From the game designers:
«The silent Swan is an open world exploration game with a narrative twist, where the player travels among the ruins of the world where magic once ruled. He discovers and reads the letters left by some of the characters, from the past, who walked this path to the very walls of the worlds. The Silent Swan is a 2D explorable island, which the player will often find himself in the need to collect items and the light scattered all around. But before each collection there will be a choice that will decide the path of the game, the side of good, evil, or the ways of one’s curiosity. The Silent Swan is a story about good and evil, freedom and deceit, the past and the present.”
Players are free to approach the game from a wide variety of angles, and will go through the story from multiple perspectives; either by following the story and its characters, finding the specific items they have collected, or just jumping right in and clearing as much area as possible to collect the light source on the roof of every building.
The Silent Swan will have a cycle of two to three main main episodes, each of which will take around a hundred hours to complete, but players will have the possibility to play from any point in the game to finish.
There will be eight episodes, which can be played separately or as a whole, and will be designed to last over 12 to 14 hours. They are as follows:
Castle Gate is the latest episode of the story. It is in the ruins of the rich urban area of the cities of Urzhum and Sernur, on the route to the walls of the continents. It was here that Selene resided, and the story will unfold from her memories and letters.
Old Castle is the oldest episode of the story. It is in the ruins of the ruins of the worlds once known as the Americas. It was here that Mirov set foot, and his story will unfold from his witness to the Fall.
Messerschmitt is the first episode of the story. It is in the ruins of the urban area of the continent Urzhum. A man carries a broken crucifix on his back, and he is searching for something while carrying a journal. A man named Selene talks to him in the hopes of finding a cure to her condition.
Other World is the second episode of the story. It is in the ruins of the outskirts of the continent Urzhum, high on the cliffs overlooking


Features Key:

  • Sven Sudoku key with long elegant keyset – soft touch technology is has been implemented in all keys
  • Fixed and adjustable backlighting
  • Show button indicator


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Dimension (Width X Height X Depth)
  • Size (Width X Height X Depth)
  • Plug&Play: Yes
  • Frame type: Tactile interface
  • Dimensions (Width X Height X Depth):
    • top: 10.6cm
    • side: 14.3cm
    • bottom: 18.5cm
  • On the back:
    • I2C Interface
    • I2C address is 0x4c
    • LED: Red (22mA)
  • Package includes:
    • Sven Sudoku Panel
    • Sven Sudoku Pen
    • Sven’s SudokuPad may suffer from short-circuit.
    • For connecting:
      • 2 x I2C SCL/SDA wires. The pins are on the bottom.


    • Sven’s SudokuPad Board dimensions:
      • Width: 20.7cm, Height: 15.5cm, Depth: 2.1cm


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      SmuggleCraft is a game in which you pilot a ship across a randomly generated grid filled with hazards, implants, cargo, and criminal elements.
      You keep all of your income, but your ship is always at risk, requiring careful maneuvering and clear planning to keep it and its precious cargo safe.
      You’ll have to use your wits and seamanship to keep your escape plan together as you face random events that can blow your entire escape in an instant. Will you be the first to complete your heist?
      SmuggleCraft features:
      Randomly generated environments
      Dynamic weather effects
      Shared-world coop
      Multiple layers of upgrades
      A full voiceover
      Easy to use UI
      Ability to pause, play, and rewind your progress at any time
      A Full Controller Support is available via Steam Input.
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      Tighten your grip and don’t let go! Use your hand motion and take down those nasty bugs to save the survivors.
      Shoot the Human-sized Insects by grabbing them
      Squish them to death in your hand
      Save the survivors until you get a phone call
      Destroy all bugs to get a score of 100
      (action inputs)
      Right hand: Jump
      Left hand: Shoot
      Press START to pause game
      Gameplay video:

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      published:11 Oct 2017


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      Battle Arena is a series of games based on the Super Famicom game, Fisticuffs, developed by From Software. Unlike the original Fisticuffs itself, these games were developed for the Game Boy Advance. They are part of the From Software Wars line.

