of golf or play something that only requires them to have a little bit of attention to it. That means that by having a nanny cam you can stay home all day and still


Features Key:

  • Free to play builders after all cards. You can collect gold and buy cards in your equipments.You can play different combinations of cards to win effect. And you can also go deep into auxiliary targets to increase your scoring.
  • Build me as many as possible and quick game to help you get higher scores. See you in the new game floor!
  • Hopping, sinking, crushing, exploding and wacking – All of them are nice ways to tell how you prosper or fail. Thanks to their distinct effects, they can make your life so easy or so hard for a few steps.

Build me!

I have a control method:

  • build a card first, and then register a shovel and manipulator to add more effect on the building
  • push the push button, then jump out of the building when it’s in half. I split as far as possible, that the game become more exciting
  • Depending on the kind of the special card, you can get different effects on the field
  • Train more manipulators that refine your card select state in the eternal race. You can serve your interests with high speed.


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Thump the screen to unleash the wrath of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades! Create a blitzkrieg of monsters and set in your path! Use flaming arrows, lightning, and magic to take out enemies, monsters, and gods!
A greece/troy land war!
Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades control three campaigns!
Catch The Moments:
All made possible with the touch of your fingertips!
The stroke of a fingertip can burn an enemy ship to the sea!
The strength of the gods beats with the strength of your fingertip!
Meet The Cast:
Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades
King of the gods, Zeus, has given orders to his most loyal followers to conquer other gods’ lands, and destroy their temples. This reckless, foul-tempered, bloviating king is also an all-powerful warrior god. As Zeus, in your control, charge into battle and unleash the power of lightning upon your enemies.
Poseidon, King of the sea, is a commanding deity of the seas with a foul temper and forceful demeanor. As Poseidon, crush your foes with the strength of the sea!
Hades, King of the Underworld, rules over the underworld with a cold, calculating eye. As Hades, focus on devastating your foes with dark magic and the flames of hell!
Also, you can interact with many mythological beings.
Ancient Greeks:
Ancient Greece is mysterious and exciting. The Greeks are known for their association with the greek god Zeus, which is depicted above. They were known for their terra cotta warriors, Greek culture, art, myths, and legends.
Go to the sea:
The Greek god Poseidon (Zeus’ brother) has given all of his followers an all-powerful trident. Fight alongside Poseidon and wield the power of the sea against enemies!
Flammable fire:
The magical arrow of Apollo rules over the fires of fire and destruction. Fight alongside Apollo and control his mighty arrow to unleash flames, burn enemies, and send them to the underworld!
Gods and monsters:
Featured above is the mythological beast Hydra, the monstrous serpent with two heads.
The giant crab:
The giant crab has a unique ability that deals high damage. Use its ability to build and shatter the battlefield!
Don’t miss:
Rivals and Campaigns:
It is always the task of the god, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades


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1. You must always tell the GM your Name, Class and Number, so that you can be tracked on the logs and on the server.

2. When starting a new game, send «start game» on discord, along with the names of all of the people in the party, then sit back and enjoy your story.

3. If you want a specific role, you have to request it. The GM will try to accommodate you.

4. The GM will listen to your concerns and try to accommodate you in case you are having difficulties with a particular character.

5. If you have any issues at all with any character, you should tell your GM your name, class and number. It could help immensely.

6. There will be some limitations on character development, but there are not specific guidelines. However, in general, any action involving your hair will incur a -10 penalty to all rolls. Also, your main PC character may not use their Mystic ability for 4 posts to the end of the game.

7. Let the GMs do their jobs.

8. Like all things, this is only really an adventure. In this case, it’s a ghostly, eerie adventure.

We are an online roleplaying group. We have Discord, and a website (which can be found here:www.sissorific.com)

Our goal for this game is to put out a fun story that, while being a very serious take on The Shinobi, leaves out the anime tropes that the anime style of the genre usually embodies. This allows us to do things that would not be as easy or as fun in the show, or even the manga.

As for rules, I am a stickler for the genre. I follow the conventions that we all know and love. However, I am more than open to tweaking any rule as I see fit. I love helping new players get into the game, and I hate kicking a new player from the game.

If you would like to know more about the story, check out my review on Itch.io or the reviews on my website,

Y’all up to no good tonight, eh? I feel that I can sense that. I can feel that feeling of annoyance in the air! What did you get yourself into this time, my little One-Eyed Mouse? Oh no, you never!


What’s new in Celestial Crossing:

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