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Be a WW2 general behind enemy lines on a mission of discovery in the world of ancient Helix. Bring order to a once-peaceful world and discover what triggers these terrifying monsters.

The game is hard to sum up in one paragraph. But that is what we will try to do, so please read on.


At its core, Helix is a MOBA. The developers themselves don’t call it this, they say that “the player is immersed into the full battle experience” and you control a general. A general in the WW2, a city, and the fight against the monsters. This is indeed the MOBA element, though one can’t quite escape the fact that it’s not fully original or that the ingredients do not seem to add up to a sum of good. But that’s only because that’s not how it works.

You don’t play a hero in this, you control a general. In the game world, you play a general in the old war against the monsters. You are given a list of jobs with different requirements, you can choose a combination of them and a general does exactly what the name implies, he fights. That’s where the MOBA part comes in. Your character is NOT a unit with a certain life, stamina and statistics. He is the commander and he is his whole army, made up of a variety of special troops. Like a MOBA, you have to manage the time of each of your units, place them as strategically as possible.

Helix also tries to be a RTS. A game where you control the entire unit and play as one. You get a map of the world you are in, a world that is huge and divided into regions. In the description, the developers use the word “immersive” and that is exactly what they are aiming for. With the map, you can place units and start the battle right away. When you are on the map, you can look at the area you are actually in with the help of your general’s binocular.

There are three main aspects to fight in: The War, the city, and the monsters. All three are different in their own right, but they are so tied to each other it’s hard to see how a game can be built around them and not be designed around them.

In the war, there are


Brave Dungeon – The Meaning Of Justice – Features Key:

  • Action RPG
  • Real time combat
  • Collect weapons, armor and level up
  • Fight a huge variety of creatures
  • Explore the mysterious Island


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