      Battle Arena Fighters

      Battle Arena Heroes 2: Street Fighter Edition
      Battle Arena Heroes 2: Street Fighter Edition is the only game in the series to be on Game Boy Advance, and the last entry in the original Battle Arena Heroes. There is also an enhanced remake for the Nintendo DS called Battle Arena Warriors: The New Challengers. Like the other versions, the game is a port of Heroes for the Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Advance is connected to the game through an adapter.

      The boss characters are identical with the version developed for the PlayStation 2, and include Ryu, Ken, Guile, Akuma and Shun Di. The GBA version also features a port of the game’s action, and there are an additional ten characters.

      The GBA version includes some improvement over the console version, some of the most notable improvements being:

      All the gameplay is with 4 players in 2 two-player pairs in three different game modes: 2-on-2, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Two players can only battle on one screen at a time, and battles cannot be resumed after the round ended.
      There is no limit to the number of rounds in mode 1 (just as in the console version).
      At the beginning of the game, a player can choose any character; however, after choosing a character, he cannot change his choice again (the player must save any training data he has for that character before starting the game).
      Characters’ character data are displayed in one timeline.
      One timer is displayed for each character, which counts up the characters’ HP.
      All characters’ rages are displayed on-screen.

      Battle Arena Heroes II: Banpresto Extra Edition
      Banpresto Extra Edition is a copy of Heroes 2 ported into the PlayStation 3 for the Goldeneye 007 Collection. It uses Trophies from the 007 Collection, but should not be confused with Heroes 2, Heroes II or Heroes 2: Special.

      Battle Arena Warriors: The New Challengers
      Battle Arena Warriors: The New Challengers is a remake of Battle Arena Heroes 2: Street Fighter Edition for Nintendo DS. It was originally released in Japan as Battle Arena Warriors, and


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      A Monster’s Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions) was written and developed by Croteam (Killing Floor, Retribution, Serious Sam) and published by Devolver Digital in September 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux. The game features co-op and competitive multiplayer; all weapons are destructible and some have alternate, deadly weapons; and all weapons can be used for melee. A Monster’s Expedition has been featured on Metal Hammer, Joystiq, Eurogamer and Gametrailers, amongst others.
      ● Real-Time Arrangements: Each instrumentation in A Monster’s Expedition plays itself in real-time as the camera scrolls through each area of the game
      ● Extensive Weapon Mechanics: All weapons are destructible, and some can be lethal on their own. Some require reloading, others include alternate weapons
      ● Competitive and Co-Op Multiplayer: A Monster’s Expedition has a number of modes; from Deathmatch to Capture The Flag. Each mode has its own scoring system and map layout
      ● Different Survival-Based Challenges and Rewards: During different sections of the game, players can complete survival challenges for extra experience, or complete the rest of the game and earn bonus items
      ● Exploration and Research: Explore a world of mystery, and collect hundreds of unique items, crafting them to power-up your weapons. Discover the mythical weapon X, and develop new abilities
      ● Storyline: An untold tale of a long forgotten civilization
      ● Graphics: A Monster’s Expedition was developed for high-end PCs and Macs, and runs at a silky smooth 60 frames-per-second on all systems

      It’s time to leave your mark in the zombie apocalypse, join a team of survivors as they explore an apocalyptic wasteland, and help them build a new society from the ground up! You’ll need to deal with hunger, the undead, and the elements in order to help the survivors build a community, and endure in the zombie apocalypse.

      Featured Gameplay Trailer:

      Meet the Survivors
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      System Requirements For Aquanox Deep Descent Soundtrack:

      ・Windows 7/8.1
      ・Intel Dual-Core CPU:
      2.0 GHz or higher
      RAM: 1 GB or higher
      8 GB or higher
      ・Windows 10 (64-bit OS)
      ・Mac OS X
      2.4 GHz or higher
      RAM: 2 GB or higher


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